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(2021) Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix

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Record of Ragnarok is an action fantasy series that depicts a Ragnarok of Gods versus humans. Thus we bring you an article on the Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix.

Since the plot begins with a visual of the Gods Council that decides the fate of humanity, it is clear that there is diversity in appearances. The series showcases gods across most religions and beliefs and thus places the gods as overpowered antagonists.

Power of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok Explained
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However, when it comes to humans, it showcases famous personalities over the course of history. These personalities, like the gods, are known for their power, intellect, and strength.

And so, without further ado, let’s get into the Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix

Disclaimer: All the power & history of the Gods mentioned here are for entertainment purpose as per the series. It is not meant to hurt anyone’s beliefs.

Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-  

The Record of Ragnarok series releases a chapter every month; thus, the progress of the story is slow. Considering this, we have only met around half of the characters on either side.

From the god’s side, we have only met 7 characters whose powers are revealed through the fights. Out of these 7, we only have proper information on 4 actual gods.

Therefore this article will focus on the 4 gods who have proper exposure, but the rest will be covered as soon as the series allows it. 

Each god mentioned below belongs to the Greek, Nordic, or Hindu Pantheon. All of these are some of the major pantheons that have a large number of followers in real life.

However, since most scholars consider each pantheon to be linked to or derived from another, therefore it is most likely that fans may find an overlap in abilities and powers between gods.

Power of Zeus in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-  

Zeus is a Chairman of the Gods council in Record of Ragnarok. He is also known as the Supreme God in Greek mythology

Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix
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He is known as the godfather of the Cosmos and has a personality best described as eccentric in the series. He takes the form of an old man and possesses abilities that make him the strongest God in the series. 

He mostly relies on hand-to-hand combat and has a huge reserve of strength, endurance, and power.

History of Zeus in Record of Ragnarok-  

Zeus is the son of Kronos, the personification of time.

Since he defeated Kronos in the Titanomachy, theories state that this is why time has a greater effect on him. And therefore, he ages faster than the other gods. 

His fight against Kronos gave him the Fist that Surpassed Time. This move harbors all the respect and resentment Zeus feels towards his father. 

The Fist that Surpassed Time is so powerful that causes time to halt and was the finishing blow dealt with Kronos. Following this, Zeus has crowned the mightiest God as he won the Titanomachy tournament.

And so, as the self-declared ruler of the heavens, he became the Chairman of the God’s Council.

Abilities of Zeus in Record of Ragnarok-  

  • 1. Immortality –

Although this God looks pretty frail, it is only his physical appearance that ages. Otherwise, his body in terms of strength, power, and structure remain the same.

  • 2. Muscle Manipulation –

Zeus has the ability to manipulate his muscle composition and hardness at will. He can compress them to produce his Adamas form. 

He can also harden his skin to such an extent that it acts like armor. Therefore he can prevent damage from direct attacks and also shield against divine weapons.

  • 3. Superior Combat Skills –

Considering his experience from the Titanomachy Tournament, Zeus is especially skilled in combat. He is known as the godfather of the Cosmos and, therefore, naturally has better reflexes, endurance, and power than others. 

He also has refined techniques like Meteor Jab and the Fist that Surpassed Time.

  • 4. Divine blood –

Zeus’ blood contains an immense amount of power and can pass on parts of his power to those worthy of it. His blood is commonly known as Ambrosia. 

This was consumed by Aries, and since he was considered worthy, it allowed him to ascend to godhood.

Power of Shiva in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-  

Shiva is a Hindu deity from India. In the series, he was introduced in Round 5 against Raiden Tameeon. 

Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix
Image Source: @Le_VViathan (Twitter)

He is titled to be the Hindu God of Destruction. In the series, he is depicted with four arms that display spectacular strength and five eyes with only three open when calm. 

From the visual provided, it is easy to guess that he excels in hand-to-hand combat.

History of Shiva in Record of Ragnarok-  

In his youth, Shiva wanted to be the God of Dancing. Due to this, he incorporates some dances in his attack patterns in the form of War Dances

He started as a youth with a brother like Rudra. Rudra joined him at the Peak of Svarga, where they defeated every opponent together. 

