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Fix: HIDIVE Not Working (On Android & iOS)

When it comes to anime, it is not a monolith at all. There are several ways for an anime video streaming service for distinguishing itself from another. Such a kind of platform, HIDIVE is one of them. However, despite active maintenance and development, there are instances like HIDIVE not working.

HIDIVE can be described as a newish anime streaming service that is being purchased by AMC Networks. This subscription service of direct-to-consumer provides access to over 500 anime movies, OVAs, and series. For anime fans, it is hard to look for a streaming service, and that’s why they have to rely on specialized services like HIDIVE.

Why Can’t I Watch Anything On HIDIVE (Not Working)?

Like Netflix, HIDIVE is not without its problem as well. Such issues can range from bad local settings in the device to problems in the server. Among several causes, the two main reasons behind its not working are an internet connection and VPN usage. Even due to system updates, there can be service interruption.

How To Fix Hidive Not Working?

Why Can't I Watch Anything On HIDIVE
HIDIVE (an error occurred video not available)

1) Check the compatibility of the device with HIDIVE

If the HIDIVE app fails to work on a particular device, then it is better to first check the compatibility of the device with the HIDIVE app.

In case, the device is not compatible with the HIDIVE app, then go and switch to another device that is compatible with the HIDIVE app. Thus, the HIDIVE app will work fine, and the issue will be instantly resolved.

2) Check server status and internet connection

Before going to start meddling with system settings, it is better to check the internet connection. Also, make sure that the servers of HIDIVE as working as expected. There are several cases where users with public internet usage failed to connect to the website of HIDIVE.

Such networks come with firewalls and other restrictions. That’s why one can try connecting to another internet connection and then see if this fix does the job.

Even some users have stable private internet connections. However, if the website is still failing to work, then there are chances that there is some problem on the side of the server. Now, one can navigate to several third-party or user forums down the detector website. But there is a need to make sure that the service is up as well as running.

3) Update the HIDIVE app

If the HIDIVE app is not up-to-date, then a few of the features may stop working properly. Even the HIDIVE itself will slow down completely, which results to prevent it from working properly.

Thus, to get rid of this issue, one is needed to do is to update the HIDIVE app on the device and see if updating the app fixes the issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know how one can update the HIDIVE app on the device.

iOS users:

  • Head over to the app store. Then at the top of the screen, hit the profile icon.
  • Scroll down and look for the HIDIVE app.
  • At last, tap Update next to the HIDIVE app just to update it to its latest version.

Android users:

  • Firstly, go for the Google Play Store, then at the top right corner, hit the profile icon.
  • As a next step, hit Manage Apps & Device.
  • Finally, look for the HIDIVE app and hit on the update option.

However, one can even enable the automatic update option. This is useful when one is not interested in updating the app manually.

4) Delete and reinstall the HIDIVE app

For fixing the HIDIVE app issue, first, delete and then reinstall the HIDIVE app. Sometimes this issue can be resolved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the HIDIVE app.

Thus, first, uninstall the HIDIVE from the device, and after that reinstall again. Now, check HIDIVE app is working or not.

5) Disable Firewall/antivirus software

The main aim of antivirus software is meant for keep the device safe. However, they can even mistake some good websites and result in flagging them as a malicious ones.

In simple words, this phenomenon is referred to false positive. Such kind of scenario is common when someone is using third-party websites like HIDIVE to play videos.

Thus, one should try disabling the device’s Antivirus software. Just after the disabling Antivirus, restart the device and try streaming again.

6) Clear HIDIVE app cache

Clearing the cache of the app can often fix an issue with the HIDIVE app. It is because the cache can turn out to be corrupted. Many a time, it gets corrupted, which prevents the HIDIVE from working correctly. Thus, there is a need for deleting the cache for fixing the app’s working-related issues.

iPhone users:

  • Go for the Settings app. Further, from the side menu, choose General.
  • Hit on iPhone Storage, then select the HIDIVE app.
  • Finally, select the Offload App, and from the App Store, just reinstall it

Android users:

  • Head over to settings, then navigate to Apps Menu.
  • Now, choose Installed Applications and look for the HIDIVE app.
  • Select Clear Cache available, at the bottom of the screen.

7) Disable Ad blockers

Many a time users tend to use Adblockers with HIDIVE because through them, users get a feel of ‘premium’ without any ads. HIDIVE is well known for its fair share of ads when one is playing videos that tend to pop up. The Adblocker, which is in use, may be updated frequently for avoiding issues.

However, there are some cases where they clash with the HIDIVE and result in making the video unplayable. Generally, such blockers are found in browser extensions. For checking the browser extensions on Chrome, it is vital to type in the address bar as “chrome://extensions” and press Enter.

One can disable any extension just by unchecking the option of enable. Thus, one can disable that extension automatically from making any changes to UI.


Just because HIDIVE is new in the anime world, it does face several issues. Whether it is related to the streaming device or linked to the HIDIVE itself. In case, the above methods fail to work then there are chances that there can be an issue with account details on the cloud. Or simply there is a problem with the HIDIVE backend?

There can be even some glitches or bugs in the HIDIVE app. However, in that case, one can only wait until the bug is resolved by the HIDIVE team.

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