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Kingdom Chapter 751 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Kanki’s Decision)

Kingdom Chapter 751 will be closing the curtain on this arc, after the end of the war. The chapter starts last when we saw Riboku wanted to talk with Kanki.

Riboku asked Kanki to surrender, that way, he will let go of his army. Riboku’s army is dissatisfied with his decision, Jyoukaryuu and Futei support him that they could capture Kanki and can kill him anytime.

Kanki assures that he would never do such disgraceful tricks, and would never surrender to the enemy. Riboku speaks about Kanki and his army, saying how he is unable to comprehend some vital stuff.

Riboku says that Kanki loves his army the most, but Kanki cuts him off and says that he understands nothing about them. Kanki questions Riboku, and the scene shifts to Shin learning Kanki’s past.

Kanki and Shio, the leader of the Saki clan, had loved when Kanki was still in the Saki clan. But, in Kanki’s absence, she was kidnapped and murdered by Gipa.

Shio was brutally violated many times, and all of her limbs were cut off to set an example. Kanki could not avenge her then and started building his clan.

Kanki had conquered the castle and murdered everyone in the castle by beheading all of them. We further get to know, this was the moment when Kanki stopped seeing the light and was taken by the darkness.

Io and Shou have conflicting conclusions about this incident, but Io still thinks that Kanki has not yet lost. The scene shifts to Riboku as he tries to understand Kanki, but he is unable to do so.

Io says that Kanki still has a glimmer of hope and light in him which is not visible to others. With this, we understand why everyone in Kanki clan believes his leader and follows him.

Io further adds that the Kanki clan is his family. The last panel ends with Naki ending up near Kanki’s army along with his soldiers.

Kingdom Chapter 751 Spoilers-Prediction

Kingdom Chapter 751 Predictions & Raw Scans

Naki is steadily approaching Kanki’s location and we might see some form of hope this way. It is still looking hard for Kanki to escape from this situation while leaving his men to fight off enemies.

We can be sure that Kanki will never choose this, and will try to sacrifice himself to let his men leave. We can also see Maron and others growing impatient and wanting to rescue Kanki after hearing about his past.

Shin is also taken aback by all of this, but he still has to retreat to honor Kanki’s message. This situation might go both ways for Kanki, but Riboku still has a lot of reinforcements left.

Riboku still has the advantage when it comes to Kanki, in case he tries to break free. Kanki very well understands that he is overwhelmed and will not try to pull something crazy.

This arc might also end up with Kanki dying, which is the worst possible outcome in this situation. Even though Naki and Kanki’s clan are there to back up Kanki, they still might not be enough to hold off Riboku.

Kingdom Chapter 751 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 751 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 751 releases on 17th March. We can expect early translations for this chapter, just like always which arrive days before the official chapter release.

The raw scans for the chapter should also release in a few days. We will be updating the same in this article, once the raw scans are released.

With this, we will conclude our article on Kingdom Chapter 751 Predictions & Release date. We will come back with interesting and new topics regarding other manga series, so make sure to check them out.

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