However, finally, like the two-faced each other, Shiva won and is now known as the leader of Hindu Gods at Mt Kailash.

Thus as he ascended to godhood, his strength and unreadable attack patterns became popular. This led to him becoming an important figure at the God’s Council.

Abilities of Shiva in Record of Ragnarok-  

  • 1. Appalling Strength –

This ability is especially aided and enhanced greatly by his additional arms. From a young age, Shiva has trained his body to be resilient. 

This was mostly done through his training with Rudra and their fights at the Peak of Svarga. Therefore he has the ability to throw an opponent as heavy as Raiden across the arena.

  • 2. Unique Physical Anatomy –

Shiva has four arms that help him attack and defend himself from multiple angles. His five eyes perceive and observe oncoming attacks on, thus predict the movements of his opponent. 

His sensory perception pushed to the maximum when matched with his quick reflexes, make him sensitive to minute details.

  • 3. Godly Reflexes and Durability –

Even with five eyes to help, Shiva has a body that reacts quick enough to ensure victory. This is especially enhanced when he uses the Hidden treasure of Svarga. 

Furthermore, with his stamina and endurance, he can deliver fatal blows to his opponent’s even in drawn-out battles.

  • 4. Use of War Dances –

Considering he wanted to be the God of Dancing, he has multiple dances- 5 of which are used in the series. The main feature of these dances is that they greatly enhance his endurance, speed, power, and reflexes. 

This is achieved by increasing blood circulation in the body. This results in an increase in body temperature to almost scalding levels.

Power of Thor in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-  

Thor was the first representative of the gods in Round 1 of Ragnarok. In Norse mythology, Thor is known as a God of thunder and the Strongest Nordic Warrior and God. 

Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok
Image Source: imgur

He is the son of Odin, the all-knowing God, and like him is a God of few words. Thor is also well known for his special skill in wielding a divine hammer named Mjolnir.

History of Thor in Record of Ragnarok-  

In the ancient era, the Giants of Jotunheim attacked Asgard after over a century of peace. In this attack, the Warriors of Asgard were caught unprepared, which ended up causing great damage to its population. 

During this event, Thor stood up to them and took on 66 Jotuns by himself. Since then, he became well known for his bravery and heroics due to his 

display of power with his hammer.

Abilities of Thor in Record of Ragnarok-  

  • 1. Immense Strength –

In the past, Thor has not only taken down 66 jotuns single-handedly but also defeated Jormungandr, the god of chaos. Furthermore, his divine weapon, Mjolnir, requires an immense amount of arm strength to create and stop its momentum.

  • 2. Electrokinesis –

Considering Thor is the God of thunder, he has the ability to control divine electricity. He uses it by coating his arm and weapon with it before attacks. 

The damage dealt by this is in the form of severe burns. These burns are powerful enough to cauterize skin and flesh.

  • 3. Hammer Wielder –

Thor wields a divine hammer called Mjolnir. This is protected from its awakening through Thor’s power with the help of gloves. 

These gloves are called Jarngrepir. Upon awakening, the hammer develops cracks to reveal a Magma-like substance. 

The speed and damage on the impact of the hammer after awakening also increase drastically.

Power of Poseidon in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-  

Poseidon is a Greek God of the Seas who appeared in Round 3 of Ragnarok against Kojiro Sasaki. He is also known as Zeus of the Sea and uses a Trident as his divine weapon. 

Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix
Image Source: @pixiv (Pinterest)

This god is particularly known to be arrogant and merciless. Being the brother of Zeus and son of Kronos, it is only natural that his power is as terrifying as theirs.

History of Poseidon in Record of Ragnarok-  

This cold-hearted God gained the fear and respect of other Gods due to one particular incident. This incident is the slaying of Adamas, the second eldest son of Kronos and Poseidon’s elder brother. 

After Zeus defeated Kronos in the Titanomachy, he declared himself the ruler of the heavens. Enraged by this, the eldest son Adamas began gathering support from others to overthrow Zeus. 

