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(Updated) One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3: Yamato’s Child Look (Chapter 1053.3)

This post is updated based on new information.

Once again, we are back with the original Japanese version of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale. This week we have characters’ designs and raw storyboards of Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3. In the former Volume, our central focus was on Kaido’s previous look in hybrid form along with Shanks’ side story and Teach’s crew introduction. We witnessed the names and positions of the Ten Titanic Captains behind Blackbeard. 

Another attention-seeking panel was the great news from Reverie. As we all know, the series only gives us a glimpse of all the actions that happen in the outside world. Road to Laugh Tale booklet doesn’t provide new information to the readers, but it reminds us of the most significant plotline that is going on in the original series. 

Besides the Reverie panel, many fans love deep diving into the “Sword Chooses its Wielder” panel. It comprises names of the swords of all influential swordsmen. Below we have mentioned the list for readers along with a brief description as mentioned in Volume 2.

12 Supreme Wazamono Blades:

  • Gol D. Roger: Ace (Roger’s constant companion during his years of adventure. He went on to give its name to his own son.)
  • Edward Newgate: Murakumogiri (This Naginata’s extraordinary durability allowed Whitebeard to channel his full power through it.)
  • Dracule Mihawk: Yoru (Black Blades are the most elite swords in existence. This particular one is renowned as the World’s strongest, it’s capable of dispatching challengers with brutality and finesse.)
  • Unknown: Kitetsu I (Rumors about the cursed Kitetsu series are quite prominent, but its location is unknown).

21 Excellent Wazamono

  • Kozuki Oden: Enna and Ame-No-Habakiri
  • Roronoa Zoro: Enma, Wado Ichimonji (This sword that embodies the oath between Zoro and Kuna. A masterpiece created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a swordsmith of Wano), Shusui
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu: Kitetsu II

50 Fine Wazamono

  • Roronoa Zoro: Yubashiri (An Heirloom of the arms dealer, Ipponmastu. He decided to entrust his treasure to Zoro after their encounter because he had “The Eyes of a true swordsman.”
  • Kitetsu III: A cursed sword that brings misfortune to its wielder. Zoro pitted his luck against the cursed and earned its allegiance.
  • Tashigi: Kashu, Shigure


  • Trafalgar Law: Kikoku (A cursed sword with a distinctively long blade. It’s perfectly suited for Law’s Op-Op Fruit powers.)  
  • Kaido: Hassaikai (An incredibly hard club, able to withstand the awesome might of being coated with Kaido’s conqueror’s Haki.)
  • Kinemon : Sukesan & Kakusan 
  • Kurozumi Kanjuro: Tsuji Shibai
  • Unknown Grade:
  • Shanks: Gryphon
  • Shiki: Oto & Kogarashi
  • Katakuri: Mole
  • Kuro: The Cat Claws
  • Johnny & Yosuke: Matching Nakirito Blades
  • Don Krieg: The Great Battle Spear
  • Arlong: Kirbachi
  • Dorry: The Terry Sword
  • Brogy: The Bruiser Axe
  • Enel: The Nonosama Bo
  • T-Bone: Bamboo
  • Spandam: The Elephant Blade
  • Killer: Punisher
  • Basil Hawkins: Warbide
  • Hannyabal: Bloodsucker
  • Shiryu: Raiu
  • Franky Shogun: Franken
  • Brook: Soul Solid
  • Hody Jones: Kirisame
  •  Cavendish: Durandal
  • Bastille: Shark Cleaver
  • Cracker: Pretzal
  • Amande: Shirauo
  • Linlin (Big Mom): Napoleon
  • Kawamatsu: Sotomuso
  • Gion: Konpira
  • Yamato: Takeru

Also, there are some unnamed swords of great personalities like Rayleigh’s, Vista’s, and Issho’s swords. Enough from Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2. Let’s deep dive into the original scans of the next Volume.

As we discussed above, the previous Volume concentrated on Kaido’s design. Similarly, this time we will witness the previous look of one of the most beautiful characters in the series, Yamato. So, how was it? Is it similar to her father? Let’s discuss.

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One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 (Chapter 1053.3)

Finally, the full booklet of Road to Laugh Tale has released in Shonen Jump Issue 32. So, let’s go through what new panels this volume has comprised.

First father and now daughter. This time Road to Laugh Booklet will arrive with the previous character design of Yamato from childhood to the current look. Her appearance was very pleasant and mind-blowing.

Her infant stage designs were the same as the original look. However, in her adolescent-age designs, she had very large horns and looked exactly like Nami. Also, her current hybrid and complete Zoan form raw designs are similar to what we witnessed in the original manga.

Below, we have attached all panels of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3. It is presently in the original Japanese version.

Apart from Yamato’s sketches, we will also witness the map of Wano Kuni, along with the names of the characters present there. This is the raw map design before the final battle between Samurais and Yonkos.

And in the beginning, the booklet will arrive with the storyboards of Sun God Nika. It will be a combination of all the official panels where Sun God Nika is mentioned. It will be interesting to read how Oda sensei foreshadows Sun God Nika from Skypiea Arc. 

Just after Joyboy’s panel, the booklet releases most exciting thing, i.e., names of “All Devils Hated by Sea.” Below we have inserted the list from Volume 3.

Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 Zoan Devil Fruit

Starting with the Paramecia Devil Fruits. These fruits provide the user with superhuman abilities. The booklet comprises the names of all Paramecia users along with their fruit. It also gives a short description of the Paramecia awakening.

According to it, in the awakening stage, one can use their powers to also affect the surroundings, which greatly broadens the scope of abilities. Example: String-String Fruit and Magnet-Magnet Fruit.

Then, it explains Logia Devil Fruits. Logia fruits are very rare. It grants the “Fluid Bodies” with the properties of naturally occurring phenomena. Anyone who has eaten a Logia fruit can become an element like fire, lightning, ice, etc.

While in this state, they can act independently from the limits of their corporeal bodies. Most physical attacks are ineffective against individuals in this form, meaning one must counter the element’s weakness or Haki coating.

After that, we have Zoan Devil fruits. It allows users to gain the traits of wild creatures. Zoans have the ability to shapeshift into an animal or insect. The transformation can completely convey all the animal’s wild characteristics, or one can choose to enter a form that’s somewhere between man and beast.

These kinds are categorized into three types: Normal Zoan, Ancient Zoan, and Mythical Zoan.

Below we have inserted the source of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 (Chapter 1053.3). Fans can follow the source and can read the full booklet in English translation.

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Presently only these panels of Volume 3 have surfaced. We will be back with another update once we get all pages of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 or Chapter 1053.3. To read Volume 3 in official English translation, fans have to wait 2-3 more days until it gets released.

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