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Best 25 (MHA) My Hero Academia: Sexiest Female Characters (2023 Update)

Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 21:00 pm

The female characters in My Hero Academia are not far off from the males. In terms of style and aptitude in fighting, they have given a strong competition to them. As a result, we are going to put together a list of the 25 sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. 

We will be ranking them not only in terms of their beauty but also in keeping in mind their personality and style. We’ll be taking only the female characters who are 18 and above, and will not consider any underage characters for this list. Now let us start with the ranking and see if our favorite female character can manage to make the cut.

Best 25 Sexiest Female Characters in My Hero Academia

25) Tomoko Shiretoko (Ragdoll)


Japanese Name知床しれとこ 知とも子こ
QuirkQuirkless (currently)

Search (original)

Hair ColorEmerald
Eye ColorYellow

Tomoko Shiretoko is a former Pro Hero, going by the name Ragdoll. She is a member of the hero group, Wild, Wild Pussycats. Ragdoll was kidnapped during the Forest Training Camp Arc and her very useful Quirk, Search was stoned by All For One, leaving her Quirkless.

Ragdoll has long emerald colored hair and round, yellow eyes. There’s a simplicity and sweetness to her that makes her very appealing.

24) Sirius


Japanese Nameシリウス
QuirkGood Ear
Hair ColorSky blue
Eye ColorBlue

The next sexy My Hero Academia female character is Sirius. She is a Pro Hero and sidekick of another Pro Hero, Captain Selkie. She meets Tsuyu when the teenager becomes an intern at the Oki Mariner.

Sirius’ appearance is modified by her Quirk. She has sky blue hair and blue eyes but her most prominent features are her large fin-like ears. Her hero costume is a sailor uniform with white gloves and thigh-high stockings.

23) Kiruka Hasaki (Slice)


Japanese Name羽は咲さき斬きる香か
Hair ColorRed 
Eye ColorBlue

Slice appeared in the movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. She was a part of Nine’s team and acted as an antagonist. Her villain name is Slice which is also the name of her Quirk.

Slice is a fair and lean woman with long, dark red hair. She can harden and regrow her hair to use as a sharp slicer. Slice wears a stylish outfit of lavender shirt under a tight navy blue dress. She also wears purple thigh-highs with black boots and a black mask.

22) Cow Lady

Cow Lady

Japanese Nameカウレディ
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Cow Lady is an American Pro Hero that appeared on My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. They witnessed All Might stopping two robbers during the time young All Might was studying in America.

Cow Lady is very hot, with her wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a cowgirl outfit as her hero costume, consisting of an orange crop-top with denim shorts and sleeveless denim jacket. The gorgeous woman also wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to complete her look.

21) Clair Voyance

Clair Voyance

Japanese Nameクレア・ボヤンス
Hair ColorBlonde with brown patch
Eye ColorLight blue

Red (using Quirk)

Clair Voyance is another movie character. She appears in the latest My Hero Academia movie, World Heroes’ Mission. Clair Voyance is a Pro Hero and one of Endeavor’s many sidekicks.

Clair Voyance is a tall and beautiful woman who deserves the 21st spot on our list of sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. She has long blonde hair with a brown patch at the top of her head. She wears a sexy blue bodysuit and high boots as her hero costume.

20) Chitose Kizuki (Curious)


Japanese Name気き月づき置ち歳とせ
Hair ColorLilac
Eye ColorGreen irises with black sclerae

My Hero Academia has a diverse cast when it comes to appearances. Many characters look extraordinary because of their Quirks and Chitose Kizuki aka Curious is one of them. She worked as an executive director at Shoowaysha Publishing Company and secretly a member of the Meta Liberation Army.

An incredibly sexy woman, Curious has stylish lilac hair that compliments her pale blue skin. Her eyes are green but her sclera is black, similar to Mina’s. This pretty woman is number 20 on this list of sexiest My Hero Academia female characters.

23) Moe Kamiji (Burnin)


Japanese Name上かみ路じ萌もえ
QuirkBlazing Hair
Hair ColorCopper flame green
Eye ColorRed-orange

No woman on this list is as hot as Burnin, literally. Burnin or Moe Kamiji is one of Endeavor’s sidekicks. She’s part of the team Flaming Sidekickers and has often bicker with Bakugo.

Like our previous entry, Burnin’s looks are also affected by her Quirk. She has green flaming hair that she can pull off to throw as a fireball. Her hero costume is pretty simple along with black thigh-highs and a mask similar to Bakugo’s.

18) Shino Sosaki (Mandalay)


Japanese Name送そう崎さき信し乃の
Hair ColorBurgundy-red
Eye ColorBrown

Mandalay is a Pro Hero, operating in a team called Wild, Wild Pussycats. Her civilian name is Shino Sosaki. She is the aunt of Kota Izumi whose Pro Hero parents were killed by Muscular.

A pretty lady to look at, Mandalay is also very kind and efficient. Her Quirk is very useful in battles. She has bobbed burgundy-red hair and wears red paints on her face with her hero costume.

