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Ou Sen vs. Ri Boku: Better Great General in Kingdom?

Ou Sen vs Ri Boku debate has long been going on in the fandom since they had their battle. When both of them clashed for the first time in the manga, we saw that Ou Sen won this battle.

But, this was not an even battle for both of them, due to a few problems with Zhao. Ever since then, we have wondered, who will end up winning in a battle of Ou Sen vs Ri Boku.

If it’s a 1v1 duel, it is Ou Sen will be the winner. But, if it’s a battle based on shrewd tactics and Ri Boku has a bigger army, he might possibly end up winning over Ou Sen.

However, we will be mostly looking at both of their prowess as Generals. For a more detailed comparison between the two, make sure to read his article till the end.

Ou Sen in Kingdom: Wiki 

Current Age50s
RankGreat General
Eyes ColorRed
Hair ColorBlack
EquipmentGlaive, Sword
AbilityMaster Strategist, Proficient in many Military Strategies, Origin Tactics, Terrain Manipulation,
Marital StatusWidowed
LoverShu Kei(wife)


Ou Sen in Kingdom: Wiki 

Ou Sen is the third member of the new Six Great Generals of Qin. He is also the feared leader of the Great Ou Sen army. Ou Sen is also called the most dangerous man in Qin.

Feared among his rivals, and revered by his allies, Ou Sen takes pride in winning his battles. It is also said that he chose the battle so that he will win regardless.

He is an incredibly cautious Military Commander, because of his Strategic nature. Ou Sen had been serving in the Qin military for decades, and there is also a rumor that he is secretly aiming for the King spot.


  • Mastery over Glaive and Sword, and he slew many people easily with his Glaive.
  • He is a very strong leader, whose generals and commanders are very loyal towards him.
  • He is a Master Strategist, and his strength in this area was recognized by Ko Shou too.
  • The latter said that Ou Sen would be on par with the Six Great generals, based on his strength over strategies alone.
  • He can perform any difficult Military Tactic with ease, due to his loyal vassals.
  • Ou Sen had a knack for unveiling the Origin Tactics of other armies.
  • This always granted him an unfair advantage in many battles, since he can easily understand others’ tactics.
  • He is always impressive at Terrain Manipulation, which puts him ahead of his enemies.

Ri Boku in Kingdom: Wiki 

Current AgeEarly 40s
RankGreat General
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityMaster Swordsman, Master Strategist, Information Manipulation, Assassination Tactics, Architectural Skills, Origin Tactics, Military Formations
Marital StatusSingle

Ri Boku in Kingdom: Wiki 

Ri Boku is among one of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao of the Second generation. He is also commonly referred to as the Strongest of the Three Great Heavens.

Although he dislikes war and fighting, Ri Boku still has to keep fighting for his country and people. He has many loyal vassals working under him, who will are even willing to give up their life to save Ri Boku.

We also witnessed this in the latest arc of the Kingdom. Gyo’Un, who was a former deputy of one of the Three Great Heavens, had himself said that Ri Boku is the strongest among them.


  • He is a Master Swordsman, who kept up with Shin and many other powerful foes.
  • Ri Boku is a Master Strategist, who has the highest knowledge of war in the series so far.
  • He always manipulates information, when the enemy needs it the most, to send them into a panic state.
  • Ri Boku is also well-versed in many assassination tactics, which caught his opponent by surprise.
  • He shows a high level of skills in architecture and manipulating buildings to his advantage.
  • Ri Boku is also able to find the Origin and the working of his enemy tactics.
  • He had mastered many military formations, and successfully used many of those.
  • Ri Boku is also only one of the two characters in the series, who can successfully use Ryuudou.

Ou Sen vs. Ri Boku: Who is the Better Great General? 

Ou Sen vs Ri Boku: Who is the Better Great General?
Ou Sen vs. Ri Boku

Coming to the battle we have at hand, who is the better Great General between Ou Sen vs Ri Boku? Ou Sen has a slight advantage, and he will most probably end up winning over Ri Boku.

Both of them had already clashed once, and we saw Ou Sen ending up superior to Ri Boku. And, based on whatever we saw between the both of them in that battle, we can safely say that Ou Sen is a better Great General.

Ou Sen only picks the battle he wins, and if he chooses to clash with Ri Boku, then he will surely end up being the winner. He also came up with a new Locust strategy out of thin air, which even surprised Ri Boku.

Ri Boku is also one of the strongest Great Generals, but it is a fact that he already lost to Ou Sen. And, we also know that there are many other areas in which Ou Sen dominates too.

1) Based on Raw Strength 

This should be an easy win for Ou Sen. One look at him, and we can say why he is one of the most feared men of Qin. He can also slay multiple soldiers with ease, while just using his raw strength.

Ri Boku also showed tremendous raw strength in his battles, even managing to hold an advantage over Shin. But, he falls short of Ou Sen, who has higher raw strength than him.

2) Based on Strategies

This should be a win for Ri Boku. Ri Boku had surpassed many people like Shou Hei Kun, Haku Ki, and even Ou Sen in this aspect. He also has one of the highest intelligence in the series, which further fortifies his strategic skills.

On the other hand, we also know that Ou Sen is a formidable foe with his strategies. Despite his small disadvantage in intelligence, he was still able to surprise Ri Boku and win their war, with his strategy.

3) Based on Military Formations

This should be a tie for both of them. Despite having control over a rare military formation, it might not work against Ou Sen’s origin tactics. Ou Sen will be able to decipher the tactics and weaknesses of any army, due to his analytical skills.

The same goes for Riboku too. He was able to read the weakness and grasp the tactic of Ou Sen’s advanced defense formation, in their battle, using his Origin tactics.

4) Based on Experience

This is a win for Ri Boku, Ri Boku has very high experience in battles and uses his experience to further strengthen his own military formations, strategies, and tactics.

Despite Ou Sen being older than Ri Boku, he doesn’t have much experience compared to Ri Boku. This is only because Ou Sen chooses his battles so that he will end up winning.

5) Based on Army Strength 

This should be an easy win for Ou Sen. We saw the capabilities of his army, and Qin military numerous times. He also has many loyal vassals and soldiers, who are ready to die for him.

Even if the vassals part is the same for Ri Boku too, he falls short of the strength of his soldiers. It is a known fact that Qin has way better troops, due to Haku Ki’s slaughter of Zhao’s troops.

6) Based on Overall Ability

Based on overall ability, we can say that Ou Sen will be a bit better than Ri Boku. On top of having disadvantages, he still managed to win against Ri Boku in their indirect confrontation.

So, with this, we will be able to say that in a duel of Ou Sen vs Ri Boku, we can see Ou Sen ending up as the winner over the other. We can also say that Ou Sen has an advantage when it comes to a 1-on-one battle.

Ou Sen doesn’t lose his ground too when it comes to strategies and military tactics. He will probably be able to fight on par with Riboku’s special knowledge of military formations and tactics.

This marks the end of our article on Ou Sen vs Ri Boku. For more interesting Kingdom comparisons and manga updates, make sure to check our posts here.

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