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Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)

Berserk, a renowned manga that explores themes related to extreme dark fantasy, is written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. As the narrative of Berserk advances, it takes a sharp turn into the surveillance of frightening, blood-thirsty creatures.

The plot of this manga revolves around the adventures and struggles of the main protagonist, “Guts,” as he seeks revenge on the prominent antagonist. The setting of this manga resembles medieval Europe, where a petrifying species of human-flesh-eating monsters appears.

The world development of this manga is exceptional and noteworthy; additionally, it has gained profound popularity worldwide. Despite its fame, the manga follows an intricate storyline that signifies its dark themes.

The people that reside in this fictional world turn themselves into demonic beings called. “Apostles” in order to gain immense powers, which come in exchange for the lives of their loved ones. The article will address a few characters from this acclaimed manga series, Berserk. These significant characters have a unique and interesting backstory, which we will unveil in this article.

Top 15 Main Characters in Berserk

01) Guts

Guts from berserk

The whole narrative of the story revolves around this character, “Guts.” Guts, the main character, serves his role perfectly, and his traumatic life develops a feeling of sympathy in the readers’ hearts.

Guts adorns a lone-warrior demeanor, often witnessed as a ruthless and relentless mercenary. Although Guts easily is a compelling character in the series, he suffers from vulnerability and introspection, the traumas of his childhood. As the story evolves, Guts finds his motivation and revenge against Griffith, the primary antagonist.

02) Casca


Casca is one of the significant characters from the series; she was initially a young, callow peasant kid from a remote mountain village. She becomes a great warrior after joining the Band of the Falcon, the only known female member of the original Band of the Falcon.

Additionally, she aids her group in various battles. Casca’s appearance, as well as her behavior, are beyond the stereotypical representation, often referred to as unfeminine. This approach to her character design sets her apart from the other female characters, making her a fan favorite.

03) Griffith


Griffith is easily one of the most powerful beings in the Berserk series. He is displayed as the prominent antagonist of the series, on whom Guts seeks revenge. A

s it approaches, the narrative unveils Griffith’s devilish intentions, followed by his betrayal of Guts and his team in the greed of acquiring immense power.

This betrayal develops into the primary and central theme of the series. The Eclipse, an essential event of the manga, alters Griffith into a total evil, becoming an exceptional and powerful individual as he makes a sacrifice pact.

04) Puck


Puck is the first person Guts made friends with during his days as the Black Swordsman. Puck is described as an elf belonging to the Pisky race, the descendants of the old spirits of the wind.

Puck is the writer’s creation, often regarded as an element of lightning situations or, in essence, a comic relief. Puck develops an aura, unlike Guts’s, through his humorous interactions. Puck apparently can heal others with his supernatural abilities; this favors Guts proficiently in his journey.

05) Judeau


Judeau is mainly known for the admiration and loyalty he has for Griffith. Judeau is a skilled warrior and a Band of the Hawk member, often seen serving as a scout or planner.

In addition, his character drastically changes after the tragic event of Eclipse, adding a new perspective to his character. Judeau is also seen developing feelings for one of the members of his group, Casca. Despite knowing that she is more determined and dedicated to serving Griffith, his love and care for her do not fade.

06) Rickert


Rickert is another prominent member of the “Band of the Hawk.” He is introduced as the youngest member of this band. Unlike the other group members, Rickert is often portrayed as a supportive character, serving as a blacksmith.

Although he is a minor character in the series, one must acknowledge his contribution and support to his band for the greater good. Rickert is also among the few individuals who have survived the traumatic events of the Eclipse.

07) Serpico


Serpico was initially introduced as a young, skilled swordsman, serving a lady named Farnese. He is mainly known for his combat skills and the strategies he prepares in order to deceive his opponents.

Serpico’s personality is noteworthy; generally, he stays calm and composed, contrasting various characters from the Berserk series who can be considered emotionally driven or think less before making a move. The readers praise his character’s quality, which makes him a prominent figure in the story.

08) Farnese


Farnese was initially introduced as a noblewoman related to one of the most influential and wealthy households, the Vandimion family. She was initially a member, but instead, she was the leader of a group called the Holy Iron Chain Knights, whose sole purpose was to hunt down heretics and supernatural entities.

In addition to her character’s depth, it has been disclosed as the narrative approaches that she is not only a mistress to Serpico but also that he is her half-adopted brother. This element of her relationship with Serpico creates an intricate subplot.

09) Schierke


Schierke is a crucial character, depicted as a witch who performs rituals and magic in the series and is a resident of the magical world known as the Astral World. Her character grasps heights, and she becomes a notable character when she crosses paths with Guts during his journey.

Schierke provides Guts and his band with her magical abilities, including manipulating elements, summoning spirits, and casting spells. With her keen understanding and grasp of her magical abilities, she instantly becomes one of the key characters.

10) Zodd


Zodd’s overwhelming presence inspires both terror and awe. As an apostle, he is unwavering and immortal, endowed with remarkable strength and regenerative powers. Zodd’s fighting prowess, enhanced by his enormous apostle shape, is unmatched by most opponents.

He is also capable of regenerating from catastrophic wounds. Thanks to centuries of conflict, he is an experienced fighter with a cold-blooded, vicious combat technique. Often referred to as “Nosferatu Zodd,” his relentless antics evoke fear.

11) Skull Knight

Skull Knight

The one who named Guts as Struggler, the previous owner of the Berserker suit. He self-proclaimed himself as “foe of the Inhumans.” He is an immortal being who helped Guts in various events and guided him towards the right path.

But as mentioned by him, Guts has to sacrifice everything and he is a struggler. He is a very prominent character but not powerful enough to oppose all apostles alone.

12) Void


Void is the leader and a prominent member of God Hand, a group of five members. The Void is often presented as a faceless, metaphysical, and mystic entity. In essence, he can be described as the epitome of the dark nature of the Godhand entities.

As the story of the series advances, it becomes more apparent that the Void and the God Hand are both responsible for manipulating the fate of individuals. This results in a traumatic outcome for the characters in the series; the Eclipse is self-evident.

13) Slan


Slan is among the five mystic beings and a member of God’s Hand, a group of five potent demonic entities. She is also the only female member of this group. In addition to her character, Slan harbors a deep feeling of lust for Guts, contradicting Femto’s assertion and supporting the fact that she is the apostle of lust.

As an apostle of lust, she possesses the ability to manifest various tempting and heavenly forms.

14) Grunbeld


Grunbeld is depicted as an apostle, a demonic creature created through sacrificial pacts. Before transforming into an apostle and serving under God’s Hand, Grunbeld was an exceptional warrior with awe-inspiring combat skills.

Grunbeld was known as a reputed warrior before becoming an apostle. He is also called the “Hawk of Darkness,” a title related to his role as an apostle serving God’s Hand.

15) Irvine


Irvine is an apostle working for God’s Hand and is portrayed as a centaur-like creature. He is an exceptional archer with deadly accuracy known for wielding a large bow. He was a prior member of the Band of the Hawk and later became an apostle.

Through his character, writer Kentaro Miura teases a glimpse by diving into the darker aspects of the series. Irvine’s role as an Archer Apostle develops new challenges for the protagonists.


To summarize, it is safe to assume these are some of the Berserk manga series’ most prominent and frequent characters. The list also provides a sneak peek into the characters’ motives and prowess.

These renowned characters have not only created a wide range of popularity through their immense and peculiar strength, but each of these characters’ narratives plays a pivotal role.

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