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How Strong is Yor Forger? History, Abilities & Interesting Facts

In the list of strong female characters, Yor Forger is a respectively new entry, yet she’s already won the hearts of fans with her gentleness and strength. She is one of the main characters of Spy x Family, acting as the mother of the pseudo family who comes to genuinely care for each other. She’s also one of the strongest characters in the series. And that is what we’ll be discussing in this article: how strong is Yor Forger? Here are her history, abilities and little tidbits about her character.

Before we begin the discussion, we’re issuing a spoiler alert because we’ll be talking about some incidents from the recent chapters that are yet to be animated. So, if you only follow the anime or haven’t caught up with the manga yet, proceed with caution.

Yor Forger: True Identity

Yor Forger: True Identity

Before marrying Loid and becoming a part of the Forger family, Yor used to be Yor Briar, a young woman working as a clerk at Berlint City Hall. But behind the persona is an ordinary but somewhat clumsy working woman, Yor is, in reality, a deadly assassin known as the Thorn Princess.

She works under the mysterious organization, the Garden, and gets her assassination mission from her handler, the Shopkeeper. Yor is one of the most dangerous assassins of Ostania, known for her efficient killing and high success rate. She uses sharp stiletto-like weapons resembling thorns, earning her nickname for it.

Despite her true occupation being dark and morbid, Yor is actually a very loving and idealistic person. She was orphaned at a young age, left with her much younger brother Yuri. After their parents’ death when they were suffering from poverty, Yor took the job as an assassination to earn money for food and her brother’s education.

She worked herself to bones and went on very dangerous missions as a teenager, but always took care of her brother lovingly. Over time, she found motivation in her job, wanting to take out the bad people to make a better world for Yuri. After her marriage to Loid, she comes to care for him and Anya, and finds more motivation for her job.

Yor is currently unaware that Loid is the infamous WISE spy Twilight and Anya can read minds. She also hides her true occupation as an assassin from them and Yuri. Yor initially agrees to marry Loid to get a cover so that she is not suspected by SSS as a spy. But over time, her care of Loid and Anya becomes real.



Yor Forger is one of the strongest characters in the story. Ever since her debut in the story, she has shown exceptional strength and skills, even dwarfing expert spies like Fiona Frost. The abilities Yor possesses include:

  • Enhanced Strength: When it comes to physical strength, no character in Spy x Family can surpass Yor. She has monstrous strength, being able to kick balls through trees and through her weapons strongly enough to crack the skull of her target.
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Yor is extremely fast and has very sharp reflexes. She can outspeed a moving car and kill assassins who can dodge bullets within a blink.
  • Enhanced Stamina: She also possesses more stamina than any normal person. Yor can fight multiple people at once and back-to-back, without getting tired at all. She also works full-time on top of moonlighting as an assassin.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Though she primarily uses her signature weapon, Yor is proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Her skills are good enough for her to equally match Twilight in physical combat. She even trains Anya and Becky in self-defense.
  • Weapons Handling: As an assassin, Yor uses two thorn-like weapons with circular heads and pointed ends. She’s very skilled in using these, and can kill anyone with them with ease.
  • Poison Tolerance: Yor is very high poison tolerance. In fact, she’s almost completely immune to them. Once, she is grateful that a poison numbs her neves, so she can’t feel her wound anymore.

How Strong Is Yor Forger?

How Strong Is Yor Forger?

From the abilities she possesses, it’s clear exactly how strong Yor Forger is. Among all the characters shown in the story as of yet, she has shown to have the most brute strength. She may not be very skilled at disguise and infiltration like Loid is, but she more than makes up for it with her quick reflexes that can kill anyone within seconds, as evident when she killed many assassins on Princess Lorelei before they even had the chance to attack.

Yor’s skills at hand-to-hand combat also makes her a tough adversary for opponents. She matches Loid blow by blow without showing any kind of strain. If she can match Twilight, the best spy of Westalis, equally, then it’s pretty evident how strong she is.

Interesting Facts on Yor Forger

Interesting Facts on Yor Forger

  • Yor has very low alcohol tolerance. She gets quite aggressive when drunk, contrary to her usual gentle nature.
  • She has a strong dislike for insects and finds them disgusting, so much so that she even refuses to look at them.
  • In her personnel file at the Berlint City Hall, there is a date: “06 APR 63”. In the manga her birthdate is never stated, and thus the date is believed to be the day she joined her job. But in Episode 2 of the anime, April 6, 1963 is said to be her birthdate.
  • If Yor was born in the year 1963 and since she is 27 years, that means the current timeline of the story is 1980.
  • Since Yor and Yuri’s parents died when they were young, and Yor took the job of an assassin at a very young age, she hasn’t gone to school for long. She has the basic education and typing skills, allowing her to work at the City Hall, but that’s the extent of it. 
  • Yuri, who is a prodigy, taught some things to his beloved sister.
  • Before marrying Loid, the only good dress Yor has is the black dress she wears for her assassination missions. After she joins the Forger family, she buys more formal clothes for the interview at Eden Academy.
  • Yor is immune to poisons, to such an extent that she could withstand drinking a cocktail laced with neurotoxins from pufferfish. 
  • She is very bad at house chores, particularly cooking. The only chore she is good at is cleaning, and that’s thanks to her experience at cleaning blood after her assassination missions.


That was our answer to how strong Yor Forger is. Turns out she’s very strong, and that’s why she’s a fan-favorite character. Yor will be making her appearance again in the upcoming Spy x Family movie. You can catch it in December when it is released. As for fun Spy x Family articles, follow Otakus’ Notes.

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