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Kan Ki vs. Ri Boku: Best Fighters in Kingdom?

Kan Ki vs Ri Boku was a fated, and long-awaited battle in the Kingdom series. However, even if both of them fought on their terms, the conclusion of the battle was quite unexpected.

We never really got an answer, about who was the better warrior in a duel of Kan Ki vs Ri Boku. On top of being skilled fighters, both of them are powerful Great Generals too.

But, here we will be comparing their strength in a 1v1 duel of Kan Ki vs Ri Boku. If it is a power battle, then Kan Ki should take the win, as for the fight with their armies, we already saw who the winner was.

For a more detailed comparison of both of them and why Kan Ki would win in a 1v1 duel, read this article until the end. This should put an end to the debate of the stronger fighter between Kan Ki and Ri Boku.

Kan Ki in Kingdom: Wiki 

Current AgeMid 30s
RankGreat General
Eyes ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack
AbilityMaster Swordsman, Stealth Mastery, Archery, Manipulation of Information
Marital StatusSingle

Kan Ki in Kingdom: Wiki 

Kan Ki was among the Six Great Generals of Qin and a prodigy at warfare. He is very feared for his battle prowess and earned many nicknames throughout his countless battles.

Due to his being a prodigy, Kan Ki rarely lost a battle due to his intelligence and unorthodox strategies. Ri Boku himself said that Kan Ki was the current strongest member of the Six Great Generals.

Kin Mou stated that Kan Ki’s tactical mind was also on the same level as Ri Boku. He was even considered to be Qin’s number one General when it came to turning the tables on his opponent.


  • Master Swordsman, and had killed many soldiers in the past with his crafty and impressive moves.
  • Stealth Mastery, which surprised most of his opponents.
  • He also had a decent level of skill in Archery and can shoot with a good amount of precision.
  • Kan Ki is a very impressive leader and has many loyal soldiers and commanders in his army.
  • He was also one of the most aggressive Great General and had multiple strategies to back his ways of doing things.
  • Kan Ki is always very clever when it comes to information manipulation.
  • He showed this ability many times throughout the series and even killed Ko Chou in this manner.
  • Despite not being trained in Military Formations, Kan Ki is pretty adept at using them to his benefit.

Ri Boku in Kingdom: Wiki

Current AgeEarly 40s
RankGreat General
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityMaster Swordsman, Assassination Tactics, Manipulation of Information
Marital StatusSingle

Ri Boku in Kingdom: Wiki

Ri Boku is the smartest character in the series and the strongest character among the Three Great generals of Zhao. It can be said that he was the biggest foe, that Qin has faced till now.

It was even told that Ri Boku had even surpassed Ou Ki and Geki Shin, to reach this level of power. He is extremely loyal to Zhao and is even willing to die for his country.

Ri Boku is a very ruthless strategist, and he would even use underhanded means for attaining victory. He is also the only member of the Three Great Heavens, under the rule of King Yuu Boku.


  • On top of being a capable fighter and a powerful Great General, Ri Boku is also a skilled diplomat.
  • Ri Boku has some of the best knowledge of Military Formations, compared to the rest of the characters in the series.
  • He always easily adapts to his enemy’s strategies, due to his usage of the Origin Tactics.
  • Ri Boku also has pretty good architectural skills and made Gyou into the perfect impenetrable city.
  • He is also pretty good at manipulating information and using that to strike his opponents.
  • Ri Boku surpasses all of the characters in the series when it comes to his strategies and plans.
  • A Master Swordsman, who can hold off his own against Kan Ki and also Shin.
  • He is also pretty good at assassination tactics and had also murdered Ma Kou using these tactics.

Kan Ki vs. Ri Boku: Best Warrior in Kingdom? 

Best Warrior in Kingdom?
Kan Ki vs. Ri Boku

If it comes to a 1v1 duel of Kan Ki vs Ri Boku, we can surely that Kan Ki will be stronger. Kan Ki had almost managed to kill Ri Boku, if not for the latter’s determination and his army.

Kan Ki even broke Ri Boku’s sword in one swift strike and managed to gravely wound him. Ri Boku had only managed to stay alive, due to his loyal vassals, determination, and army.

Ri Boku tried to somehow manage his own against Kan Ki, but it always looked like Kan Ki had dominated in their duels. He was always on the defense, and he had a hard time landing an attack on Kan Ki.

It was also not Ri Boku, but rather the number of his soldiers, that overpowered Kan Ki and killed him. Even after being stabbed by more than 20 soldiers, he still kept marching towards Ri Boku, just falling short of him.

1) Based on Strength 

This is an easy win for Kan Ki. Kan Ki has higher stats for strength, and also he completely dominated his fights against Ri Boku and injured him fatally.

Meanwhile, Ri Boku does have a considerable amount of strength, but that falls short of Kan Ki’s monstrous raw strength. Kan Ki had also many killed many strong foes in battle before.

2) Based on Fighting Prowess

This is yet another win for Kan Ki. Kan Ki showed that he had a higher affinity for 1v1 battles, and showed that with his raw strength numerous times in the series.

Ri Boku also does have a considerable amount of fighting prowess. Despite being fatally injured by Kan Ki, he still kept fighting on, till his army came over to protect him.

3) Based on Sword Mastery

This should be a win for Kan Ki. In a straight sword duel, Ri Boku lost, and Kan Ki neatly split his sword in half. If Ri Boku’s timing was a bit late, he would’ve died on the spot.

Ri Boku does have a certain level of skill, to fight against powerful warriors like Shin and Kan Ki, and make it out alive. But, he wouldn’t have survived if it was a pure 1v1 fight against Kan Ki.

4) Based on Special Tactics

Both Ri Boku and Kan Ki are known for using unorthodox methods and tactics, to win against their enemies. Kan Ki uses stealth attacks, and Ri Boku uses assassination tactics.

However, Kan Ki wins in this battle of special tactics. We also saw how Kan Ki shocked Ri Boku with his surprise attack. Despite Ri Boku being aware of it, he was still unable to stop Kan Ki’s rampage.

5) Based on Intelligence

This is an easy win for Ri Boku. Ri Boku has a perfect score of 100, in intelligence. It is the highest in the series for any character, and Ri Boku shows his intellect in his battles too.

Kan Ki also has a good amount of intellect, but he falls short of Ri Boku’s intellect. Ri Boku even beat some of the characters like Shou Hei Kun and Ou Sen, when it comes to intelligence.

6) Based on Overall Ability 

This should be a win for Kan Ki, looking at their overall ability as a fighter. Ri Boku is a better commander and leader than Kan Ki, but he isn’t a better fighter than Kan Ki by any means.

Kan Ki had many other feats in the past too, which proves why he is one of the current best Six Great generals of Qin. Ri Boku is also strong, but the majority of his strength lies in strategies and formations.

Closing off our article on Kan Ki vs Ri Boku, we can finally say that Kan Ki is a better and more capable warrior of the two. For more interesting Kingdom content and updates, make sure to check our other posts here.

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