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How strong is Natsu in Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest? (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:28 am

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written by Hiro Mashima. The manga started back in the year 2006. The story generally deals with the exploits of Natsu and his friends. Natsu Dragneel, the protagonist of the manga, belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild. Natsu was raised by Igneel, the fire dragon who was his father figure. Igneel taught him the fire dragon slayer magic making him one of the seven primary dragon slayers of the manga.

Natsu originally perished 400 years ago prior to the start of the manga, and he was subsequently revived by his brother Zeref who contacted Ankhseram curse setting the story of the manga into motion. After joining the Fairy Tail guild, Natsu befriended HappyErza ScarlettGray FullbusterLucy HeartfiliaWendy Marvel, and Carla, forming the Team Natsu.

After the defeat of Zeref and Acnologia, Natsu sets out on 100 years quest, the quest he wanted since the start of the manga setting up the sequel manga, i.e., Fairy Tail: 100 Years quest. He starts out his journey with his friends. Gildarts was the only one who returned alive from 100 Years quest costing him his left arm and leg as well as some organs.

The 100 years quest is the quest given by the guild “Magia Dragon.” The guild master is Elefseria, the dragon of law just like Acnologia, who fell pray to dragon slayer magic curse. The guild master is 100 years older and gives them the quest to seal the Gods of Girtina, aka The Five Dragon Gods. The manga takes place in the continent Giltena.

How strong is Natsu in Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest?

Natsu is far more powerful than any other mage in the kingdom of Fiore. There are still wizards who are stronger than him, especially Gildarts and Erza. Before talking about his current status, we must look at his past battles in the prequel manga.

Natsu is known for his fearlessness as we witnessed that he blindly clashed with powerful wizards such as Lyon, Gajeel, Jellal, Laxus, Cobra, Zero, and The Twin Dragons or even Mard Geer. He never hesitates and is ready to fight a foe who is stronger than him. But we can say that if his friends get hurt or insulted, we can see the more dangerous side of Natsu.

We still remember during the Grand Magic Games Arc in episode 175 during his fight with twin dragons. Erza quotes that “Those two aren’t definitely weak, but Natsu responds to stronger opponents by becoming more powerful than he already is.” This dialogue sums up everything about it. The fight against the twin dragon slayers showcased Natsu’s intelligence and displayed his strength perfectly.

Natsu Vs. Mecrophobia
Natsu Vs. Mecrophobia

Now coming to the Fairy Tail 100 years quest manga, we have seen Natsu clash against dragon gods. At the start of the quest, Natsu clashed with the Water Dragon God Mecrophobia. At the start of the fight, he was struggling against the water dragon god. The fight gets to even when Ignia, the son of Igneel, arrives. Natsu and Ignia clash, where Ignia subdues Natsu’s attack very easily.

Afterward, in order to defeat Mecrophobia, Natsu consumes all the flames of Ignia. Natsu’s strength gets enhanced, and he defeats the water dragon god combined with the efforts of his friends. Later, the battle with Natsu results in the loss of the magical power of Mecrophobia.

Natsu Vs. Aldoron
Natsu Vs. Aldoron

As the story progresses, Natsu takes on the Wood Dragon God, Aka Aldoron, when he uses his god seeds and clashes with the guild. Finally, the battle starts to get into the final leg when the fairy tail guild member Gajeel the Iron Dragon Slayer, takes on the main body while Natsu takes on the God seeds of Aldoron. Finally, the fire dragon slayer combines the power of Igneel, Atlas flame, and Ignia’s power to defeat Aldoron.

Magic & Abilities

  • 1) Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Like all the Dragon Slayers, Natsu can consume his respective element, i.e., fire. In Fairy Tail: 100 Years quest, we have seen that Natsu can finally combine the power of all three fire dragons. Natsu has come a long way after his clash with Zeref and Acnologia.

  • 2) Fire Dragon King Mode

During the break, he has taken after defeating the Tartarus guild. Natsu learned to store and manipulate Igneel’s remaining power inside him. The mode was used against the Dark Wizard Zeref. Natsu believed that he could defeat Zeref with this move.

  • 3) Dragon Force

Dragon Force is the stage Natsu Achieves by consuming Etherion or the Golden Flame given by Jellal. This ability is the final and most powerful stage of Dragon Slayer, and it has been said that this power rivals that of a Dragon.

  • 4) Fire Dragon Roar

This move is Natsu’s signature step. In this, the user first inhales and gathers the fire inside him and then releases the fire just like a real dragon in the direction of their enemy. In X792, Natsu finally mastered this spell which allowed him to create a continuous stream of flames.

Is Natsu stronger than Erza in Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest?

No, at present, Erza is stronger than Natsu. First of all, Natsu has taken the help of various characters in order to defeat the dragon gods, the current villains of the series.

Natsu Vs. Erza
Natsu Vs. Erza

During his fight against the water dragon god, he was struggling against him. If it was for intervention for Ignia, who provided his flames, he would not have defeated him. Meanwhile, Erza is independent, strong, brave, and unlike Natsu, she doesn’t have motion sickness.

Is Natsu stronger than Gildarts in Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest?

Even in Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, Gildarts has the upper hand. We witnessed Gilarts full potential during the fight with King August, where he was severely overwhelmed against him. However, King August was said to be the strongest character (after Acnologia).

Natsu Vs. Gildarts (Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest)
Natsu Vs. Gildarts

If Natsu used his END form, there was still a high probability that Gildarts would win against him. Gildarts Crushing Magic can crush anything, even mages. No wonder, presently, Gildarts is the strongest mage of the Fairy Tail guild, stronger than even Erza and Laxus.

How strong is Natsu compared to Goku?

Indeed Goku from Dragon Ball manga is far more powerful than Natsu. His power level is measured on a multiverse level. Even if, for instance, let’s say Goku only uses his base form, Natsu still faces difficulty in defeating him.

However, Natsu in END form or with Igneel Flames can reach up to the level of Goku Super Saiyan form. Therefore here, we can estimate that Natsu in full power is equal to Goku in Super Saiyan form. 

Natsu = Goku Super Saiyan form

So this is it for today, folks. This is all about the details of our Salamander, aka Natsu Dragneel. His current activities and strength in the sequel manga. Recently heard that Fairy Tail: 100 years quest is getting an anime adaptation, so waiting for it to be adapted. We are waiting for how things will unfold in the anime.

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