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Don Lorenzo vs. Michael Kaiser: Who Is A Better Player In Blue Lock

Blue Lock manga has been getting even better now with all these new matches and characters. Just at the start of the Neo-Egoist League, we saw another member of New Gen World 11 Player getting introduced, Michael Kaiser.

Soon enough, another member of the New Gen World 11 Players was also announced, Don Lorenzo who is a CB. In the recent match of Ubers vs BM, we saw a glimpse of his abilities.

After he stopped Kaiser’s attack move, there is now a debate about who is the better player. Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser debate has been going in since the last few chapters, and we are here to put an end to that discussion.

Since we do not know Lorenzo’s full abilities, we cannot still say for sure who is the better player. But, based on what we know, we can say that in a duel between Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser, Don Lorenzo might have the upper hand.

We will also be looking at their abilities and strengths in detail, in this article. For an accurate comparison, we will be comparing both of them on a set of parameters to say who is the better player.

Who is Don Lorenzo?

Don Lorenzo is the core defender of Italy Ubers. He has been trained by Snuffy since a child, and we can see some sort of similarities in his plays and how he manages to include Snuffy’s strategies to create a perfect defense.

Who is Don Lorenzo?

He is the Center Back of the team Italy Ubers, and we can see that he led the team to victory on multiple occasions. Training under Snuffy for so many years also improved his intellect and plays to make him one of the best CB in the New Generation players.

On top of managing a perfect defense, Lorenzo also goes on the attack to support his team, and mostly Barou, to add the finishing touch. He easily broke through BM’s defense this way and would have also scored a goal if not for Isagi.


  • Perfect Defense, as he managed to shut Kaiser down in 1v1.
  • High Intellect to read all the plays on the field.
  • A special kind of Zombie Dribbling, which is very unconventional and makes it hard to stop.
  • High Game sense and vision, which was the reason he read Kaiser’s play so easily.
  • Very high team coordination, thanks to Snuffy’s strategies and his efforts.
  • Also known by the nickname Ace Eater, which shows that he has crushed many other Ace players in other teams.
  • Able to pull off high-level plays with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Perfect positioning for defense and also the physical ability to put a stop to most of the attacks.

Who is Michael Kaiser?

Michael Kaiser is supposedly on the level of Sae and is a striker, which means he is more aggressive. Noel Noa, the world’s best striker had also recognized his abilities and his place in BM.

Who is Michael Kaiser?

On top of this, he has a trustworthy player, Alexis Ness to support his attack strategies in each game. This gives more time for Kaiser to shine, and we also saw how Kaiser’s plays are too good.

Isagi also took inspiration from Kaiser, to obtain Meta Vision. Kaiser is also BM’s ace and main striker. This is a given, as he has the tag of the New Gen World 11 Striker. This means that he is considered to be one of the best strikers in the new generation of players.


  • Precise shooting ability and the physique to pull them off.
  • Very High Intellect and game sense, which is due to his innate talent for using Meta Vision.
  • High level of play and technique, which made the world notice his talent.
  • Ability to score goals and make plays from any position effortlessly, which gave him the Archetype Clinical Finisher.
  • His off-the-ball movements are also so precise, and this is the reason for most of his breathtaking plays.
  • He also has the fastest kick speed in the world, which even beat Noa’s speed.
  • Kaiser Impact is his signature move, with which he shoots the ball very fast with almost 100% accuracy.
  • The speed of the ball is very high, and the ball won’t be visible moving from his feet into the goal.

Don Lorenzo vs. Michael Kaiser: Who is Stronger?

Now that we looked at both of these characters’ abilities and skills. Now comes the question of who is a better player in Blue Lock Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser.

This comparison is also a fated battle since it looks like both of them know each other before this match. And also, the fact that they play almost opposite positions, which makes them arch-enemies.

Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser: Who is Stronger?
Don Lorenzo vs. Michael Kaiser

Strictly considering a 1v1 situation, it might be Don Lorenzo who might end up as the superior player. But, this all might change since we do not know much about Don Lorenzo.

Lorenzo had proved his capabilities, when he stopped Kaiser’s brilliant attack move effortlessly. Lorenzo also continuously marked Kaiser, so that he can do nothing and give Ubers a fighting chance.

1) Based on Dribbling Skills:

This might be a win for Don Lorenzo, due to his unconventional dribbling skills. He easily broke through BM’s defense with this, as everyone was left spellbound by his zombie-like dribbling skills.

Being a striker, Kaiser also has a high level of Dribbling skills. But that won’t be much of a problem when compared to Lorenzo. Even after witnessing it once, it still might be very hard to stop Lorenzo’s dribbling, which gives him an upper hand.

2) Based on Speed and Agility:

This might be a win for Kaiser, given how he has the fastest kick in the world. Even leaving this aside, because he is a striker, he always needs to be quick and agile on his feet.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is pretty fast and is also very agile, given his physique. But he falls short of Kaiser, who had been recognized as one of the World’s Best Strikers, due to these aspects.

3) Based on Reflexes:

This again will end up being a win for Kaiser, due to his Meta Vision. His Meta Vision, allows him to take all the information on the field at once so that he can move reflexively.

Lorenzo also has great reflexes, but this is quickly overshadowed by Kaiser’s Meta Vision and his innate talent. Kaiser is considered a Genius for a reason, and these talents are the reason why he is considered to be one of the best.

4) Ability to Win 1v1: 

This might be a win for Lorenzo because he had been training for this role for years. He is the core defender in Italy Ubers and is also considered the Ace Eater for a reason.

Kaiser is a great player, but at the start of the match, he was already shut down by Lorenzo. Even after this, he was continuously marked by Lorenzo and couldn’t make any plays. He was completely shut down by Kaiser, till Barou tied the score for Ubers.

5) Based on Team Compatibility:

Lorenzo is a way better team player and has better coordination compared to Kaiser. This is evident in the two strategies Uber deployed in this match which used his abilities fully.

Whereas Kaiser only has good coordination with Ness. He is the trademark of selfish and egoistical strikers, and players like him are the reason why we read Blue Lock.

6) Based on Overall Ability: 

It might be a close call, but based on what we know about Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser’s duel in this match, we can say Don Lorenzo might be a bit better than Kaiser in terms of overall ability.

Even Kaiser had avoided a confrontation with Lorenzo after he got shut off once. The second time Kaiser used Ness to get past Lorenzo’s solid defense.

Based on how this match goes, this comparison could go either way. But as of now, we can say that Don Lorenzo has an upper hand when strictly talking about a 1v1 with Kaiser.

With this verdict, we can end our article on who is the superior player between Don Lorenzo vs Michael Kaiser. For more interesting content like these, make sure to check our posts here.

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