However, when he approached Poseidon and angered him by disrespecting him, Poseidon immediately crushed  him. He later declared that all mentions of Adamas throughout the history of Gods be erased.

Abilities of Poseidon in Record of Ragnarok-  

  • 1. Godly Physical Abilities –

Right from strength to reflexes, Poseidon excels in them all. He was strong enough to impale a God and even create a dent in their body. 

Furthermore, he has sharp reflexes that allow him to avoid Kojiro Sasaki’s attacks. However, what is even more impressive is a high tolerance of pain, endurance, and stamina.

  • 2. Hydrokinesis –

Being God of the Seas, Poseidon has complete control over divine water. And although he has the ability to drown his opponent with a single command, he refuses to due to his pride.

He especially uses divine water in his 40-day flood attack. This attack creates a dome of after images created by his trident attacks of quick speed and reflexes

  • 3. Trident Expertise –

Poseidon’s divine weapon, the trident, can deliver multiple attacks like Amphitrite and divine lightning. 

Amphitrite involves multiple trident thrusts at high speed. Divine lightning produces lightning quick trident thrusts.

Power of Hercules in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-

Hercules, also known as Heracles, is the god of Fortitude in the Greek Pantheon. He is one of the few divine beings that ascended to godhood. 

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Record of Ragnarok Ranked
Image Source: AminoApps

His divine weapon is a club that bears the manifestation of the 12 divine labors. Being a former human he wishes to save humanity but also holds his pride as a God in high regard. 

He is a just person that admires righteousness, honor, and dignity. Thus he prefers to convince the Gods to give humanity another chance regardless of the final verdict.

History of Hercules in Record of Ragnarok-

In 2000 BC Hercules in his human form was known as Alcides who resided in the city of Thebes, Greece. In his young years, Alcides possessed the weakest body but the most righteous soul.

His aim was always to be strong enough to protect the weak, especially his friend Castor. However, that year just happened to be the year of the Gods Council Meeting to decide the fate of humanity. 

This meeting decided to punish the people of Thebes through Ares, the God of War, and his divine army. And so to defend his people, Alcides drank the Ambrosia and then soon ascended to godhood as Hercules.

This was most likely made possible as Zeus adopted him. And since only the worthy survive the effects of Ambrosia, his ascension was made easy.

Abilities of Hercules in Record of Ragnarok-

  • 1. Godly Strength

After drinking Ambrosia Alcides gained a certain fraction of Zeus’ strength. Soon after Alcides was able to take on Aries the son of Zeus.

This fight was however interrupted by Zeus. During Ragnarok, Ares admits that he would have died if Zeus had not intervened.

  • 2. High Pain Tolerance

Both before and after drinking Ambrosia, Hercules has always had the ability to endure attacks. Throughout Round 4 he withstood knife stabs, being crushed by a divine building, and having an arm cut off. 

He even endured the tattoos of his Herculean Exodus. The Herculean Exodus exerts a huge amount of pressure and causes a huge amount of pain. 

All of this is made possible to endure and push through by his indomitable will.

  • 3. Herculean Exodus

This demigod after completing the 12 divine labors assigned by Zeus, is able to use them through his divine club. His divine club allows him to manifest the beings defeated in the 12 labors. 

As he uses them, a tattoo of excruciating pain begins to cover his body. We have seen a total of four out of twelve labors of the Herculean Exodus so far.

  • 4. Iron Will

From the time he was a human, Hercules has always had a clear goal and the will to achieve it. He always chose the harder paths that would allow him to grow stronger to protect the weak.

In fact, it was most likely his will to protect the people of Thebes that ensured that he was worthy of Ambrosia.

Power of Buddha in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-

Buddha is the deity and leader of the Buddhist Pantheon. He is one of the four sages and was formerly a human. 

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Record of Ragnarok Ranked
Image Source: @ItzAbhinavHere (Twitter)

His human name was Gautama Siddhartha who originated from ancient Nepal as a royal. Buddha ascended to godhood through enlightenment. 

