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Beast Gohan vs. Jiren: Who Is More Powerful In Dragon Ball?

Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 02:31 pm

Are you also an avid Dragon Ball fan who is always curious to know who is going to win this incredible fight like Beast Gohan vs. MUI Goku, Beast Gohan vs. Ultra Ego Vegeta, or Whis vs. Beerus? Then you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to discuss one of the most anticipated battles, Beast Gohan vs Jiren, which many Dragon Ball fans are curious to know about. We all know how tough Jiren is in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

However, after getting the Beast transformation, Gohan also became one of Jiren’s most worthy opponents. So let’s get straight to this post and find out who is more powerful.

Beast Gohan: Power Level and Abilities

Beast Gohan

Beast Gohan is the latest transformation of the Dragon Ball franchise that Gohan unlocked in the newly released Dragon Ball movie titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This transformation is very similar to Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation, which he unlocked to defeat Cell in Dragon Ball Z.

While attaining Beast form, Gohan got some notable changes that he never had in any of his past transformations, such as red eyes, white spiky hair, and a purple aura.

As the evolved version of Potential Unleashed, Beast Gohan is far more powerful than his previous Potential Unleashed form. Moreover, the Special Beam Cannon is the main move of Beast Gohan that he used to defeat Cell Max.

Jiren: Power Level and Abilities

Jiren Full Power

Till the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime, Jiren is without a doubt considered the strongest character of the series. In a tournament of power, neither Goku’s Master Ultra Instinct nor Golden Frieza has a chance to withstand Jiren’s full power.

On the other hand, Jiren overpowers his universe’s God of destruction, which is a very surprising fact about him. This is because in the entire Dragon Ball universe, only a few mortals are capable of surpassing the level of the God of Destruction, and Jiren is one of them.

When talking about absolute warriors, Jiren has everything, whether it be tremendous speed, a never-ending ki supply, a destructive blast attack, or enormous strength. He also had a wide range of super moves, such as Magnetron, Infinity Rush, Shock Tornado, Mighty Explosive Wave, Burning Strike, and so on.

Beast Gohan vs. Jiren

Beast Gohan vs Jiren
Beast Gohan vs. Jiren

1. Based on Strength

In terms of physical strength, Beast Gohan will surely win the fight against Jiren. You can see how Beast Gohan does not move an inch after getting a direct hit from Cell Max, who is much taller and wider than Gohan.

On the other hand, Jiren was pushed back many times by several warriors who are not as strong as Cell Max, such as Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue. So, Beast Gohan easily won this round of strength.

2. Based on Speed

In the fight against Cell Max, Beast Gohan does not properly show his peak speed. Gohan mostly takes direct hits from Cell Max, so it is not possible to calculate how fast Beast Gohan actually is.

On the other hand, Jiren not only dodges Goku Ultra Instinct’s attack but also succeeds in launching his own. So, Jiren wins this round of Beast Gohan vs Jiren in speed.

3. Based on Reflexes 

Gohan already shows his quick reflexes in numerous fights in the series. After attaining Beast Gohan, his reflexes went to a greater level, quite close to Vegeta Ultra Ego.

So if we compare Jiren’s reflexes at the time of the Tournament of Power, then Beast Gohan surely surpasses him. So this round is won by Beast Gohan.

4. Based on Abilities 

Well, this round is quite close; both Jiren and Gohan have a wide range of abilities, but Gohan won this round as well. But to be honest, Jiren has a greater number of powerful abilities than Gohan. However, this round is not about the quantity; it’s about the quality.

There is no need to possess multiple powerful moves to become when you stronger have one that is far stronger than your opponent’s multiple moves. In a recent movie, Beast Gohan proves it by showing the tremendous power of his Special Beam Cannon.

5. Based on Durability 

This round does not need any discussion, as Beast Gohan is far more durable than Jiren and is the winner of this round. As we all saw in Jiren at the Tournament of Power, several warriors pushed him back plenty of times.

On the other hand, Beast Gohan is unable to move a little bit, even though his opponents is far taller and wider than him, like Cell Max. Moreover, this transformation provides an infinite boost to Gohan’s endurance level and strength.

6. Based on Energy

Even though Beast Gohan defeats Jiren in endurance and strength, energy is the thing that he can’t compete with. You yourself notice what happens to the arena where Goku Master Ultra Instinct and Jiren Super Full Power fought.

Despite the arena being specially created by the Grand Priest for the deadliest battles, it is still broken by them. But what about Earth, where Beast Gohan and Cell Max fought? Only a small portion of the area was destroyed, but it was not broken apart like the Tournament Arena.

Also, Jiren fought a very long fight in comparison to the Beast Gohan fight, which excellently concluded that Jiren is the winner of this round.

Who is Powerful?

Beast Gohan is definitely more powerful than Jiren, as he won 4 rounds, whereas Jiren only won 2 rounds. He possesses incredible endurance, strength, abilities, and reflexes that surpass Jiren’s. However, here we only talk about Jiren’s battle level at the time of the Tournament of Power.

If Jiren ever makes his comeback in the series, then he will definitely surpass all of the Saiyans, whether it be Beast Gohan or Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. But it has yet to happen, so in the current state of the series, Beast Gohan has won this battle against Jiren.


Here, we conclude our article on “Beast Gohan vs Jiren.” We hope you like the post and get to learn in detail about the power levels and abilities of Beast Gohan and Jiren. We will be back soon until then, stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

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