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Helck Ep 12 Spoilers & Release Date(Helck’s Past)

Helck Ep 12 would be more interesting, as we might get glimpses of Helck’s past life. The episode starts with showing Helck and Anne winning the cooking competition, and they buy the map for their travel.

Helck talks about going northwest, but one of the merchants advises them to go in a different direction. Iris also jumps into this conversation and says a warrior of darkness resides in this area.

Iris describes this mysterious warrior of darkness and asks them to avoid the short path if they want to live. She also says that they won’t be able to return alive once they meet this warrior.

But, still, Anne and Helck chose to go through this area. They soon see a ruins-like site and find this warrior of darkness, who changed the weather, too. Instantly, he closes the distance between him and Anne and attacks her.

However, Helck comes to the rescue and punches him. He also says that this fight will be dangerous and that he will take it from now. He also says that fighting this will be hazardous and asks Anne and Piwi to escape.

Helck and this warrior engage in combat, and Helck has the upper hand when he breaks the warrior’s sword. But, the shadows form across the broken blade, reshaping it to its original form.

Anne unleashes one of her powerful fireball attack moves only to distract it. Helck slams it down in one mighty punch, but the warrior returns to slash Helck. Both of them continue with their fight for some more time.

However, as soon as the warrior targets Anne, Helck becomes berserk. He fights with the warrior for a short time and also defeats it. The warrior still gets up, but his wounds aren’t regenerating.

The warrior talks about his past to Helck and Anne. While it’s crumbling away, it gives its sword to Helck. We learn the warrior’s name is Augis, and Iris is his sister. Augis now rests in peace, knowing that he was able to save a lot of people.

Helck Ep 12 Spoilers

Helck Ep 12 Spoilers

This time, we can expect to see a few memories of Helck’s past and why he is powerful now. 

  • The episode would start with a showcase of the fight between the Immortal Hyura and the Hero Edil. 
  • We see the situation of the invasion of the Humans of the Tooru Castle. 
  • We know the demons are trying their hardest to hold off the humans. 
  • Azudora’s thoughts about this situation are shown, and he tries to locate Anne’s locations. 
  • He looks happy, thinking she is one step closer to achieving their goals. 
  • Now, we see the situation from the side of Humans, and they keep arguing. 
  • However, they immediately notice the presence of an intruder, but he stays alive due to his quick thinking. 
  • Azudora sees that Anne is heading in the right direction, and he gives his rational thoughts about Helck. 
  • He talks about trust and says that he wants to trust Helck
  • Helck and Anne’s situation changes as they fight another weird monster. 
  • They are in a desert-like area and are looking for a place to rest. 
  • Helck suddenly asks for Anne for some of her time, and he starts talking about his Dagger and past

Helck Ep 12 Release Date

Helck Ep 12 Release Date

Helck Ep 12 is all geared for release according to the schedule on the 26th of September. There won’t be any breaks for this series, as the second cour of the series will stream according to plan, too.

The episode will be released in five days and 20 more hours. It should be released at precisely 9:59 IST on its other streaming services, such as Hidive. You also require the use of a VPN to have access to some of these sites.

The unofficial sites will take a bit longer to update all of the new episodes of Helck. These are all of the possible manga spoilers for Helck Ep 12. Check out some of our other exciting and similar content till the episode releases.

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