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Top 10 Most Beautiful Bungo Stray Dogs Female Characters Ranked

Last updated on March 2nd, 2022 at 10:01 pm

Kafka Asagiri’s Bungo Stray Dogs has always had some very interesting and unique action and supernatural fiction to offer. To add a bonus to it, Sango Harukawa’s illustrations and its anime touch-ups take the characters to another level.

Bungo Stray Dogs’ plot revolves around a world where a rarity population is born with ‘gifts.‘ These gifts refer to the blessing of superpowers. The story captures the survival struggle of such people among ordinary citizens. It features the mafias, government agencies, criminal organizations, and detectives.

Male or female- the series keeps a splendid lineup of characters. Each has been sprinkled with distinctive artistic fashion. But if we go on to look at its female characters collectively, the fandom cannot avoid admiring and adoring them.

Taking up from the anime, here in this article, we will have you go through the rankings of the Top 10 Beautiful Female Characters in Bungo Stray Dogs one by one. So keep scrolling and enjoy. 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bungo Stray Dogs Female Characters-

  • 10) Louisa May Alcott-

bungo stray dogs female characters - Louisa A.
Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

Louisa May Alcott works as Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s strategist for the Guild (now the Renewed Guild). Louisa’s look is one that can be called nerdy, and she dresses up modestly and wears round-framed glasses.

She is ranked in tenth place because her visual presence in the show may not be a big one. But despite this, what radiates her unconfident and timid personality, is her charm of intellectual quality.

She is loyal to her principles and strong to predict the movements of the enemies. We can expect a lot more from her role in the upcoming season.

  • 9) Tsujimura Mizuki-

Mizuki Tsujimura
Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

On the ninth rank, Tsujimura Mizuki is an officer of the Special Division for Unusual Powers. She makes her first appearance in the Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple movie.

Her character look can be defined as a modern and classy working woman. She has light green hair neatly tied but into a messy bun. With the Special Division for Unusual Powers getting more and more involved in the cases, we may soon be able to get to see her again.

  • 8) Tanizaki Naomi-

Naomi Tanizaki
Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

Tanizaki Naomi is the younger sister of Tanizaki Jun’ichirō and a member of the Armed Detective Agency. She is a teenager who sports the high-school girl look.

Naomi may appear as a person who is only obsessed with her brother. But that aside, she is also a formidable staff of the Detective Agency. Naomi has attractive long black hair falling down to her waist and pretty grey-blue eyes. And emphasizing her features, a beauty-dot rests under her left eye.

  • 7) Higuchi Ichiyo-

    Higuchi Ichiyo
    Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

Higuchi Ichiyo works for the Port Mafia. Her first entry into the anime was pretty antagonistic. Ichiyo’s fashions herself in not a loud feminine manner. She is a woman who shoots her enemies and fights them wearing a black suit. And she ties her short blond hair into a bun.

She is fierce and straightforward in her actions. What only can drag down her individuality is that her activities primarily revolve around her admiration for Akutagawa Ryunosuke.

  • 6) Izumi Kyōka-

    Image Source: bsdmayoi.fandom

In the sixth place, we have Izumi Kyōka. A cuteness we could have been deprived of if Kyōka was never featured in Bungo Stray Dogs! She is a short teenager with red kimono. With a pair of white flower hair-ties, she ties her long hair into two ponytails and puts on a white headband.

Given Kyōka’s past, the girl grew up alone and had to unwillingly work as an assassin. So she has a sort of innocence but also survival instincts.

  • 5) Margaret Mitchell-

    bungo stray dogs female characters Margaret Mitchell
    Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

A member of the Guild, Margaret Mitchell, had first appeared as one of the antagonists. Like other Asian characters who dress up traditionally in the series, Margaret reminds you of the fashion of the eighteen-century American aristocracy.

She looks like a petite noblewoman, dressed up customary to the ‘Southern Belle’ concept. She uses a white hat laced with a blue ribbon and a white flower with a mint green dress.

She seems a plenty fun character. Although she dresses like a belle, she doesn’t act amiably but is pretty conceited. She doesn’t like to be commanded by her comrades and keeps her head high. However, she is also secretly caring. Margaret is currently bed-ridden due to the injury she had received from Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s Roshomon.

  • 4) Lucy Maud Montgomery-

    female characters in bungo stray dogs- Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Image Source: myanimelist.net

Lucy Maud Montgomery is a former member of the Guild. Her red hair makes her stand out among all the characters. Her personality is a little twisted, and she shares the same childhood as Nakajima Atsushi did as an orphan. Only later, after fighting him, she starts to warm up towards society.

She usually wore a slightly gothic, black, and yellow Lolita fashion dress above a white collared shirt. And just like her colors, Anne’s room is also themed in shades of red with a black and white chessboard floor. Lucy’s character is quite a tsundere. Her characters have had the most character developments.

  • 3) Akutagawa Gin-

    bungo stray dogs female characters - Gin Akutagawa
    Image Source: bungostraydogs.fandom

When learning about Gin Akutagawa’s gender, if you had the same reaction as Ichiyo, don’t worry. You were not alone. Gin is Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s younger sister. Due to her boyish look and mask, she had been misunderstood to be a guy.

She has great reflexes and is strong. Gin has really proved that nothing can be judged by the cover alone. Because of her dressing fashion, one can assume that she is arrogant and aggressive.

But in fact, she is just your ordinary teenage girl and has a high-pitched voice. And indeed, outside work, she dresses up in a feminine manner. This mix of style and personality appeal to her uniqueness.

  • 2) Yosano Akiko-

    bungo stray dogs female characters Yosano
    Image Source: bsdmayoi.fandom

Yosano Akiko is an essential doctor of the Armed Detective Agency. She is a pretty lady in her mid-twenties. She has an enchanting smiling face.

As dignified as she looks, she is much fiercer and tough when fighting. Yosano has the ability to cure any kind of injury or disease, as long as the patient is still breathing. Yosano has violet-pink eyes and chin-length bob-cut hair. She always wears a yellow-black butterfly hairpin on her left.

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  • 1) Ozaki Kouyou-

    bungo stray dogs female characters kouyou
    Image Source: anime-planet

The number one female character who tops our list is Ozaki Kouyou. She ranks on top because of her elegant traditional Japanese beauty look. On Port Mafia’s side, she can be perceived as villainous. But like Kyōka, her gift Golden Demon has some really stunning effects.

She carries herself in a graceful demeanor in a kimono. Her first appearance in the series was surrounded by red petals. In combat, she looks intimidating and exquisite at the same time.

Here we conclude our list and hope your favorite female characters were in the list. The Bungo Stray Dogs anime is currently on a break. The manga is said to return in November, and we all are readily. We will surely get a comeback with lots of action, mystery, and comedy.

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