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Truth of Florian Triangle in One Piece

One of the greatest mysteries in the One Piece series is the Florian Triangle. No one knows the truth behind this. The series has also not adequately described the truth behind the Florian Triangle. The Florian Triangle is a Zone of Demonic Triangle covered in fog from Water 7 to Fishman island. The series showed that more than 100 ships and their crew got killed every year. Only 1% of the Pirates can pass through the Florian Triangle. So, the question arises how Luffy and others passed through it? How Thriller Bark and Brook’s ship survived in this area for more than 10 years? And what are those gigantic figures in the Florian Triangle that we had witnessed in the end? Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the answer to all these questions.

Truth Behind Disappearing-

Florian Triangle
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In the Thriller Bark arc, we witnessed that the truth behind ships’ disappearing and their crewmates were the Thriller Bark. Gecko Moria was the one who kidnapped the ship, including the team, and stole their shadows. Without their shadows, those pirates become like a zombie and will die whenever they contact sunlight. Therefore, they decided to settle in the Thriller Bark. This is the truth behind the disappearing of the ships and pirates. But what about the death of the pirates. People have confirmed that the Florian Triangle has killed hundreds of crews.

We know Gecko Moria took the shadows, but he never killed anyone. Therefore, there is something in the region which have killed thousands of people. The series has shown the three most prominent mysterious figures with the red glowing eyes in the middle of the Florian Triangle.

Mysterious Figures in the Florian Triangle-

Thriller Bark
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When Luffy and others escaped from the Thriller Bark, the series showed the three prominent mysterious figures in the fog. Those figures were immense than the shadows of Skypieans. Fans have made many theories. Even Oda sensei has not confirmed about these mysterious figures. A prediction has been posted on the Reddit that these are the Poltergeist. Remember, we have witnessed the spirit of Going Merry in the Skypiea and Enies Lobby arc. Franky told Usopp that they appeared when the ships were well-loved by the crew. But what if the opposite is also true?

Going Merry has a Klabautermann. But if the ship is left uncared and not loved by its crewmates, a poltergeist may appear. So, in our opinion, those figures behind the dark mist are none other than the Poltergeists. That is why many crews were killed; whosoever not took care of their ships. This could become the connection because the series displayed about spirits just before the Thriller Bark arc.

How Thriller Bark and Brook survived in the Florian Triangle-

If we take the Thriller Bark, then it was theoretically not a ship. It was basically an island that was modified into a ship. So, in the eyes of the poltergeist, it was just a moving island. On the other hand, for Brook, those beings probably assumed that he was already dead. Therefore, they ignored him and his ship.

The Thriller Bark took captive of Luffy and his crew along with Thousand Sunny. During the whole journey of the Florian Triangle, the crewmates and the ship were inside the Thriller Bark. That is why the Poltergeist did not show themselves. But in the end, they appeared because Lola and others set a ship to sail on. Hence, this is our prediction on the Florian Triangle. Hope you have enjoyed it.