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Tatsumaki vs Boros: Who would win in One Punch Man

Last updated on January 30th, 2022 at 09:32 pm

One Punch Man has been one of the most intriguing anime series so far, with some powerful superheroes and some equally exciting villains.

The series has been acquiring exponential popularity since the beginning of the Monster Association Arc.

Tatsumaki, the second strongest Hero after Blast, unveiled her true power during the clash with Pskyos+Orochi fusion. 

In contrast, Boros, the strongest alien in the universe, engaged and offered a good fight to Saitama. 

So, what would happen if these two were made to fight each other. Who would be the victor?

Boros, in base form, would find difficulty in defeating Tatsumaki because of her incredible telekinetic powers.

But in his meteoric burst form, he would easily overpower her. 

Let’s discuss more on Tatsumaki & Boros, compare their peak abilities based on manga, and find the reason why Boros would win without any trouble.

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1) Tatsumaki: The Tornado of Terror-Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is considered to be the second most powerful hero in the Hero Association, just under Blast.

She is an S-class ranked hero and an esper. She is hot-headed, arrogant, and has a rude personality which was noticeable by her behavior to Genos and Saitama.

I. Power & Abilities-

As one of the most powerful espers, Tatsumaki has a variety of psychic powers, which are explained as follows:

  • 1) Psychokinesis –

The extent of her psychokinetic abilities can be noted from the fact that her powers surpass even Geryuganshoop.

She was easily able to send the demon-level hundred-eyed octopus flying.

In her battle against Psykos and Ororchi, she easily distorted Z-City in the process of destroying the monster.

  • 2) Flight – 

Along with using her telekinetic powers on the villains, she can also use them on herself to levitate off the ground and use the control to fly at a swift pace.

  • 3) Psychic Barriers –

How cool would it be to actually create barriers with Psychic abilities? Well, Tatsumaki can do that.

She was able to create a barrier so great that its size enveloped large parts of Z-City, as well as being able to invert and add another layer to the barrier in order to trap any target within it. So there is actually no escaping her barrier.

  • 4) Telepathy –

This one’s used more in the form of the communicative device with her sister, who is also an esper, through which she can communicate over extensive distances without much difficulty.

II. Weakness –

While Tatsumaki is an extremely powerful esper in her own right, she is not without her fair share of problems and weaknesses.

Her arrogance makes it extremely difficult for her to work as part of a team which is really a flaw in her ability to cooperate.

Her defense weakens with an increase in her offensive outlet. It has also been noted that if her brain receives damage, her powers are weakened considerably.

If she continues to use her powers in that state, she further stands to lose control of her powers and harm her allies.

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2) Boros: The Strongest Alien-

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Boros was one of the most powerful characters in the universe of One Punch Man, and for a good reason.

He was also the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and is responsible for the destruction of A-city.

Being the strongest alien, Boros was in a self-imposed existential crisis where he hops from planet to planet in search of the perfect fight.

He was the primary antagonist in the Aliens Conqueror Arc and can ever be considered as the top 3 most powerful beings in the One Punch Man universe, even above God and Sage Centipede.

I. Power & Abilities- 

Being one of the most powerful creatures and a dragon level threat means Boros has some impressive moves of his own which are discussed below:

  • 1) Superstrength, superspeed, and durability –

Gifted with superstrength since his birth, Boros was only second to Saitama in terms of raw strength.

He was extremely fast and had excellent reflexes, which augment his battle prowess.

He was able to take Saitama’s normal punch even though his powers were locked in armor, which meant that despite his emancipated condition, he has extremely strong.

  • 2) Regeneration – 

Like the rest of Boro’s species, he had an extremely fast rate of regeneration. He was able to regrow his arms moments within being stuck by Saitama’s consecutive normal punches.

He claimed to have surpassed the entirety of his rage in regenerative abilities and only lost to Saitama since he had used up all of his energy in his previous regeneration.

  • 3) Energy projection and body armor –

Boros had the ability to project energy which he combined with his physical attacks to combat opponents.

He was born in a suit of armor that kept his powers in check, and it was only in the battle against Saitmama that his powers were released.

He was a highly experienced combatant, and attacks like Meteor Burst and Collapsing Star Roaring Canon can really defeat most opponents if only the opponent was not Saitama.

II. Weakness –

The use of armor to contain his power proves that Boros never learned to control his powers fully, which is also demonstrated by how soon he ran out of steam after unleashing his full potential.

The immense power that Boros boasted comes back to bite him since he was unable to sustain that form for long, putting his own life at risk.

Tatsumaki vs Boros: Who would win?

Despite all of Boros’ shortcomings and lack of Stamina, Boros would still win against Tatsumski since she is nowhere near Saitama’s power level. 

Although a powerful esper in her own right, Boros’ attacks would completely annihilate Tatsumaki.

 Also, she cannot use her special attacks against Boros since he has the powers of regeneration.

She also cannot injure Borors to the extent that he would be unable to regenerate.

But in Boros’ Meteor Burst state, Tatsumaki can barely hold her ground against him.Therefore, Boros would win the fight.

Here, we conclude our comparison on Tatsumaki vs Boros. We hope you like it. You can watch the One Punch Man animated series officially on Netflix and Hulu. And the One Punch man manga is available on Viz. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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