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Ranking of Record of Ragnarok Fights (Based on Fans’ Popularity 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:26 am

Record of Ragnarok is one of the best fighting series of 2022, in which gods fight against humans. Many of you are eager to know about all Record of Ragnarok fights and their results. There are currently eight rounds of the tournament completed, and will show us their deadliest fights against each other.

Each of its rounds is the best in its own right and has gained enormous popularity around the world. In this article, we ranked all the Record of Ragnarok fights according to fans’ popularity in 2022. So let’s explore this fantastic ranking of Record of Ragnarok fights.

8. (Round 8) Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla Fight

Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla
Record of Ragnarok (manga)

Round 8 is about to begin and is the most current Record of Ragnarok fight. In this round, Beelzebub, the God of Flies, is facing off against Nikola Tesla, the Ultimate Scientist of His Time. Nikola is completely prepared to give his all in the fight with his newly created divine armor suit.

On the other hand, Beelzebub is desperate to get revenge on his king, Hades by defeating human representative Nikola. This fight has yet to be explored, which is why it is at the very bottom of this list.

Winner: ??

7. (Round 1) Thor vs. Lü Bu Fight

Thor vs. Lü Bu fight
Cover of volume 1: Thor vs. Lü Bu

Round 1 is the first Record of Ragnarok fight in which both fighters tried their best to win. Despite being a human, Lü Bu not only stands against God but also pushes Thor to his limits. On the other hand, Thor does not hold back and unleashes all of its divine attacks and abilities on Lü Bu.

They were both pleased to have found worthy opponents and thoroughly enjoyed the entire battle. However, Lü Bu is not able to stand long after taking so many direct hits from Thor.

Lü Bu rushed toward Thor to attack after losing his limbs, although knowing he would perish if he did. As a consequence, Thor kills Lü Bu, and this fight is regarded as the deadliest Record of Ragnarok fight.

Winner: Thor

6. (Round 3) Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki Fight

Poseidon vs. Kojiro fight
Cover of volume 3: Poseidon vs. Kojiro

Round 3 is the battle between the fastest God and the fastest human warrior. Poseidon is known as the Tyrant of the Seas due to having complete control over divine water. While being the hardest opponent to deal with, Poseidon can not compete against Kojiro’s supernatural technique.

Kojiro never defeated his opponents on the first try in his entire life. He always challenged them a second time, and then he defeated them. This is why this is considered the most intense Record of Ragnarok fight since he had to win on his first try.

Their entire fight is well-designed and depicts a variety of swordsmanship skills.

Winner: Kojiro Sasaki

5. (Round 5) Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon Fight

Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon fight
Cover of volume 8: Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon

Round 5 is the battle between Shiva, the God of Destruction, and Raidenthe man with the strongest muscles in human history. It is the only fight in the entire series in which neither opponent uses any type of weapon. Their whole combat is entirely based on raw power and fighting skills.

Raiden shows his incredible power by landing lots of powerful attacks on Shiva. On the other hand, Shiva is driven to use his Tandava Karma state and other tremendous divine moves in this fight. Even though Raiden lost this battle, he was able to shatter Shiva’s limbs and cause significant harm to him.

Winner: Shiva

4. (Round 6) Zerofuku/Hajun vs. Buddha Fight

Zerofuku and Hajun vs. Buddha fight
Cover of volume 13: Zerofuku and Hajun vs. Buddha

Round 6 is one of the longest Record of Ragnarok fights in which a God first time fought from the human side. In this fight, Buddha was chosen to fight against Zerofuku, who was fused with the Seven Lucky Gods.

This fight seems to be a roller coaster ride because Buddha comfortably handled Zerofuku in the first half. However, as Hajun absorbed Zerofuku, the fight grew too fierce for Buddha. This fight is incredibly interesting and engaging, and it makes people wonder what will happen next.

Winner: Buddha

3. (Round 7) Hades vs. Qin Shi Huang Fight

Hades vs. Qin Shi Huang fight
Cover of volume 14: Hades vs. Qin Shi Huang

Round 7 is the most heart-warming Record of Ragnarok fight. It is the only battle in which a demon fought on God’s side against humans. This is the bloodiest fight between the King of Hell and the King of the Qin Dynasty.

This battle has several of the fiercest moments and the most lethal combat sequences. Despite being a human, he not only fought him but also defeated him. He set a good example for us by demonstrating how to overcome a tougher opponent through strong willpower.

Winner: Qin Shi Huang

2. (Round 4) Heracles vs. Jack the Ripper Fight

Heracles vs. Jack the Ripper fight
Cover of volume 5: Heracles vs. Jack the Ripper

Round 4 is the most likable and popular record of Ragnarok fight in the entire series. This is a fight between Heracles, the most lovable God, and Jack, the most hated human. No one expected a serial killer to be able to stand up to the God of Fortitude.

However, Jack demonstrates his great tactical abilities and mastery of weapons against Heracles‘ godly strength. This combat is well-executed and meant to be engaging and entertaining. Both warriors are not only physically stronger, but their philosophies are equally potent.

Winner: Jack The Ripper

1. (Round 2) Zeus vs. Adam Fight

Zeus vs. Adam fight
Cover of volume 2: Zeus vs. Adam

Round 2 is the most popular Record of Ragnarok fight and plays a great role in the series’ popularity. This is the battle between Adam, the father of humanity, and Zeus, the Godfather of the cosmos.

Adam fights solely for his offspring (mankind) and has no ill will against God despite being expelled from heaven. On the other hand, Zeus wishes to defeat him in order to demonstrate where humans stand when it comes to the gods.

The brutality and bloodshed of their fight leave us feeling chilled the whole time. It is accurate to state that this is the true battle between the peak of the gods and the peak of humanity.

Winner: Zeus

This ranking of Record of Ragnarok fights is based on their fan popularity in 2022. Some of these fights are merely cruel, while others feature exceptional skills and extraordinary abilities. Regardless of their rating, all of the fights in the series are excellent in their own right and contribute to a fantastic fighting series.

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