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(Time Travel) One Punch Man Chapter 169 Spoilers & Release Date (Chapter 168 Full Explanation)

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 07:09 pm

We got an epic and long plot twist, thanks to the manga’s latest chapter. And now that the latest chapter is out, we can expect One Punch Man Chapter 169 spoilers to circulate. We now have proof that Saitama will remain true to his concept of being the One Punch Man, no matter what. Let’s sum up the chapter and see how.

Picking up from the previous chapter’s cliffhanger, Garou struggles to keep up with Saitama. With each punch, Saitama’s powers grow stronger. Therefore, as Garou keeps copying him, he begins to fall behind even more. As a result, the power gap between them just keeps getting wider.

Ultimately, Garou reaches his limit and cannot match Saitama. The chapter also confirms that there’s no longer any being alive to compare Saitama’s strength. This means that Garou is now nowhere near Saitama’s strength.

Amidst their fight, Saitama suddenly lets out a Serious Sneeze. This ends up blowing up IO and exposing Jupiter’s core. Garou expresses his shock at just how powerful Saitama is and finally surrenders to his power. Therefore, as soon as he happens to locate the sun, he punches Saitama in the opposite direction and teleports near earth.

However, right when he cheers up for his victory, Saitama is already behind him with his iconic “ok” face complimenting his sneaky move. He then explains how he managed to catch up to him so fast. Turns out, the sudden flash of light made him fart that he has been holding in. And this helped him gain enough momentum to catch up. One Fart Man, eh? Murata and ONE are pretty crafty.

Following this, Saitama punches Garou in the face as they fall on earth like a meteorite. They end up at the same place they started the fight.

Garou finally surrenders and asks Saitama to finish him off for good. However, Saitama mentions that he isn’t cut out for this “hero stuff,” and he has also promised Tareo to stop him (Garou) without annihilating him.

Garou then sees lifeless Tareo lying around due to his radiation. This immediately brings him back to his senses. He tries running to him as he also realizes he was indeed manipulated by God. He then decides to teach Saitama his ultimate “fist” so that he can set things right.


However, as he teaches him the move, God suddenly decides to take his powers back, but Saitama learns the move just in time. As he masters it, he begins traveling back in time to the point where Garou is announcing himself as absolute evil to the heroes and people.

So now, future Saitama comes in like a flash of lightning and punches Garou knocking the God powers out of him. Therefore, Garou is now defeated with not just one but zero punches since it’s the future Saitama that punched him.

The present Saitama and the future Saitama fuse like magnets while he’s still holding onto Genos’s core. However, Saitama doesn’t remember anything that happened beyond this point in time. That is why he is shocked to see Genos’s core in his hand while Genos headbutts him with tears of joy.

The chapter ends with that final panel without telling us anything more about the knocked-out Garou.

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Explained

As we previously explained, the fight is about when Garou will reach his limit. This was precisely shown in multiple graphs in the panels. So, in this chapter, he did reach his limit and surrendered to Saitama’s limitless powers.

Now, when Saitama sneezed, he blew up IO and almost Jupiter itself. However, due to a lot of displacement caused by Saitama’s constant attacks, Garou ended up locating the sun. He also gave us a small confirmation about his teleportation- as long as the place is in his vision, he can teleport there.


Following that, Garou and Saitama ended up at the same place they were fighting earlier. After this punch, Garou seems to get hold of himself. He realizes how he has failed to become the true evil and protect Tareo. Since Saitama refused to finish him off, there’s no one else powerful enough to go against him. Therefore, he will never fulfill his mission.

So we saw Garou decide to change the “ominous future” by teaching Saitama the move that even he couldn’t master. The concept used here is of Quantum Field Theory, specifically particle and anti-particle during a radioactive decay. In this case, Garou’s cosmic rays. This is also the reason why we see Garou turn to dust right before Saitama begins to travel back in time. This is another proof that Saitama is way stronger than Garou because using this technique finished him (Garou) while Saitama succeeded.

Now, he reaches to the point right before Garou’s radiation spreads. He punches him with the required power, and his cosmic powers begin to escape his body. Thanks to all the fighting in space, Saitama knew exactly how much strength to use so that he doesn’t end up annihilating Garou.

Therefore, the logic still upholds. Saitama is still the One Punch Man since the future Saitama punches him. This time it didn’t even take a punch to defeat Garou; instead, it took zero punches. This showcases Murata and ONE’s genius storytelling and creativity.

Another thing that’s been cleared here is that Reversal of Casualties is impossible. Therefore, IO and Jupiter will remain damaged since Saitama’s punch had an impact there, even after the time travel. This also means that whatever feat we got so far of Saitama and Garou’s powers still counts.

Now, since particle and anti-particle attract each other, the future Saitama ends up fusing with the current Saitama. He is still holding Genos’s core, but he doesn’t remember everything that happened. This also tells us that the original timeline will remain the same.

Therefore, we shall now wait and see if we will get double-core Genos and what’s next for Garou. Or how will Saitama make sense of everything since the events of the timeline are altered? Also, hopefully, One Punch Man Chapter 169 spoilers will give us some early hints.

If the manga ends up taking us to the scene where we saw Garou and Saitama sit down for a talk, it would be simply epic!

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Spoilers

The spoilers of chapter 169 haven’t surfaced yet. However, the fandom is quite active and large, so we shall get them soon enough. Meanwhile, let’s discuss some fans’ theories and future predictions.

With the massive plot twist, Blast and his team seem to be far away from entering the plot. None of us expected a time-travel/reversal. Therefore, this tells us that Murata and ONE are planning to go all out with this concept.


This event also explains why Blast won’t remember Saitama if they cross paths again. On the other hand, Saitama won’t remember fighting in space with Garou or his confrontation. It is pretty tragic to think that he won’t remember he came across someone who could at least keep up with the amount of power he was using to fight or whatever little liberty he got to use more of his power during a fight.

Since Garou is defeated before his radiation affected earth, Tareo is saved, and so is everyone on earth. This means Garou indeed set the things right, after all. Also, our predictions came true that Garou won’t hit a tragic end.

Now that this arc is almost over, we will see its aftermath and what’s next for Garou and the earth itself. With Blast again written out of the plot, we will perhaps get some new elements added to the plot to build up to it.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release Date

As per the fans, chapter 169 will be out on August 16th, 2022. This means that the manga will be on hiatus for a few weeks. It is likely since we got a long chapter. However, the manga doesn’t follow a fixed schedule.

Hence, the next chapter may come out sooner or later than expected. Therefore, keep an eye out for the chapter and keep following up on the latest information about it on various other social platforms.

Where to read One Punch Man Chapter 169

One Punch Man is officially available to read on Viz Media but not on Shueisha. Viz allows you to read the latest chapters of the manga free of cost, and you can also keep up with the latest releases. Additionally, the manga is also available officially on ONE‘s site. So you can rush to either of the sites and enjoy the chapter. However, if you cannot access OPM manga on these official sites, you may also check out some private sites that offer the manga.

Now that we have covered everything regarding One Punch Man Chapter 169 spoilers, we shall see you again when we update the spoilers. Meanwhile, check out some more interesting articles from us below.

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