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(2023) Top 10 Saddest Deaths in My Hero Academia (Manga)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:46 am

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular Shonen action manga series right now. Only recently, its anime completed five seasons. The anime fans were left with a pretty intriguing cliffhanger. The series is soon to enter the Paranormal Liberation Arc. Meanwhile, the manga is through this phase, and the characters are dealing with its aftermath.

My Hero Academia’s setting starts in a world dominated by the Hero Society. People are born with a superpower called Quirks. There are those who use it to become Heroes or those who misuse them and are called Villains.

It once had been a series with only happy progressions. It has always maintained a mildness in gore and brutality. The concept of death was relatively uncommon to it. But indeed, this was intensified as the manga entered the Paranormal Liberation Arc. Kōhei Horikoshi has really flexed his power to control the fate of his characters. So here below, we bring you the list of Top 10 Saddest Deaths in My Hero Academia that has been seen till now since the first Arcs. 

(Spoiler Alert Warning: This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia anime. Anime viewers are requested to proceed at their own risk).

Top 10 Saddest Deaths in My Hero Academia-

  • 11) Various Heroes and citizens –

    My Hero Academia death - destruction of Jaku city
    Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

During the Paranormal Liberation Arc, many heroes lost their lives fighting Nomus and the Paranormal Liberation FrontKyudai Garaki had modified Shigaraki Tomura’s body using his experiments.

Nobody could predict the intensity of the upcoming horror. Pro Heroes were fighting only with the intention to stop any villainous activity. When Tomura activated his Decay Quirk, the entire Jaku City started to crumble to dust. There were citizens who fell trap to it. And there were Heroes decayed while fighting.

  • 10) X- less –

My Hero Academia deaths - X-less
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

X- less, a Pro Hero was the first injured Shigaraki had made after his awakening from the experimentations. His death is recorded in the list of the heroes who were wrecked in the Paranormal Liberation Arc.

Raiding Jaku General Hospital, X-less had entered the room where Shigaraki was being operated. Using his Laser Quirk, he destroyed a suspicious-looking, importantly situated machine. It was apparently the machine that produced the Quirk-Destroying Drugs.

But while doing so, a wire from that machine ended up waking up Shigaraki. Before X-less could realize he ended up dead. From here on, Shigaraki began the horror of his newly modified quirk.

The series was not familiar with multiple dead characters at that time, especially heroes dying on-screen. Also, here, it was predictable that something terrible was forthcoming. Unfortunately, X-less was the first who got dragged into this.

  • 9) Magic Hero: Majestic (Kannagi Enma) –

Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Another Pro Hero who died fighting in the Paranormal Liberation War was Magic Hero: Majestic or Kannagi Enma. He lost his life getting crushed by Gigantomachia. He was fighting alongside, supporting, and covering some of our Class 1- A Heroes.

Majestic was class 1-A’s Yaoyorozu Momo and 1- B’s Tokage Setsuna’s mentor. Using Momo’s plan, all the Hero’s were working to give the giant villain sedatives and were successful.

It seemed like everything was alright now, but we were betrayed. Just as Majestic was proudly praising his student for her wit, Gigantomachia went on a rampage. Because of this, the Magic Hero was crushed by the debris to death. It was a pretty horrible incident as Momo witnessed her teacher dying.

  • 8) Shield Hero: Crust –

My Hero Academia deaths - Shield Hero Crust -
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

The way this hero said goodbye to the series would make anyone’s heart wrench. Shield Hero: Crust was the No. 6 Pro-Hero. He seemed like a delicate and cheerful character.

To protect Eraser Head from Shigaraki’s decaying attacks, Crust covered him. As he crumbled to decay, he continued with his usual smile.

He even posed his thumbs-up, clearly saying that such a sacrifice was no problem. And to our sorrow, he shattered and scattered and disappeared.

  • 7) Shirakumo Oboro (Kurogiri) –

Oboro Shirakumo
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Shirakumo Oboro had been dead long, but his corpse had been active as Kurogiri. He was Eraserhead and Present Mic’s classmate and a close friend in U.A. Academy.

Oboro was a young kid with many aspirations – starting a hero agency with his friends being one. But unfortunately, on a Hero-work study, he died getting crushed by the rubble of falling buildings.

