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Top 15 Hottest Male Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

One Piece is a manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It was first published in Weekly Shonen manga on July 22, 1997. Since then, it has gained worldwide popularity over the years. One Piece follows the journey of Luffy as he goes on his adventure to find the treasure “One Piece” and become the Pirate King.

As the series progresses, we get introduced to many new characters. One Piece has a diverse set of characters where each of them is unique in their own way. In this post, we are going to rank the top 15 hottest characters in One Piece. There may be quite a few surprises along the way. Below we have also provide the link to Sexiest One Piece Characters (Female).

Top 15 Sexiest One Piece Characters (Female)
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

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Top 15 Hottest Male Characters in One Piece- 

  • 15) Smoker-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: One Piece Wiki Fandom

Smoker is a marine officer and the commander of the G-5 marine base. He is a muscular guy with white hair. He has clear brown eyes and a distinct trait of smoking two cigars at once. He wears a large white and blue marine jacket. He also wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans, and brown leather boots. He has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye. He also started wearing a pair of sunglasses after the time skip. Smoker has a unique sense of style about him, putting him as number 15 on our list.

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  • 14) Oden-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: monkeyd_rock (Pinterest)

Oden is the son of the former shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki and a member of the Kozuki family in Wano Country. He is a very large and muscular man. He has a towering height of 382 cm. He has long, black hair that is gathered into a large, flat, circular plane at the top. He also has sharp, black eyes with the corners marked by black jags. He is courageous, confident, and self-willed. He thus takes the number 14th spot on our list.

  • 13) Katakuri(with muffler)-
Hottest Male One Piece Characters
Source: wallpaperaccess.com

Katakuri is the second son and third child of the Charlotte Family. He is extremely tall, large, and muscular with spiky crimson hair. He has two scars on both sides of his cheek. He has long legs, and his thighs are equal in length to his lower limbs. His mouth remains mostly covered by his muffler, which adds to his charm. He has sharp, intense, crimson eyes with arched eyebrows and prominent lower eyelashes. He has pink tattoos on his abdomen and wears spiked bracelets on his arm. He is calm, serious, and a very diligent guy. This places Katakuri in the thirteenth position on our list.

  • 12) Enel-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: pinterest.com

Enel was the “God” of Skypiea who was defeated by Monkey. D. Luffy. He is a pale-skinned man with a wiry build. He has a slim, relaxed face and a height of 266 cm. He usually has a calm, confident nature about him. He has blond hair that is set in a large perm, tucked under a close-fitting, white skullcap. He has a slim nose and greyish-blue eyes with prominent bottom lashes. Thus, Enel, with his electrifying personality, secures the twelfth position in this list.

  • 11) Eustass Kid-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: wallpaperaccess.com

Eustass “Captain” Kid is a notorious pirate from South Blue. He is the captain of the Kid Pirates. He is a tall and muscular man. He has light skin and bright red hair resembling flames. He has dark reddish-purple-colored lips and fingernails. He also has orange eyes and no eyebrows. He dresses extravagantly in black and yellow lizard-print pants and red, fringe motorcycle boots. He has gold bangles around both wrists and wears a pair of square-shaped goggles on his forehead. His extravagant sense of style has put him in the eleventh spot in this rankings.

  • 10) Rayleigh-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: Pinterest

Silvers Rayleigh is a mighty and retired pirate who was the first mate of the legendary Roger Pirates. He is an elderly man with a relatively tall height. He has a very strong and defined build. He has round glasses and a beard arranged across his lower jaw. He also has a scar over his right eye. At a young age, his simple yet charming style gets him the number 10th position on this list.

  • 9) Marco (the Pheonix)-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: Zerochan

Marco, the Pheonix, was the first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Based on his looks by Luffy, he is a pineapple, but in reality, he is powerful, delightful, and smarter than many other characters. Also, in Wano Arc, the popularity of Marco has risen exponentially. Also, in Pheonix’s form, he looks so captivating, and his blue flames add charm to his beauty. No wonder that he gained 9th position among most handsome characters.

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit One Piece
Source: One Piece Wiki Fandom

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  • 8) Shanks-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: WallpaperAccess

“Red-Haired” Shanks is the chief of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Four Emperors. He is a tall, well-built man. He has a tan complexion, and he is in the prime of his mid-adulthood. He has a triple set of parallel, linear scars that pass vertically, at an angle over his left eye. His left arm is missing, and he has a marked jaw-line. He wears a sweeping long sleeveless black cape with a high collar. He wears pants cut below the knee, collected halfway up the shin. Later he switches to a mildly baggier pair of pants. This puts Shanks in number 8 in this rankings. It is also complicated to compare Shanks and Marco because they both are equally handsome.

