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(Kanki is Alive) Kingdom Chapter 747 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Updated)

Last updated on February 8th, 2023 at 10:23 am

In Kingdom Chapter 747, we can sense that this war might be ending based on everything that happened in the previous chapter. Futei is ordered to go for Kanki and protect their Lord Riboku at all costs.

Futei starts immediately killing off many nameless soldiers in his way. Ringyoku immediately understands what he needs to do and marches to stop Futei.

Koku’Ou tries attacking him but fails to deliver a blow with her first attack. Futei immediately takes this chance to call for Katsuho to attack her. Katsuho successfully lands a fatal blow on Koku’Ou, and she manages to kill him.

Zenou, in the meanwhile, is wreaking havoc down on the battlefield, killing countless soldiers. Ba Fuuji comes to Riboku’s help and blocks the attack of Zenou using himself as a shield.

He boldly declares that he will gladly be the shield to protect Riboku. He spoke these words on behalf of everyone else, as the whole army thinks the same.

Ba Fuuji is pretty confident that their army will be the ones to win, despite all that is happening. Even Kanki’s followers are enraged and ready to take on their opponent.

An epic confrontation between both armies ensues, as we get to see a small glimpse of the chaos and destruction. We also get to see a clash between the values and ideologies of both Kanki and Riboku as they face off.

Riboku proclaims that these soldiers will protect Ganon at whatsoever cost, unlike Kanki’s soldiers who deserted him at Kochou. He takes great pride in his army and further says that Kanki has no cause worth fighting over.

A few soldiers try to pounce on Kanki but become the prey to his attacks instead. We get to see Shin’s perspective in the last panel, as we understand that the battlefield is in a dire situation right now.

Kingdom Chapter 747 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Kingdom Chapter 747 Predictions

Finally, a glimpse of spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 747 has surfaced. The title of the next chapter is, “A message from the Boss.” Currently, it is not confirmed whether the word is a Boss, Commander, Captain or some other higher ups. Below are some spoiler points.

  • Two armies will arrive and joine Riboku: Ko Haku Kou and Jyou Ka Ryuu
  • Maron and Ogiko will show up in the chapter. Maron is crying while he remembers the first time he met Kank. It is the same as the panel from the last chapter about Ringyoku.
  • Kanki is not dead yet.
  • Shin is not in Chapter 747.

You can read the full spoilers and raw scans from the panel below.


Kingdom Chapter 747 might as well be the end of the war when the stakes are at the highest. As of now, it seems that Kanki is in a better situation for a few more moments before Duke Kohaku and his cavalry reach Riboku.

At this time, if Kanki manages to successfully deal a fatal blow to Riboku or kill him, the winner of this war will be decided. We know that Riboku is a man of great intellect, and he plants things in advance for any kind of situation.

We would love to see what kind of tricks Riboku still has up his sleeve. He is called the Master Strategist for a reason, and we have seen his intellect in this ensuing war.

Kanki is also a master combatant and one of the best at what he does. This time around, we can be sure that nothing else should be able to come in between Kanki and Riboku’s battle.

Shin, after seeing the enemy reinforcements, could go to Kanki’s aid. He still wants to kill Riboku with his hands, and he would do anything to accomplish this.

Kanki should be easily able to overpower Riboku if they clash. This would be enough to give a win to Shin and his army. Even though Futei is aiming for Kanki, he should not be easily able to pass by because of Ringyoku.

With all these clashes present on the battlefield, it would be interesting to watch one triumph over the other. Kanki needs to move fast, or else his window of opportunity to attack will be lost once Kohaku reaches.

Kingdom Chapter 747 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 747 Release Date and Raw Scans

It seems that Kingdom manga is yet on another break next week, and the next chapter will be delayed. Kingdom Chapter 747 would return from its break on February 9th. 

The manga is available to read from a lot of other sources, and there is an official website too.The raw scans for the chapter should release a few days before the release of the chapter, and we shall be updating the same in this article.

Make sure to come back again after we have updated the raw scans. With this, we will conclude our article on Kingdom Chapter 747 spoilers and release date. We follow other manga series, too, so make sure to check them out in your free time.

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