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I Have A Mansion In The Apocalypse: Wiki, Characters and Story Review

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Time travel is always fascinating, and we hope to do it before we die. Luckily, Jiang Chen got the same opportunity when he was struck by a shooting star, which gave him the power to travel ahead of his timeline.

I have a mansion in the Apocalypse series written by Min Man Tian Xia, which has a total of 1609 chapters that have been completed. This series is one of the largest webtoons available on the internet.

The main character of the series is Jiang Chen, a 23-year-old unemployed neat who feeds on the allowance given to him by his parents, is a heavy drinker and spends most of his time drinking.

One day, while having drinks on top of the building, he saw a shooting star and wished it would grant his dream of becoming a millionaire while not working and having multiple girlfriends.

The start took an extraordinary route and crashed into Jiang, giving him the power of time travel, where he can come and go according to his wish while being able to take the item and store it in a pocket dimension.

I Have A Mansion In The Apocalypse: Wiki

Name:I Have A Mansion in the apocalypse
Writer:Min Man Tian Xia
First Serialization:Nov 10 2017
Genre:Time Travel, Webtoons, Ecchi


Jiang Chen is a 23-year-old single student who graduated from university a year ago, but being a slacker and always looking for ways to make money without working hard led him down the wrong path.

He tried to make the dough by betting and lost all his life savings. Due to this incident, he became a neat person who always kept drinking and did not even have friends or people to talk to when he was down.

His family used to give him an allowance every week in the hope that he would recover and leave all his bad habits and work like an average male, but Jiang has done the complete opposite and uses all his money to buy drinks.

Frustrated by his poor habits, his family decided to stop all his allowance and gave him a final warning. As he was wondering what to do next while sitting on the terrace of a skyscraper, he saw a star and wished that his dreams would come true.


Suddenly, the star changed course midway and started approaching him. As he was drunk, he thought it might be his alcohol making his vision blurry, but after coming to his senses, he realized that the star was coming near him.

While he was thinking about what he should do, a sudden hit by the star knocked him out. Upon waking up, he saw some patterns on his hands that looked like tattoos, but after he touched them, he realized that he had now gained time-traveling power.

The power needs to be charged by taking currents from electric power points, and it is painful for Jiang as he needs to keep taking high-voltage currents regularly to keep the power supply full.

When he leaps for the first time, he goes into a situation from a few years ago, where he finds himself in the middle of a battlefield with no single person in sight. Suddenly, he hears a feminine voice from behind and sees a broken house, but someone is sleeping inside.


When he enters the house, he gets entangled in the traps laid by the woman, who says her name is Sun Jio and is about to crush his testicles as she thinks he is an enemy and comes to kill her and take her belongings.

He did not reveal that he came from the past as it would cause disturbance in the timeline, which he did not want, and he made up a story that she seemed to believe very quickly. Later, he offers her some food, which she gladly accepts, and he tells him about the current scenario in the world.

Right now, the world is facing the after-effects of World War III, and all the residents have turned against each other; many have even resorted to catabolism to keep themselves alive and not get killed.

After living together for a few days, they get closer, and Sun Jio falls in love with him; however, Jiang is not interested in having a relationship, so they both settle to become friends with benefits while facing the upcoming threats.

I Have A Mansion In The Apocalypse Characters:

1) Jiang Chen

Jiang Chen

Jiang Chen, the series’ main character, is funny, extroverted, and also very horny most of the time. He aims to create a harem and become rich by making others work for him.

He is also very sticky and prefers to do only a little hard work. His dream of creating a harem came true as he now had a group of females who assisted him in improving the future, and all were in love with him.

2) Miss Sun Jio

Sun Jio

Sun Jio is the first female character introduced to us in the series and plays a pivotal role in the story. She is also the first woman to fall in love with Jiang, ensuring he becomes a hard worker and achieves his goal.

Their first meeting was very odd, but they soon grew closer. At first, Jiang is not interested in her and only wants sex, but later, he changes and falls in love with her.

3) Ayesha


Ayesha is Jiang’s first wife in the series, despite his physical relationships with many women in the story. He married Ayesha, who was about to be sold on the market but was saved by Jiang.

Jiang knew about her religion, so he did not move on her out of respect, but Ayesha adored him and asked him if she could become his wife. Jiang took some time to think, but they did the deed while they were at his mansion, and Jiang married her.

4) Liu Yao


Liu Yao is an actor and a famous personality who met Jiang at a party the Saudi prince organized. Although Liu was not interested in dating anyone after meeting Jiang, she took an interest in him and eventually fell in love with him.

After the party, they go back to his house, where they make love all night, and in the morning, Liu confesses her feelings and starts a relationship with him.

5) Lin Lin

Lin Lin

Lin met Jiang when he was caught by the enemy organization and was faced with an experiment where he was put in different lives and had to live in them.

This caused severe pain for Jiang, but in every dream, no girl was constant except Lin. When Jiang finally gets the chance to break through the experiment, he saves her, leading to them falling in love with him.

I Have a Mansion in the Apocalypse Plot Review:

Jiang Chen is a 23-year-old unemployed man who drinks and thinks about women but refuses to do any work and does not give his best. However, his luck changes when he encounters a shooting star that blasts up in his face, giving him the power to travel in the future.

After arriving in the future, he understands the world’s cruelty and how hard it is for people to live in such an environment, and he decides to change everything and make the world a better place.

While he works towards his goal, he ends up meeting several women who fall in love with him and start a relationship with him. He also marries some of those he loves most while caring for most of them.

Is Having a Mansion in the Apocalypse Worth Reading?

The series has more than 1,000 chapters, and once you start reading them, you will crave more and only stop at the end.

Luckily, the series has ended, and the reader can enjoy and read through all the chapters. The series is built upon carefully drawn time travel meta to ensure the user is not confused while reading it.

I Have a Mansion in the Apocalypse is also an Ecchi series, which means you get your fair share of fan service and some adult moments. The series’ characters are unique and easy to understand, and the plot is perfect.


The series is excellent and should be checked out. The webtoon is adapted from the light novel, and the original work is impressive. The plot of the series is built very carefully, and the pacing of the series is also fast, which makes the story progress faster.

Despite having more than 1600+ chapters, the series always has a good plot throughout the story, which keeps the reader from getting bored of the same repetitive plot over and over again.

The world-building in the series is highly underrated, as new characters are introduced regularly while ensuring that the old characters are remembered, and every side character plays a vital role in the story.

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