  • 7) Rob Lucci-
Hottest Male Characters in One Piece
Source: One Piece Wiki fandom

Rob Lucci is the current member of CP-0 and owner of Cat Cat Zoan Fruit Model: Leopard. He is a tall and muscular man with arched eyebrows and a closed-shaved goatee. Based on appearance, there is no doubt Lucci has attained the seventh position in the hottest characters of the series. Also, after securing a position in the strongest intelligence organization, the series has shown great advancement in his character.

  • 6) Mihawk-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: bryanfavr (DeviantArt)

Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk is a world-famous pirate whole holds the title of “Strongest Swordsman in the World.” He is a tall, lean man with black hair. He has a short beard, mustache, and sideburns. He possessed tempting yellow-colored eyes. He wears black and red clothing with a crucifix pendant, hiding a little dagger. He wears a wide-brimmed black hat with a large plume. He also wears a long open black coat with no shirt underneath. This unique style and attire put Mihawk in sixth place on the list.

  • 5) Ace-
Top 15 Most Handsome One Piece Characters
Source: onepiece.fandom.com

Portgas. D. Ace was the adopted older brother of Luffy and Sabo. Ace is a tall and muscular guy. His tattoos are among his most trademark features. He has a tattoo of the whitebeard symbol on his back. He used to wear an open front shirt, but after receiving whitebeard’s tattoo, he stopped wearing anything on his upper body. He wears black boots and black knee-length shorts. He wears a log pose on his left arm and a bracelet around his wrist. Thus, due to his overall attire, Ace takes the fifth position in this list.

  • 4) Sanji-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: mobile twitter (Pinterest)

Sanji is the cook of Straw Hat Pirates and the Prince of Germa. He is a slim, muscular, long-legged man. He has blonde hair that keeps brushing over on the side of his face. He has distinctive eyebrows that form a spiral at different ends. He has dark black eyes and wears a black, double-breasted suit with golden buttons and a tie. He also wears a long-sleeved button shirt of varying colors. His outfit changes frequently. Sanji has a keen sense of fashion and a great personality. This makes him the fourth handsome character on our list.

  • 3) Trafalgar D. Water Law-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: CBR

Trafalgar D. Water Law is a pirate from the North Blue and the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. He is a slim man of relatively tall height. He has faint shadows under his grey eyes. He wears a northern-style white fur hat which has a spotted pattern. He has short dark hair and a small goatee. He has many tribal-styled tattoos on his arm. He also has a black cross on the back of both his hands. Trafalgar Law, with his strong personality, takes the third spot in the rankings.

  • 2) Cavendish-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: Comic Vine- Gamespot

Cavendish is known as the “Pirate Prince,” as is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates. He is considered very attractive by both men and women. He has bright sky blue eyes, which are one of his most attractive features. He is a lean yet muscular man. He has long flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders. He wears a black cowboy hat with a blue plume. He wears a white v-neck shirt under a coat draped over his shoulders. He also wears dark purpled colored trousers and brown high-heeled boots. Cavendish thus deservedly takes the second position, just missing out on first.

  • 1) Roronoa Zoro-
Hottest Male Characters One Piece
Source: Displate (Pinterest)

Roronoa Zoro is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates and takes the first position in this list. Not only does he have a charming personality, but he also underwent a complete change in appearance in the Wano Arc. He is a muscular man of average height. His body is covered by scars from many battles. He always carries his three swords along with him. During the Wano Arc, he wore a white yukata with a green cloud pattern on its bottom. He wore a dark green jittoku haori with a mon of a black sun over khaki gear. He also styled his hair in the chonmage style giving a unique outlook on himself.

Also, according to the recent popularity poll of One Piece characters, Zoro has secured the first position in many regions. He is the most loved character in the series who has given a tough competition to the protagonist, Luffy.

Honorable Mentions-

Some most lovable characters in the series whose elegance cannot be measured in the rank list. That’s why, we have mentioned their names who are also most popular among the fans. It is near impossible to rank them because they are not only aesthetic but also very bold and seductive. Therefore, here is the list of Honorable Mention of Hottest Male Characters in One Piece.

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Sabo
  • Coby
  • Izo
  • Kikunojo
  • Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Donquixote Rosinante

Thus, here is the complete list of the 15 hottest characters of One Piece. The characters have been ranked on the basis of their attire, charm, and personalities. We will be back with another ranking article. Till then stay tuned with us.

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