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Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021 Ranked

Last updated on January 28th, 2022 at 06:40 pm

One Piece had recently conducted an official global popularity poll to celebrate the series reaching its 1000th chapter. Fans from all over the world cast their votes for their favourite character and hope to see them gain a high place in the list. The results of the rankings from 100th place to 20th place was disclosed as we waited for the reveal of the top 20 most popular characters in One Piece.

As stated in our previous One Piece article, we are back covering the list of the characters in One Piece who have gained a massive fanbase over the years. The rankings in this list are done based on the results of the official global popularity poll. Let us see if any of these results can surprise us.

Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021-

  • 20) Donquixote Doflamingo-
Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece
Image Source: sanji g66(Youtube)

Points – 96402

Donquixote has managed to exceed everyone’s expectations and burst into the top 20. Although he has always been a popular character in spite of being a crude villain, his quirky personality has made him stand out among the others. Although as a villain he is far less powerful than Kaidou, in terms of popularity he has left him far behind. It is safe to say that his exploits in the Dressrosa Arc are still fresh in the minds of the fans.

  • 19) Marco-
(Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021 Ranked
Image Source: wallpaperflare

Points – 98431

The blazing hot phoenix takes 19th place on this popularity list. It comes as no surprise seeing him in the top 20 but fans were expecting him to finish even higher. One of the most trusted members of Whitebeard’s crew, Marco has a great fanbase of his own due to his carefree and likeable personality. His mythical logia type devil fruit powers also add up to his overall stance as a popular character. Moreover, after the death of Whitebeard, the way he has allied with the Straw Hat Pirates also gained him quite a lot more votes.

  • 18) Jinbe-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021 Ranked
Image Source: piunikaweb.com

Points – 102354

The Knight of the Sea and the newest addition to Luffy’s crew, Jinbei steals the 18th position in this ranking. The strongest fish-man alive possesses a heart of gold as his ideals match up with his captain. It takes a man of great stature to leave the position of the Seven Warlords and side with the most notorious pirates. In addition to these, he has knocked many bad guys with his impressive fish-man karate.

  • 17) Crocodile-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021 Ranked
Image Source: onepiece.fandom.com

Points – 109,837

When Crocodile was first introduced in the Arabasta Arc he was the most formidable enemy to have appeared until then. He gave Luffy quite a tough time and made life hell for the Straw Hat Pirates. Since then he has come a long way from helping Luffy in Impel Down to fighting on his side in the Summit War of Marineford. His character development has been one to watch as his rise from a villain put him in the good books of the fans. Moreover, the way he kept on running a secret organization below the eyes of the Navy was also quite admirable.

  • 16) Chopper-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: comicbook

Points – 116364

Do we even need to explain why our cute doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates has managed to make it into the Top 20? Tony Tony Chopper has always been adored by the fans due to his sweet personality since his introduction. In addition to having a great voice, he can’t hide his emotions which raises his overall cuteness. The way he had managed to overcome his rough past and save his country with the help of Luffy and his friends, brought tears to the eyes of many fans.

  • 15) Usopp-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: comicbook

Points – 131090

Usopp was widely regarded as the weakest link in Luffy’s crew for a long time. He was someone who always needed saving and was cowardly in his approaches. He was also a liar which landed him in a lot of troubles. However, without weaknesses there is no growth and Usopp has learned to overcome his weak points and become an all-important member of Luffy’s crew. His sentimental and funny nature has always helped him earn more points from the fans than the other characters.

  • 14) Charlotte Katakuri-
Hottest Male One Piece Characters
Image Source: wallpaperaccess

Points – 152070

The third child of the Charlotte family always had a place in the heart of the fans. Although he served as a major antagonist in the Cake Island Arc, his backstory was enough to swerve people to his side. A calm and serious man, Katakuri grew up with the sole objective of protecting his family using his Kenbunshoku Haki. He had a rough childhood due to his eel-like moth which he always keeps covered with a muffler.

  • 13) Donquixote Rosinante(Corazon)-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: practicaltyping

Points – 157167

One Piece has many impressive backstories and Corazon’s was one of them. Working as an undercover agent for the Marines in order to bring down Doflamingo, he had a pretty tough time. He had to withstand Domflamingo’s destructive nature and was also hanged by him when his true identity was revealed. He also helped Law attain his powers by forcing him to eat the Ope Ope no Mi.

One Piece Global Popularity Poll 2021
Image Source: animenewsnetwork

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  • 12) Shanks-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Image Source: WallpaperAccess

Points – 171610

Shanks has always been a father figure to Luffy despite not being his birth father. He has looked after Luffy in his childhood and even sacrificed his arm without a second thought for protecting him. Directly trained under, Shanks is not a powerful character but also a humble man. He doesn’t show off his might unless he needs to and never harms an innocent person. The only member of the Four Emperors to feature in this list further speaks of his likability among the fans.

  • 11) Yamato-
Yamato Devil Fruit One Piece
Image Source: Wiki Fandom / u/chkno @Reddit

Points – 259738

The daughter of Kaidou is very popular among the fans but it is quite surprising that she has left the likes of Chopper and Shanks far behind. Despite being the daughter of the strongest character in One Piece she is nothing like him. She admires Kozuki Oden a lot and tries to live by his ideals. She definitely deserves a lot of praise for going against her father’s wrong path and follows along with her dream of opening the borders of Wano Country. She also had a tough childhood being chained by her own father which led to most of the fans sympathizing with her.

