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Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya: Top 5 Strikers of Blue Lock?

Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya, they were some of the best strikers in Blue Lock, as said by Jinpachi Ego after the Second Selection. Eita Otoya was ranked in 4th position, whereas Kenyu Yukimuya was ranked in 5th.

Based on this, we can say that in a duel between them, it might be easy to decide the winner, looking at the positions. But, surprisingly from what we have seen so far, Kenyu Yukimuya might be the stronger of the two.

Then, we can say that both players’ specs and potential were almost the same before the U-20 Japan match. But, what did change after that and how is Yukimuya the better player? Read on about this detailed comparison of Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya to find out.

Who is Eita Otoya in Blue Lock?

Japanese Name乙夜 影汰
Hair ColorWhite with Green Strands
Eye ColorGreen
ArchetypeShadow Striker
PositionRight Wing
TeamFC Barcha


Who is Eita Otoya in Blue Lock?

Eita Otoya was in the top 5 Strikers list after the Second Selection arc ended. He was almost on par with Tabito Karasu, who was in the 3rd position, while Eita Otoya was ranked 4th.

He showed his skills many times, in the third selection arc and the U-20 Japan match too. Otoya almost managed to win against Rin and Shidou’s team, if not for Isagi.

It need not be said that he has some of the best specs out of all players in Blue Lock. This was also one of the reasons, Jinpachi Ego ranked him so high after the Second Selection arc.

Currently, he is playing as a Right Wing for FC Barcha and had a beautiful assist for Bachira’s goal. Yet to show the fruits of his training so far, he didn’t stand out much in the soccer field in the Neo-Egoist league till now.

Eita Otoya’s Skills and Abilities

Eita Otoya's Skills and Abilities

  • He is very speedy and agile, which lives up to his Ninja title.
  • This gives him a huge advantage in 1v1 and stealing the ball from opponents.
  • His speed and agility, let him easily stop Rin Itoshi and also Ryusei Shido’s dribbling.
  • Otoya is known for his stealthy off-the-ball movements.
  • He is so precise with his movements, that lets him position anywhere on the field.
  • With his movements and as a support player, he can easily push for aggressive plays and positions on the field.

Who is Kenyu Yukimuya in Blue Lock?

Japanese Name雪宮 剣優
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorOrange
ArchetypeMobile Striker
PositionLeft Back
TeamBasterd Munchen


Who is Kenyu Yukimuya in Blue Lock?

Kenyu Yukimuya played a left wing in the match against Japan national team, and he was involved in one of the major attack strategies. Ranking 5th after the Second Selection also proves his capabilities as a Striker.

Now, he played as a Left Back for Basterd Munchen, with a decent overall score. Although it looked like he wasn’t improving much after joining Basterd Munchen, he changed all of that with one goal.

One single goal is what it took for the worldwide audience to notice his skills. Although he is fighting with an eye condition Optic Neuropathy, he wishes to become the world’s best striker before he is unable to play soccer.

Kenyu Yukimuya’s Skills and Abilities

Kenyu Yukimuya's Skills and Abilities

  • Yukimuya is regarded as the strongest player, in a 1v1 duel.
  • No matter his opponent, he can easily get past his opponent if it’s only one player.
  • This way, he also got past Rin and Shidou, in their match.
  • His dribbling style, also enhances his skills to beating opponents in 1v1.
  • Yukimuya was also able to tap into the Flow State, during the match against the Japan team.
  • While using this, his movements, and thoughts become even more precise than usual.
  • He is a Mobile Striker, who gains pride in winning his 1v1 duels.

Eita Otoya vs. Kenyu Yukimuya: Who Is a Better Striker?

Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya: Who Is a Better Striker?

If this question was asked before, we would’ve easily gone with Eita Otoya who has the superior rank. But, since the start of the Neo-Egoist League, everything changed.

Now, in a duel between Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya, it should be Yukimuya as the winner. We also know that he is the best player to win his 1v1 duels and a 1v1 with Otoya, will be a match with his strong attributes.

Yukimuya had also scored a magnificent goal, against Manshine City. Upon learning from Chris Prince’s shot, he copied the same shot, albeit with a more oblique rotation than the original.

This showed his talent, for improving on a shot, which was just used minutes ago. It has also been implied multiple times, that no player among Blue Lock can beat Yukimuya in a 1v1.

1) Based on Power

This should be a win for Yukimuya, looking at how he manages to win most of his 1v1 with power and speed. He also has some of the highest stats in Blue Lock to support this.

Eita Otoya had not shown his power stats or abilities, in a match so far. This automatically makes him the weaker player between the two in terms of strength and power.

2) Based on Speed and Agility

This should be a close win for Yukimuya. Yukimuya’s whole playstyle is revolved around his power, speed, and agility. Due to this, he should have some of the highest stats for these skills.

Meanwhile, Otoya is pretty fast and agile using his off-the-ball movements and stealthy steps, but he falls short of Yukimuya who always goes for a confrontation of speed and wins.

3) Based on Reflexes

This should be another win for Yukimuya, based on how he was able to tap into the Flow State earlier. This rapidly increases his reflexes, as he can easily make reflexive plays, judging the state of the field.

Otoya had not yet shown this ability, but he still has some good reflexes. To position himself around opponents so easily, he should have a good amount of reflexes.

4) Ability to win 1v1

This would be an easy win for Yukimuya. Yukimuya even managed to beat Rin and Shido, in a 1v1 situation. Rin later had to utilize Igarashi to stop Yukimuya’s dribbling.

Otoya can also hold up to his 1v1 duels, but most of his plays fail if people notice him. Once he is noticed, he cannot move freely and would be easily shut down, which is what happened in the U-20 Japan match.

5) Based on Team Compatibility

This might be a win for Otoya, seeing how he broke the Japan team’s defensive formation along with him and Tabito Karasu. Even without this, he was able to sync to Bachira’s free dribbling style.

Yukimuya can also be a dependable team player, but his skills and attributes are focused on winning 1v1. Due to this, he has a slight disadvantage when compared to Otoya.

6) Based on Overall Ability

This should be a win for Yukimuya looking at everything so far. Then how was Eita Otoya ranked over Kenyu Yukimuya at the beginning? The answer will probably be that Eita Otoya displayed more of his skills in the Second Selection arc than now.

There can also be the case that both of them have almost equal attributes, and Yukimuya had a bit weaker abilities before. But, this all changed when Yukimuya chose Basterd Munchen.

He was able to play in two of the three games, in which he also had a spectacular goal. Compared to Eita Otoya’s assist, we do not the achievements of the latter in this league.


To close off the debate on Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya, we can say that Kenyu Yukimuya should be the winner. Yukimuya would have always been the winner if we were strictly considering a 1v1.

Eita Otoya is yet to show us his true potential, and his skills. FC Barcha had been on a losing streak, and they need to do something to break it or else they’ll lose miserably.

This marks the end of our debate on Eita Otoya vs Kenyu Yukimuya. You can always count on us for such comparisons, and read more of them over here.

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