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Konohamaru vs Pain: Can Konohamaru in Boruto defeat Pain?

Konohamaru is one of the side characters of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and now Bouro: Naruto The Next Generation. He is currently Boruto’s official jonin teacher and is stronger than he was in Naruto.

Konohamaru once fought against Pain as a genin, and now that he’s a jonin, we wonder who’d win in a Konohamaru vs Pain battle. Can Konohamaru in Boruto defeat Pain? Let’s find out.

How Powerful is Konohamaru in Boruto?

Konohamaru Sarutobi

Like most adult characters in Boruto, Konohamaru Sarutobi was introduced in the original Naruto series. He’s the grandson of the Third Hokage and the nephew of Asuma Sarutobi.

As a child, Konohamaru took a liking to Naruto and began to idolize him. He wanted to be just like Naruto and shared his dream of becoming the Hokage.

After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konohamaru went on to become a Jonin and later the leader of the new Team 7, consisting of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki


  • Being a Jonin and a member of the prestigious Sarutobi Clan, Konohamaru is a fairly powerful shinobi. Since childhood he has been copying Naruto’s signature jutsu, starting with the Sexy Transformation Jutsu, and eventually Shadow Clone Jutsu. He’s also one of the few ninjas who can perform the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Konohamaru learned Rasengan from Naruto. In the beginning he had to use a Shadow Clone to perform Rasengan but eventually he learned to make one without the help of a Shadow Clone.
  • He also possesses three Chakra natures in the canon storyline: Fire, Wind and Yang Release. In Boruto anime, he’s also seen performing Lightning Release.
  • Another thing he has managed to accomplish like Naruto is to insert his Wind Release into his Rasengan, a feat unaccomplished by anyone but Naruto and he.
  • Konohamaru can summon two different kinds of ninja animals. He can summon great toads like Naruto, and also Enra and other ninja monkeys, the common summoning animals of his clan.
  • Aside from ninjutsu, Konohamaru is also proficient in bukijutsu or weaponries. He can handle a variety of weapons and ninja tools.
  • As a Jonin, he’s also good at taijutsu or hand-to-hand combat.

Konohamaru vs. Pain in Boruto

Konohamaru vs Pain in Boruto
Konohamaru vs. Pain

Pain was the leader of Akatsuki, and stole the Tailed Beasts from the jinchuriki to revive the Ten Tails and begin the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Though he operated as the leader, it was later revealed that Pain was actually Nagato Uzuamki who had been controlling the six Pains from behind the shadows.

Pain possessed the strongest doujutsu in the Naruto universe: the Rinnegan. It gave him the ability to manifest six paths or six different bodies that were connected by vision and memory. All Six Paths of Pain had different abilities.

The Animal Path could summon huge mythological animals, the Asura Path could turn its body into a machine and launch ballistic and mechanical weaponries:

The Naraka Path could revive the other Paths, the Human Path could read someone’s mind and rip their soul out of the body, the Preta Path could absorb any ninjutsu, and the most important Deva Path could perform a set of specialized jutsu, including the attracting Universal Pull and the repulsing Almighty Push.

During Pain’s invasion on Konoha where he destroyed the whole village, Konohamaru briefly faced off against the Naraka Path. Konohamaru used Rasengan against the Naraka Path which momentarily stopped the Pain.

However, he was back to his full strength before long. But that was when Konohamaru was only a genin. What would happen if there was to be a Konohamaru vs Pain in Boruto where the former is now an adult and a jonin?

1. Based on Strength

Physical strength is the focus of power for neither Konohamaru nor Pain. They both possess enhanced strength, being capable shinobi as they are, but nothing to write home about.

However, if we have to decide, we’ll have to give this point to Pain since there are six of them, and their combined strength will obviously be greater than adult Konohamaru’s.

2. Based on Durability

Konohamaru is not a particularly durable character. He doesn’t belong from the Uzumaki clan who are known for their durability and his experience in battlefields is fairly insignificant, even in Boruto.

The long era of peace after the Fourth Shinobi World War has turned Konohamaru and his fellow ninjas a shadow of the former shinobi.

On the other hand, Pain is extremely durable, having suffered through Naruto’s rampage after he lost himself to Kurama and manifested seven tails.

Not only that, even if Pain is horribly damaged or wounded, the Naraka Path could just revive one of the five other Pains.

The main body of Pain, Nagato, is from the Uzumaki clan and has extraordinary durability. So, this round of Konohamaru vs Pain undoubtedly goes to Pain.

3. Based on Abilities

When it comes to power and abilities, Pain is the clear winner in Konohamaru vs Pain. He possesses the Rinnegan, which not only allows him six separate bodies and a wide range of ninjutsu, but also gives him the ability to manifest and manipulate chakra rods.

The chakra rods are wildly effective in a battle since if pierced with them, it can stop and control the chakra flow of the victim’s body.

If Pain manages to stab Konohamaru with the chakra rods, which will be quite easy for him to do, then Konohamaru will have no choice but to stay immobile.

The Rinnegan also lets Pain absorb all kinds of ninjutsu, so none of Konohamaru’s attacks will work on him. Even his summoning animals will not easily win against the mythological beasts, all with Rinnergan and shared visions, that easily.

Can Konohamaru in Boruto defeat Pain?

Can Konohamaru in Boruto Defeat Pain

As we’ve just now discussed, Konohamaru in Boruto will not be able to defeat Pain. In fact, only the Deva Path is enough to completely destroy Konohamaru.

Pain remains one of the best and strongest villains of Naruto, and it must be remembered that the only way Naruto could get an upper hand against Pain was by succumbing to Kurama and emerging in its seven tails state.

So, it’s pretty easy to deduce that in Konohamaru vs Pain, the Konoha shinobi stands no chance.


There goes our answer for Konohamaru vs Pain, and whether Konohamaru in Boruto can defeat Pain. It comes as no surprise that Pain gets a sound victory in this imaginary battle. Our discussion ends here. Come visit Otakus’ Notes for more content like this.

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