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How Strong is Pickle in Baki? Power Level Explained

leThere is no doubt that Baki is the greatest fighting anime of all time, filled with countless deadly battles. After meeting or hearing about Pickle, you will definitely be eager to know how strong is Pickle in the Baki franchise, such as his formidable strength and fighting styles.

Furthermore, you also began comparing his formidable strength with that of other strong fighters such as Baki Hanma, Yujiro Hanma, Jack Hanma, and so on. If yes, then you have come to the right place where you can get all of your answers regarding Pickle and his formidable strength. So let’s get started!

About Pickle

About Pickle




200 million


8ft 0 inch (245cm)


200 kg (441 lbs) 


Superhuman Strength and Endurance

Fighting Style

Brute Force

Skin Color


Versus Fights

Pickle Vs Kaiou Retsu (Win)
Vs Jack Hanma (Win)
Vs Katsumi Orochi (Win)

Pickle Vs Musashi Miyamoto (Lose)
Vs Baki (Lose)

Pickle is one of the major villains and strongest fighters in the Baki Hanma franchise. He made his debut in the 12th episode of the Baki Hanma series during the Great Prison Battle saga.

You will estimate how strong is Pickle by the fact that he lived in the Jurassic era and fought powerful dinosaurs at that time. Moreover, he not only lived along with them but also survived their extinction by being preserved in an ice glacier.

As a result, he emerged as the most formidable opponent whom no modern fighter might handle in a one-on-one fight. Pickle is the only character in the franchise who is not good at talking and can’t say a single word due to being isolated by the human environment.

How Strong is Pickle?

how strong is Pickle

Pickle already demonstrates his monstrous strength by surviving in the Jurassic era. In his time living with dinosaurs, he defeated countless powerful dinosaurs, including T-Rex, the deadliest dinosaur.

Moreover, his extremely tall and muscular body is enough to scare his opponents. Aside from his superhuman strength and endurance, he had extraordinary senses, whether they were hearing or smelling.

Pickle also shows his quick regeneration ability by recovering from Musashi’s cut in a short period of time. While transforming into Final Form, his strength and abilities reached a level that could defeat most of the powerful fighters in the series.


  • Pickle has monstrous strength along with sharp claws and teeth. His teeth and jaws are so strong that they can pierce anyone’s rigid body; after all, he ate dinosaurs in his prehistoric era.
  • He has a superhumanly endurable body that no weapon can pierce, even bullets and knives.
  • He has several powerful fighting moves such as bite, tackle, slap, stomp, leaning forward stance, and aikido. Even though these moves sound pretty simple, they are extremely powerful due to Pickle’s monstrous strength.
  • Despite being so huge and having enormous physical strength, Pickle has supersonic speed and quick body movements. In almost every fight, he jumps and moves at a very high speed that no one ever expects from a person who is so huge and muscular.
  • Pickle also has a powerful transformation, which he only uses in difficult situations because he does not have complete control over it. After transforming, he became a real beast, blessed with more formidable strength and speed that no one could withstand against him.
  • Due to being raised with animals, he developed an animal instinct that allowed him to sense danger. As a result, he easily dodges or counterattacks several unexpectedly powerful attacks with precision.

Compared to Strongest Fighters

Pickle vs Strongest Fighters

How strong Pickle is compared to Yujiro Hanma?

Pickle is as strong as Yujiro Hanma in terms of enormous raw strength and endurance. However, he lacks the experience and does not have the same incredibly powerful fighting moves as Yujiro. Furthermore, Pickle’s mental strength and intelligence are nothing in comparison to Yujiro’s exceptional mental strength.

How strong Pickle is compared to Jack Hanma?

You already saw how strong Pickle is in his fight against Jack Hanma. He gave Jack two defeats in the deadliest way that no opponent has ever given him. On the other hand, Jack does not withstand Pickle’s two powerful punches and loses all of his teeth along with his jaw, his most strongest body parts.

How strong Pickle is compared to Baki Hanma?

Even though the result of the match has not gone in Pickle’s favor, he is still considered as strong as Baki. Pickle is one of the few opponents that Baki hesitates to fight due to his enormous raw strength and unbreakable body.

Pickle’s fight against Baki is one of the deadliest fights of the franchise, which shows they are almost equally matched up for each other.

How strong Pickle is compared to Katsumi Orochi?

Even though Katsumi Orochi developed his karate technique to the highest level, he was just able to bring Pickle to his knees. Moreover, Pickle does not see him as a worthy opponent to fight and just used a small fraction of his strength to defeat him.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and know how strong is Pickle in the Baki franchise. Pickle already shows his worthiness as one of the strongest fighters in the franchise by taking on his own saga, Pickle War Saga.

Moreover, he is the ideal opponent for Yujiro Hanma, who might have the potential to give a toe-to-toe fight against him and even defeat him. If you are a fan of Baki or fighting anime, then you should definitely check out our post below.

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