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Updated | (Power Difference) One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Last updated on July 23rd, 2022 at 07:27 pm

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Murata gave us a moon-shattering fight to enjoy with the latest chapter. With the stable release of the past few chapters, we can expect One Punch Man Chapter 168 spoilers to be on their way. But before we go on about spoilers, let’s some up on what the latest chapter showed us.

The chapter begins with Blast creating a massive hyperspace gate beneath all three of them. He does so the very second before Garou and Saitama’s punches clash, saving the Earth from shattering. This means that our prediction came true.

However, the gate cannot handle so much energy despite already being in space, and the destructive shockwave will still shatter the Earth. Therefore, with the help of other heroes of his team (who aren’t fully revealed yet), Blast directs the energy away from Earth.

Following this, we see Garou and Saitama crash on IO, which is one of Jupiter’s moons. Saitama then holds on to Genos’s core in one hand and prepares to fight Garou with the other. This panel manifests the true essence of the One Punch Man.

Garou opens up a hyperspace gate beneath Saitama to catch him off guard, but the man just kicks it away and lands a powerful punch on his face. From here on, Saitama catches every hyperspace gate that Garou uses to sneak on him. Hence, he challenges him to forgo his “little tricks” and fight with his fist.


However, Garou opens up thousands of gates and travels through them like a streak of light. He throws all sorts of moves at him, including the iconic Water Stream Rock Smashing. By the time they catch a breath, all Garou manages to do is tear off Saitama’s clothes to shreds.

Telling off Garou that even he can do all that, Saitama throws a Serious move: Serious Table-Flip, where he flips the entire moon with this palm and shatters it to pieces, creating a similar visual to Garou’s thousands of gates.

What comes after is back-to-back different kinds of punches from Saitama whilst he travels through every debris of the moon like a lightning bolt. Garou loses his sense of direction and is, therefore, trapped inside the shattered moon, receiving Omni-directional punches.

Garou admits that Saitama is “limitlessly” strong, and he will have to just keep copying him until he wins. The chapter ends with both of them throwing punches at each other, leaving us anticipating Garou’s plan. This also makes it extra difficult to wait for One Punch Man Chapter 168 spoilers to give us some hints regarding what’s coming next.

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers

Finally the raw scans of One Punch Man Chapter 168 is out. The next chapter will show an incredible fight between Saitama and Garou. Fans can read the chapter from the attachment below. After that, we have written the power comparison between these two.

The latest chapter just gave us proof that Saitama is limitlessly strong, clearing all our doubts. Man can live in space without any gear or oxygen and can shatter a moon with a mere flick of his palm.

However, we cannot miss out that Saitama is still not fighting at all for his strength. It seems like he is teaching Garou a lesson rather than finishing him off, as he says that he isn’t even excited about the fight. More so because if he wanted to end the fight, he could have, and all it would take is a punch. This also means that Garou is not likely to hit a cruel end.

The chapter also confirms that Saitama was worried about messing up the Earth and, therefore, fought too cautiously on Earth so far.


However, we got to see more of his strength now that the fight is ongoing in space.

Another major hint is that this arc may be ending soon. Murata will probably shift the scale of the manga to multi-verse sooner than we predicted. Because Garou and Saitama’s fight is now about Garou constantly copying him and Saitama using more and more of his strength until Garou surrenders.

It is no surprise that what we’ll really read from now on is how far Garou’s limit exists in his Cosmic form because Saitama is limitlessly strong, so he doesn’t have a limit. Therefore, we have a good number of chapters to enjoy before this fight ends, and the plot shifts to a multi-universal scale, revealing Blast and his familiar-looking teammates.

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Saitama vs Cosmic Garou: Current Fight Explained

We have been enjoying the most epic fight of One Punch Man, so far. Thanks to Murata and ONE‘s artistry, the latest chapter is packed with action and stunningly colored panels. Therefore, let’s analyze Garou and Saitama’s fight so far.

Saitama vs Garou

When Blast encases them into a hyperspace gate, both their energies are too massive to contain. Therefore, he decides to shift them to space while he figures out a way to divert the vector of the energy away from Earth. However, doing so knocks away Garou and Saitama to Jupiter’s moon. The gate creates a space wrap or rather a black void in its entire path till IO, which is the black and star-less void we see in the panel.

The fight then continues on IO where:

  • both of them are immune to lack of oxygen and other adversities of space
  • Saitama can grab/kick the hyperspace gates
  • Saitama can travel just as fast as Garou does through his hyperspace gates, without any portal
  • Saitama shatters the moon with his palm
  • we got a confirmation that there’s no limit to Saitama’s strength
  • Genos still can be revived since Saitama is holding on to his core

Now with these things clear, Garou takes on various punches from Saitama and is still up on his feet. This means that Saitama is adjusting his strength to the amount Garou can bear, or at least just enough to not completely annihilate him.

However, Garou at least has gotten him to take this fight seriously, which is why Saitama keeps challenging him to fight with everything he got.

Nevertheless, despite knowing the outcome, this is one of the most epic and stunningly action-packed fights. We are seeing Saitama in his true essence as the “One Punch Man,” more so since he’s fighting with just one hand.

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One Punch Man Chapter 168 Release Date

As per the fans, Chapter 168 will be out on July 21st, 2022. This means that the manga is on hiatus next week. But, since the manga doesn’t follow a particular schedule, some chapters are out before the predicted date as well. So it’s better to watch out regularly for new releases on official sites and other social platforms.

Where to read One Punch Man Chapter 168

One Punch Man is officially available to read on Viz Media and ONE’s official site. However, it is not available on Mangaplus Shueisha. Luckily, Viz allows access to the latest chapters of some manga without a subscription, and One Punch Man is one of them. Therefore, you can rush to the site and enjoy the manga.

Now that we have covered everything, we shall conclude our article here. We will be back with more spoilers and the latest information regarding several other manga and anime. Meanwhile, browse and read some more interesting articles below.

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