17) Ryuko Tsuchikawa (Pixie Bob)

Pixie Bob

Japanese Name土つち川かわ流りゅう子こ
QuirkEarth Flow
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Next on the list is Mandalay’s Wild, Wild Pussycats teammate, Pixie Bob or Ryuko Tsuchikawa. Her Quirk Earth Flow allows her to manipulate the earth to whatever effect as she wishes.

Pixie Bob is one of the sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. She has long blonde hair with long strands of bangs falling over the right side of her face fetchingly. She wears a blue attire similar to a cheerleader costume with cat-paw gloves, a blue-striped cat-tail, a headgear and a pair of transparent goggles.

16) Rei Todoroki

Rei Todoroki

Japanese Name轟とどろき冷れい
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGray

Rei Todoroki is the mother of Touya, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto, and Endeavor’s wife. After witnessing her children ignored and abused and suffering abuse from her husband, she lost her mind and ended up hurting Shoto. That led to her being institutionalized.

Rei is a very beautiful woman with snow white hair and graceful features. Her looks and colorations are inherited by her children.

15) Mitsuki Bakugo

Mitsuki Bakugo

Japanese Name爆ばく豪ごう光みつ己き
Hair ColorAsh blonde
Eye ColorRed

Let’s begin our list with an unexpected name, Mitsuki Bakugo. She is Bakugo’s mother, and the only reason to put her on the list is because of her too much fan following. 

After her introduction, her popularity has risen too much. Her Quirk Glycerin allows her to secrete Glycerin from her skin which moistures her skin and maintains her beauty even in her middle age. Also, her short messy hair looks very cute on her.

14) Cathleen Bate (Star and Stripe)

Star and Stripe

Japanese Nameキャスリーン・ベイト
AgeDeceased (42)
QuirkNew Order
Hair ColorBlonde (dyed)

Brown (original)

Eye ColorNavy blue

Cathleen Bate aka Star and Stripe was a Pro Hero and the no.1 hero in America. She came to aid Japan against Shigaraki and fought a glorious battle before her death.

Cathleen was a beautiful and curvaceous woman. She was also very tall, and carried a strong and confident personality. With blonde hair and blue eyes, she looked like the icon she was. And that’s why Star and Stripe sits at the 14th spot as one of the sexiest My Hero Academia female characters.

13) Kaoruko Awata (Bubble Girl)

Bubble Girl

Japanese Name泡あわ田た薫かおる子こ
Hair ColorDark blue
Eye ColorYellow

On number 13 of this list of sexiest My Hero Academia female characters, we have Kaoruko Awata aka Bubble Girl. She’s a Pro Hero and one of the assistants at Endeavor’s agency.

Bubble Girl is a quirky but sexy look with short dark blue hair and bright yellow eyes. Her skin is light blue. Bubble Girl’s hero costume comprises a high-necked crop top and black tights with large white boots.

12) Emi Fukukado (Miss Joke)

Miss Joke

Japanese Name福ふく門かど笑えみ
Hair ColorSeafoam green
Eye ColorDark green

Emi Fukukado, also known as Ms. Joke, teaches in Ketsubutsu Academy High School and is a friend of Aizawa sensei. 

She is a well-built woman who has a very charming personality. Her arms and legs are quite muscular, which denotes her athletic capabilities. 

Her eye-catching feature is the constant smile on her face, which does justice to her alias. She likes to wear a bandana on her head with a blue shirt and baggy shorts. Her floating green hair matches her sharp and beautiful eyes.

11) Melissa Shield

Melissa Shield

Japanese Nameメリッサ・シールド
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorAqua

Melissa Shield was a main character in the first movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. She is the daughter of famous inventor, David Shield who was once All Might’s tech support. Like Deku, Melissa is also Quirkless but she’s very talented at science and technology.

Melissa is a young woman with youthful beauty. She has beautiful blonde hair and bright aqua blue eyes. Her smile and sweet nature, as well as her intelligence makes her a fan favorite.

10) Makoto Tsukauchi

Makoto Tsukauchi

Japanese Name塚つか内うち真まこと
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Green (contacts)

While anime-only fans will recognize the Tsukauchi name, they might not know Makoto Tsukauchi. She is a major character in the spin-off series, My Hero Academia Vigilante. Makoto is the sister of Naomasa Tsukauchi and an university student all the while working as the General Manager for the American Pro Hero, Captain Celebrity.

Slim and gorgeous, Makoto is a stunning beauty. She has long, smooth black hair falling around her shoulders. She has naturally black eyes but she wears green contacts. Makoto is very chic and stylish but her sexiest feature is the mole under her lips.

9) Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi Todoroki

Japanese Name轟とどろき冬ふゆ美み
Hair ColorWhite with red patches
Eye ColorGray

Another unexpected name on our list of the hottest female characters in My Hero Academia is Fuyumi Todoroki. She is Shoto’s sister, who is a teacher in a school. She is not a hero and lives a normal life.