It was sad to know his story that we see in Aizawa’ Shotas memories. And his pain didn’t end here. Even though dead, All For One used his corpse to create an antagonistic pawn named Kurogiri.

  • 6) Sand Hero: Snatch (Higawara Sajin) –

My Hero Academia deaths Sand Hero
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Higawara Sajin or the Sand Hero: Snatch was a bodyguard of the Police Force. This was another unforeseen death coming over to us towards the end of the Shie Hassakai Arc.

Deku, with Eri’s help, had saved the day, and Overhaul was captured. Just as we thought every danger was curtailed, and Overhaul was being taken to prison, the League of Villains appeared.

They attacked the truck carrying him, which Snatch tried to stop as his duty. What came next was only Dabi and his flames burning him to death. There were many injured heroes from this mission, but counting Snatch and Sir Nighteye, only two died.

  • 5) Water Hoses –

Water Hoses
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Water Hoses were a Pro Hero duo whose story had appeared in the Forest Training Camp Arc. They were Izumi Kota’s parents.

Their deaths were one of the initial first rare mentions of any demises to have occurred in the series. They had sacrificed themselves protecting a village from an A-rank villain, Muscular. Their deaths orphaned a three-year-old Kota.

Although Heroes, the two were parents. For the first time, the series mentioned the risk of Hero work referring to their story. No one was invincible to death in this field.

  • 4) Shimura Family –

    The Shimura family
    Image Source: Twitter(@hrak18eh)

Pro Hero Shimura Nana’s family, i.e., the Shimura Family’s end, was tragic and pitiful. After her death, the family consisted of her son Shimura Kento, his wife Shimura Nao, his two children Shimura Hana and Shimura Tenko, his parent-in-laws Chizuo and Mako, and a family dog Mon.

When tiny Tenko’s quirk Decay suddenly appeared, he couldn’t control it and ended up disintegrating his entire family. It was a misfortunate and helpless situation.

Poor little Tenko lost his family and became desolated in the world. There was no one he could turn to for help. In the worst case, he fell into All For One’s hands and was manipulated by his ideals, and became Shigaraki Tomura.

  • 3) Twice (Bubaigawara Jin) –

Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Bubaigawara Jin or Twice was one of those villains the fandom empathized with. He was friendly and quite a naïve character who had fallen into a criminal organization with his identity crisis issues.

No matter working on the bad side Twice was a loyal friend to his comrades than anyone. It wasn’t predicted that he would say goodbye to the series this early. He was one of the League of Villain’s members and an entertaining character.

In order to aid his members fighting against the infiltration of the heroes into the Paranormal Liberation Front, Twice was ready to make numerous clones. The No. 3 Pro Hero Hawks then had no choice but to eliminate the danger as an officer.

  • 2) Sir Nighteye –

My Hero Academia deaths - Sir Nighteye
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

In Shie Hassakai Arc, when confronting Overhaul, Sir Nighteye died when a spike pierced his chest. At first, it looked like he would survive, but he didn’t. Sir Nighteye was Togata Mirio’s mentor and once was All Might’s sidekick.

Laying on his deathbed in the hospital, Nighteye praised his student and bid his farewell smiling. It was overwhelming to see him smile at Togata since he always maintained a serious countenance.

  • 1) Midnight –

My Hero Academia deaths - Midnight
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

A teacher in U.A. High and a playful person, Midnight to dies during the Paranormal Liberation Arc. This was definitely what the fandom was expecting. And upsettingly enough, she was not shown dying.

Being a character that had often made her appearance in the series from the start, fans had become accustomed to her.

She had been fighting to stop Gigantomachia; then, she was interrupted by Mr. Compress. In her last scenes, she was seen instructing Yaoyorozu Momo to make sedatives to stop Gigantomachia. She really liked Momo and kept thinking of confiding in her.

Meanwhile, a few Paranormal Liberation Front members were shown approaching her. Then her death was confirmed in the next episode.

Bringing our list to a close, we can only conclude that although My Hero Academia had been resorting to a light gore, now its characters are not invincible. Currently, Heroes are struggling, terror is unrestrained. Will the serious adopt more brutality? Are the upcoming Arcs carrying more surprises and horror, or will they move in a positive direction?

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