His personality is best described as easy-going and his teachings focus on the concept of self-love and inner happiness. His divine weapon is called the Six Realms Staff that focuses on the six Buddhist realms.

History of Buddha in Record of Ragnarok-

As a human Gautama Siddhartha was born a prince of the Kingdom of Shakya in ancient India. Here he received the best of everything from food to education and his whole life was planned out for him. 

Although restrictive, he always accepted his fate and moved on with things as they were. However, all this changed when he met the ailing King of Malla, Jataka who question the meaning of happiness. 

After Jataka passed away, Siddhartha gained enlightenment and found the meaning of true happiness. This led him to give up his royal life and then later ascend to godhood.

Abilities of Buddha in Record of Ragnarok-

  • 1. Godly Strength

As a human, Buddha was trained by the best of teachers to strengthen and maintain his body. As a God, he is strong enough to withstand multiple blows from Zerofuku and his Misery Cleaver. 

He also is strong enough to carry around and move his heavy Ahimsa shield. Furthermore, as he battles Hajun, he manages to withstand his heavy blows.

  • 2. Great Speed and Reflexes

Buddha has a fairly flexible body that allows him to dodge and parry multiple fast-paced attack patterns. His quick reflexes also allow him to strike his opponents with quick blows. 

  • 3. Eighth Sense

After gaining enlightenment, Buddha developed an Eighth Sense that allows a form of precognition. Through this ability, he can see few seconds into the future. 

This is made possible as Buddha can see through the fluctuations of a soul as it moves before the body. Thus he is able to see into the future and then react accordingly.

  • 4. Six Realms Staff

So far we’ve seen a total of four out of six Realm of Buddha’s Divine Six Realms Staff. The manifestation of the Realms depends on his emotions and the need of the situations. 

Therefore his attack pattern and defense are mostly unpredictable. All his manifestations appear from the scroll of Buddhist scrolls at the tip of his divine staff.

Power of Ares in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-

Ares is the sixth of the twelve Greek Gods of Olympus. He is the Greek God of War and is thus said to lead the Greek army into battle. 

Ares (Record of Ragnarok)
Image Source: RecordofRagnarokWiki-Fandom

His appearance is in the form of a physically fit, tall god. Although he is depicted as a little clueless and emotional in the series he is a very prideful god. 

Furthermore, he looks down on humans and holds great prestige in the God’s Council. This is marked by the fact that he was assigned to hand down judgment on the people of Thebes. 

Despite appearing multiple times in the series there is very little we know about him. This is because he is depicted as a little slow to understand not only attacks but also the overall results. 

But lucky for us, this is what helps us understand and relate to him. Regardless, it does not put him in a very good light as the Greek God of War.

History of Ares in Record of Ragnarok-

As mentioned before there is very little that we know about the actual past of Ares. However, in 2000 BC after the Gods Council decided to punish the people of Thebes, Ares was the one who delivered it. 

As he led the Divine Greek Army to the gates of the city, he was met with Alcides. This is where Alcides drank the Ambrosia and then ascended to godhood. 

Charged with the will to defend Thebes from Ares, Hercules stood up to Ares. While the two did exchange powerful blows, they were ultimately stopped by Zeus himself.

Abilities of Ares in Record of Ragnarok-

  • 1. Supernal Physiology and strength

As a God, Ares has supreme physical abilities. His only weaknesses are divine weapons and attacks from other divine beings. 

A proper display of his strength was showcased when he fought the demigod Hercules. His physiology also helps him in hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting.

  • 2. Expert Battle Sense

As the God of War, Ares has been part of multiple wars of Olympus. Therefore he has great experience and knowledge in the Art of War

This helps Ares understand the attacks and defenses that are displayed in Ragnarok.

  • 3. Godly Durability 

Although it seems like Ares is one of the weaker Gods better suited for war tactics, this is actually untrue. This is because he has an immense amount of durability and endurance.

This was especially showcased in his fight against Hercules after he drank Ambrosia. At this point, Hercules possessed a fraction of Zeus’ pure strength.

Despite this Ares managed to endure and even counter Hercules’ attacks without much damage and injury.