  • 10) Sabo-
Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece
Image Source: inuboy86(pinterest)

Points – 318869

Although, Sabo was introduced quite late in the story he soon became a fan favourite on account of his childhood adventures with Luffy and Ace. He inherited Ace’s will and also acquired his devil fruit powers He vowed to let the legacy of Ace vanish by walking down his path and continuing his impressive works under Monkey.D.Dragon. His exploits have further stabilised his place among the fans as a cheerful fighter who will fight against the Marines and bring down the World Government one day.

  • 9) Portgas.D.Ace-
Top 15 Most Handsome One Piece Characters
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

Points – 355503

As usual Ace makes his way into the top 10 of this list. Ace was considered a potential threat since he was the son of the late Gol.D.Roger and later died while trying to protect his younger brother, Luffy. This selfless act made numerous fans cry and Ace successfully made his way into the hearts of fans. It goes without saying that fans would have liked to see Ace alive throughout the series and continue his journey alongside Luffy. His polite and calm nature has also helped him to earn bonus points from the fans.

  • 8) Carrot-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

Points – 388565

This was definitely one of the big surprises to see Carrot make it into the top 10 of a popularity ranking for the first time. She has climbed quite a few places much to the delight of her fans. Although she doesn’t have insane strength, her charming personality is enough to fall for her. After joining as an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates, her numbers have risen steadily as she kicked her way through the story. She is also very protective of the people she loves and will do anything for them.

  • 7) Boa Hancock-
Top 20 Strongest Characters in Impel Down Arc in One Piece
Image Source: (Ha Tu Hang) pinterest

Points – 392951

The only female Warlord of the Sea, Boa Hancock has captured the hearts of the majority of One Piece fans. Although she appears selfish and spoiled at first, viewers gradually get to know a whole different side of her. After Luffy proved immune to her Devil Fruit powers she fell in love with him and has aided him on multiple occasions. Moreover, her Devil Fruit power is unique and hilarious and suits her overall nature perfectly. 

  • 6) Nico Robin-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: comicbook

Points – 599835

The character with arguably the saddest backstory takes the sixth spot in this popularity poll with a huge lead over the others. Initially, introduced as a villain Robin has since then joined the Straw Hat Pirates and proved to be an important compatriot. Not only does she have excellent fighting skills combined with her strong Devil Fruit Power, but she is also a charming woman with an attractive personality. The way she had to endure a horrific childhood earned her a soft spot among the fans. The iconic scene where she was vulnerable and asked Luffy and her friends to save her for the first time is still fresh in our minds.

  • 5) Law-
Top 10 Strongest D Members in One Piece Ranked
Image Source: One Piece (Pinterest.com)

Points – 646686

Despite being a side character and not involved with the Straw Hat Pirates, Law has maintained his position as a popular character since his introduction. After his home country got wrecked by the Amber Lead disease, Law was lucky enough to escape and arrive at the place of Doflamingo Pirates. Despite having a nightmare of a childhood, he was sent into the right path by Corazon and since then he never had to turn his back on anything. He is an important ally to Luffy and one of the top three fighters of the Worst Generation.

  • 4) Sanji-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Image Source: mobile twitter (Pinterest)

Points – 970286

This result came as quite a surprise since everyone expected Sanji to finish in the top three. He has been an important member of the Straw Hat Pirates since the beginning. His love for the ladies and his strong fighting style instantly made him a popular figure. Despite having no Devil Fruit Power, he did not lack in strength and was loyal and dedicated to his captain. He cared deeply for his crewmates and would lay his life on the line in an instant to save them.

  • 3) Nami-
Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters in 2021
Image Source: comicbook

Points – 1085141

 Nami deserves huge recognition for placing in the top three of this popularity poll. She was also one of the members of the initial days of the Straw Hat Pirates. Previously, she used to commit petty faults and steal money from people in order to save her hometown. After Luffy helps her in her mission, she undergoes a complete transformation and vows to take Luffy to Raftel through the correct route. Moreover, she has a sense of elegance about her and her majestic beauty has no doubt helped to earn a lot of these votes. 

  • 2) Zoro-
One Piece Chapter 997
Image Source: One Piece Fanpage

Points – 1445034

The speculation finally comes to an end with Zoro managing to secure the second spot in this list. He was the best bet to dethrone Luffy as the most popular character of One Piece. Although, he has failed to do that it just goes on to show that he has the capability of challenging the protagonist of this story in terms of popularity. The first member of the Straw Hat Pirates has come a long way from just being a Pirate Hunter. He also displayed his Conqueror Haki in the recent chapters and displayed his hidden potential.

  • 1) Luffy-
Top 20 Strongest Characters in Impel Down Arc in One Piece
Image Source: alpahause.blogspot

Points – 1637921

At last, taking a huge lead over his fellow rival and crewmate, Monkey.D.Luffy takes the number 1 spot and becomes the most popular character in One Piece. Luffy is not just a regular protagonist of a story. He is quite unique in terms of his humorous nature and a thirst to improve himself in terms of power. The way he has managed to improve his Devil Fruit ability is commendable in itself. He also cares for his crewmates more than anything and like an efficient captain will go to any lengths to save them from danger.

Hottest Male Characters One Piece
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Other Rankings-

This brings us to the conclusion of this interesting list. The results of this popularity poll are huge considering the fact that One Piece is soon going to come to its conclusion. While some characters have continued to maintain their place at the top throughout this series others have made a strong breakthrough and rightfully claimed their deserving place. We hope all of us got to see our favourite characters in our desired spots. We will be back with more One Piece articles. Till then read the chapters of this enthralling manga on Mangaplus Shueisha

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