Like Shoto, she also has white and red (multicolored) hair and a cute face. She is also a very kind-hearted person who cares about her family the most. Presently in the manga, she is 23 years old and has an ice quirk like her mother.

8) Ryuko Tatsuma (Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu)


Japanese Name竜たつ間ま龍りゅう子こ
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorYellow

We’ve had quite a few Pro Heroes as the sexiest My Hero Academia female characters and now it’s time for a high-ranking one. Ryuko Tatsuma is the No.10 Pro Hero and goes by the name Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. She is also the mentor of Nejire.

Ryukyu has a very distinct look: while she appears mostly human, she has a pair of bat wings sprouting from her head. Ryukyu also has some dragon scales over her right eyes, obscuring some of her face. She wears a sexy burgundy cheongsam that steals attention at every opportunity. 

7) Snake Hero: Uwabami


Japanese Nameスネークヒーロー ウワバミ
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGold

A celebrity like Snake Hero: Uwabami is a justified mention in this list. Her curvaceous figure makes her a natural favorite among the male audience with thick blonde hair. 

Uwabami’s hairstyle is also unique, with two curly locks dangling in front of her head. Her eyes have the same color as her hair, with three snakes sticking out of it. She likes to wear a short maroon dress with golden bracelets on her hand and a choker to complete her attire.

6) Nejire Hado (Nejire Chan)


Japanese Name波は動どうねじれ
QuirkWave Motion
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorBlue

One of the big three, Nejire Hado, doesn’t lack behind in beauty. Her skills as a fighter and her attractive nature are evenly matched. 

She also won the fashion competition of U.A. School Festival, which makes her automatically qualified to appear in this list of sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. 

She is a cute girl with a big smile on her face who also loves to cheer for others. She has long shiny light blue hair that she keeps untied. Her eyes have the same color as her hair, with prominent long eyelashes.

5) Yu Takeyama (Mineyama Hero: Mt. Lady)

Mt. Lady

Japanese Name岳たけ山やま優ゆう
Height5’4” (original)

67’8” (giant form)

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPurple

Yu Takeyama, popularly known as Mt. Lady has some of the perfect features as an attractive woman in MHA. Her purple eyes match up with her purple skin tight bodysuit. 

Mt. Lady’s hair is light blonde in the color that falls down to her waist, and her long eyelashes give a playful look to her eyes. 

Her purple suit is designed with orange stripes at the end with a similar design in her boots. Like Mina and Kendo, she wears a domino mask which makes her look like she has horns coming out of her head.

4) Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)


Japanese Name兎うさぎ山やまルミ
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed

The most distinguishing feature of Rumi Usagiyama or Mirko is her muscular body. Her skin is dark and toned, and her height is comparatively short. 

This, in turn, gives her great agility during her battles. Her red eyes give off a mischievous look with her long white hair floating at her back. 

She is covered in her white hero costume, with the exception of her purple boots. She also wears a pair of white gloves on her hand, giving the overall look of a fluffy rabbit.

3) Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)


Japanese Name香か山やま睡ねむり
AgeDeceased (32)
Hair ColorDark purple
Eye ColorSky blue

Nemuri Kayama aka Midnight sensei was one of our dear teachers in U.A. High. She also had a playful rivalry going on with Mt. Lady. Like most female characters in MHA, she was extremely curvaceous and with clear blue eyes. She had spiky purple hair with a beauty mark below her left eye. 

Similar to Mt. Lady, she also wore a skintight white bodysuit with shades of purple. This was accompanied by black stockings and knee-high boots. In addition to these, she wore a red mask and a pair of handcuffs.

2) Kaina Tsutsumi (Lady Nagant)

Lady Nagant

Japanese Name筒つつ美み火か伊い那な
AgeLate 30s

Air Walk

Unnamed Self-Destruct Quirk

Hair ColorDark blue with pink
Eye ColorPurple

Lady Nagant or Kaina Tsutsumi has been introduced pretty late in the series and has already started creating a buzz with her slender, curvy body and assassination abilities.

She has voluminous blue hair that she keeps tied in a ponytail. A sleeveless dress and dark boots complete her simple yet stylish attire. Her accessory includes a utility belt that she uses to keep her bullets in.

1) Nana Shimura 

Nana Shimura

Japanese Name志し村むら菜な奈な

One For All

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGray

Nana Shimura was the previous user of One For All and was a beautiful lady. She has a strong resemblance to Momo of class 1-A with her dark black hair and sharp eyes. She kept half of her hair tied in a bun while leaving the other half free.

Her skin was pale, and the mole below her lips was easily visible. She wore a dark hero outfit which was a bodysuit like many other female heroes. 

Her bodysuit was accompanied by yellow gloves, a belt on her waist, and a cape. She was a woman with only justice in her mind, which also led to the downfall of her family in a way. 

On that note, we finally come to the conclusion of our top 25 sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. This list proves that the female heroes in the series can not only pack a punch but also steal the hearts of others with their beauty. 

We will be back with more My Hero Academia articles. Till then, stay hyped with us.

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