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15 Hottest Female Figure Skaters That Will Steal Your Heart

Let alone that, this sport is visually beautiful. It’s like every time a player performs, it creates its own story and magic. Figure skating is not everyone’s cup of tea, but some people show extreme interest in it. And these players play it gracefully and skillfully. Women in this sport are far more than just hot and beautiful.

These ladies are definitely increasing the temperature just by existing. I call it a privilege for those who got to see them perform with their eyes live, capturing every single moment of them. It’s not just their ravishing outfits and bewitching dance, but also them who are icing on the cake.

15 Hottest Female Figure Skaters That Will Steal Your Heart

1. Tessa Virtue


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Age34 years


Tessa is indeed the epitome of beauty. She has achieved much throughout her career and with her fellow, Scott Moir. He is her ice dance partner, with whom she has won titles like the 2010 and 2018 Olympic champions, an eight-time Canadian national champion, a three-time world champion, and many more.

Virtue and Moir are regarded as one of the greatest figure skater teams of all time and were unbeatable. The retired player hails from Canada and is among the most respected and admired ice dancers.

2. Victoria Sinitsina

Age28 years


When I look at her, I wonder how someone could look this gorgeous. Victoria is partnered with Nikita Katsalapov. And together, they have won many competitions. Some of their wins include being the 2022 Olympic champion in the team event, a two-time European champion, and a two-time Russian national champion.

Sinitsina is a Russian figure skater who has earned a lot of recognition and love. She is definitely attracting all the attention of the crowd.

3. Alissa Czisny


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Age36 years
CountryUnited States


The former figure skater has been honored with numerous prestigious accolades, such as being a two-time Skate Canada champion, a two-time U.S. national champion, and a 2010 Grand Prix Final champion.

Czisny is a competitive player known for her incredible spins. She looks as attractive off the court as inside it while performing. She is an American who likes participating in competitions.

4. Elene Gedevanishvili

Age33 years


Elene is firmly one of the hottest figure skaters out there. She is a former competitive player who hails from Georgia. She looks stunningly sizzling while performing on ice. Gedevanishvili has competed in competitions like 2010 in Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi and is a two-time European bronze medalist.

5. Tanith Belbin

Age39 years


Tanith has dual citizenship, and after partnering with Benjamin Agosto, she competed until 2010. She is a four-time World medalist, a five-time U.S. champion, a 2006 Olympic silver medalist, and a three-time Four Continents champion.

Belbin has always been dazzling and cultivated throughout her career. The Canadian-American shifted her complete focus to ice dancing after contending in both pair skating and ice dancing.

6. Loena Hendrickx

Age24 years


We absolutely love her doing what she is best at. It makes her more appealing and captivating. Loena is a young figure skater who became the most successful Belgian women’s skater in history. She is a 2023 European silver medalist, a two-time Challenger series gold medalist, a five-time Belgian national champion, and much more.

Hendrickx is a Belgian-born skater who shines the most while on ice. She is no doubt one of the hottest figure skaters in the world.

7. Kiira Korpi


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Age35 years


Unquestionably, Kiira is one of the most breathtaking women. She is a combination of hotness and talent. She belongs to Finland and is a retired competitive skater. The Finnish performer is a two-time Cup of China medalist, a three-time European medalist, a five-time Finnish national champion, etc.

Despite being born with visuals, Korpi has chosen to become a figure skater, and in the process, she has gained love and support from the audience.

8. Gracie Gold


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Age28 years
CountryUnited States


Gracie is never beating the most gorgeous figure skater allegations. She is an American and a gifted skater. Gold has achieved milestones over her career, including a 2014 Olympic team event bronze medal, a two-time U.S. national champion, the 2014 NHK Trophy champion, and a two-time World Team Trophy champion. There’s no point in not mentioning her name on the list of the hottest figure skaters.

9. Yuna Kim


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Age33 years
CountrySouth Korea


No matter what on the list is related to figure skating, you will always find her name. Yuna Kim is one of the most recognized and respectable South Korean figures. She has brought glory to the nation by becoming the first-ever female skater to win the World Championships, the Grand Prix Final, the Olympic Games, and the Four Continents Championships.

The retired competitive South Korean skater is often cited as Queen Yuna. Kim has that powerful aura with ravishing looks.

10. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Age26 years


Elizaveta’s eyes are her prominent facial features. They are mesmerizing and have their own fandom. The Russian figure skater is a 2015 World Champion, a 14-time medalist in the Grand Prix series, the 2021 World Silver Medalist, and more.

Tuktamysheva is one of the notable female skaters in Russia known for her consistency. She has other accomplishments, including being the 2012 Youth Olympic champion, the JGP Final silver medalist, and the 2013 Russian national champion.

11. Alina Zagitova


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Age21 year


She is on this not just because of her appearance but also because of her talent at this young age. Alina was born in Russia and is known for once breaking the world record under the old system and four times under the new system.

Zagitova is considered the only Russian figure skater in the female category to win grand competitions like the World Figure Skating Championships, European Figure Skating Championships, a gold medal in the Olympic Games, and the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final. It’s questionable how she manages to look smoking hot all the time.

12. Emmi Peltonen

Age24 years
CountryUnited States


There’s no way anyone can say she’s not hot. She is one of the most criminally underrated blistering women figure skaters. The Finnish-American skater won the 2017 FBMA Trophy, was a three-time Finnish national champion, and won a silver medal in the 2020 Nordic.

Peltonen began skating in 2002 and has shown determination and passion for the sport. It’s always fascinating to see her perform on ice.

13. Ashley Wagner

Age32 years


You don’t have to struggle to find her in the crowd because she will stand out. Ashley is gorgeous, to the point where people thought she was selected due to her captivating looks. She is a former figure skater who has accomplished much in her career.

The American skater won bronze at the 2014 Olympics, is a 2016 World silver medalist, the 2012 Four Continents champion, a three-time U.S. national champion, and took away five medals in the Grand Prix events. The audience was lucky to have witnessed her perform live.

14. Adelina Sotnikova

Age27 years


Before taking retirement, Adelina made her nation proud. Some of her achievements include winning two silver medals in the European Championship, being a four-time Russian national champion, taking home a gold medal in the 2014 Olympic ladies’ singles, and winning a two-time bronze in the Rostelecom Cup. The Russian beauty is always ready to steal your heart away.

15. Sasha Cohen


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Age39 years
CountryUnited States


Sasha is the most adorable, pretty, dazzling, and talented figure skater. The retired American is famous for her flexible body, form, artistry, and how she simplifies the music. Cohen is a 2006 U.S. Champion, a three-time World Championship medalist, a 2006 Olympic silver medalist, and the 2003 Grand Prix Final Champion.


It’s challenging to be in shape and look good 24/7, but figure skating keeps them trim and defined. However, some are naturally well-built. I don’t have the heart to say, Take your eyes off them because it is illegal not to look at something this exquisite.

Do small things with great love.

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