Power of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok Netflix-

Zerofuku is a deity of the Japanese Shinto Pantheon. Zerofuku is known as a God of Misfortune.  

Zerofuku (Record of Ragnarok)
Image Source: @SebasForeverhpt123 (DeviantArt)

His appearance includes a hole in his chest to depict heartlessness. In the series, he is the fusion of the Seven Gods of Fortune that formed Bishamonten

He appears in Round 6 of Ragnarok to fight against Buddha and deliver divine punishment. In his fight against Buddha, the main emotions that fuel his destructive power are misery, hatred, and jealousy. 

Despite all this, towards the end of their fight, he learns self-love and happiness. However, later on in the series, he transforms into Hajun the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven.

In this form, Hajun confirms that Zerofuku is no more. However, many still hold hope that the transformation is still reversible.

History of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok-

Originally as the God of misfortune, Zerofuku was a kind God who absorbed the misfortune of others. As he did so for many years, he spread happiness and healed many people.

However, he soon realized that humans misused the lack of misfortune. This struck him with grief and jealousy of Buddha who had a different approach to gaining happiness. 

Thus he began to hate those happier than him which made him miserable. So to prevent himself from hurting others he split himself into 7 parts. 

These seven parts later came to be known as the Seven Gods Of Luck. These Gods would go on and absorb the negatives of their respective titles. 

When combined, these seven gods create a concentrated body of misery, unhappiness, and hate.

Abilities of Zerofuku in Record of Ragnarok-

  • 1. Unique Body 

Zerofuku possesses a unique body with unique physiology. His body is flexible, reactive, and capable of biokinesis

He also has a hole where his heart is supposed to be. With this unique body, he can quickly react to all attacks and also use incredible reflexive speed.

  • 2. Misfortune Manipulation

Being the God of Misfortune, Zerofuku can absorb the misfortune of others. As he does so he can channel this misery into his divine weapon. 

His divine weapon is an ax called the Misery Cleaver and increases its size according to the amount of misery absorbed.

  • 3. Use of Misery Cleaver 

The Misery Cleaver is an extension of Zerofuku’s spine that is created through biokinesis. This divine ax acts as an outlet for his misery. 

The size and form of his Misery Cleaver depend on the amount of misery he feels and absorbs. So far we have seen three forms of his Misery Cleaver all of which have immense destructive power. 

The destructive power of his Misery Cleaver also depends on the misery and other emotions he feels.

  • 4. Sin Splitting

This ability played a huge role in Zerofukus past. Sin splitting allows Zerofuku to split himself into 7 parts.

These seven parts are noted to be some of the main sources of misery.

After splitting, each part was included as one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Thus they absorbed the misfortune of people related to their respective titles.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to watch Record of Ragnarok on Netflix?

Ans – The series should appear if you type it in the search bar. If it doesn’t, check its availability in your country and use a VPN accordingly.

Q2. Who is Shiva in Record of Ragnarok Netflix?

Ans – Shiva is the Hindu God of Destruction who appears against Raiden Tameeon.

Q3. Why Record of Ragnarok Netflix banned in many countries?

Ans – Record of Ragnarok is banned in countries like India by conservatives due to its controversy surrounding the depiction of Lord Shiva.

Q4. Who is the strongest God in Record of Ragnarok?

Ans – Zeus is the strongest god in the series. You can check who ranks where in our article of the Top 10 Strongest Gods in Record of Ragnarok.

Q5. Who is the strongest character in Record of Ragnarok?

Ans – Adam is the strongest character in the series. You can check the rankings of other characters in our article on the Top 15 Strongest Characters in Record of Ragnarok.

With this, we conclude with our article on the Power of Gods in Record of Ragnarok Netflix. We hope that we have helped you gain some insight on the topic you were interested in.

Kindly note that as mentioned before, we will update this article as the series progresses. Therefore there may be some Gods unavailable in this article as of now. However, fans can currently watch Record of Ragnarok officially from Netflix

We’ll surely be back again with the update of this article in a while so until then, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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