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Top 15 Saddest K-Dramas that makes you cry in 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:38 am

K-dramas exceptionally portray emotional sentiments and painful moments with their artful storytelling and expert acting. Hence, the topic that we will discuss today is the Top 15 Saddest K-dramas that make you cry in 2022.

Even though these stories make us miserable, we always go back to them and appreciate how well their narratives have been structured. The series that we will mention here will not just make you cry but, it will live in your heart and make you feel its presence even after completing it.

Hence, without further ado, go ahead and read our article on the Top 15 Saddest K-dramas that make you cry in 2022.

Top 15 Saddest K-Dramas that makes you cry in 2022-

  • 15) The Innocent Man –

The Innocent Man
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 7.7

Cast- Song Joong-ki, Moon Chae-won, Park Si Yeon

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2021 

Why Watch- The Innocent Man is one of the saddest K-dramas. It has a story that will make you cry but, it also has many interesting plot twists. The story is about the revenge of a naive man Ma-Ru, who had to bear the blame for something that he was innocent of and was also betrayed by his lover Jae-hee for a richer man.

He thus loses his career as a promising doctor and becomes a con artist. After six years, he devises a plan to get back at Jae-hee by charming her stepdaughter, who also abhors her.

Where to Watch- Netflix

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  • 14) Uncontrollably Fond –

Uncontrollably Fond
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 7.8

Cast- Woo-bin Kim, Bae Suzy, Ju-hwan Lim

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2016

Why Watch- This Korean drama is a remarkably tragic series whose hopelessness is sure to make fans cry. Noh Eul is a documentary maker who gets the chance to document the life of a superstar Joon-young.

They were once friends but now reconcile again as adults. The series has quite a sad ending where we see Joon-young taking his last breath on the shoulder of his lover and friend.

Where to Watch- Netflix

  • 13) Iris –

Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 7.8

Cast- Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo

Genre- Action, Drama

When- 2009

Why Watch- Iris is another Korean drama that is very tragic and sad to watch. The story revolves around two best friends, Hyun Joon and Sa Woo, who are agents in a secret organization. Here, they both fall for the same woman.

When Hyun Joon goes on a solo mission in Hungary, someone betrays him and tries to take his life. After some time, he comes back to take revenge and find out who set him up like that.

Where to Watch- Netflix

  • 12) Good Doctor –

Good Doctor
Image Source – MyDramaList

IMDB ratings- 8.1

Cast-  Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang Wook

Genre-  Romance, Drama

When- 2013

Why Watch- This Korean drama depicts the life of Si-on, a talented doctor who has Savant syndrome. He becomes a doctor so that he can save everyone after he lost his brother when he was a child.

But others do not accept him in his new hospital as he is, and in the beginning, he had to witness painful times. And we cry out of sympathy for him when we see how his peers treat him just because he is different.

Where to Watch- Netflix

  • 11) Secret Garden –

Secret Garden
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.1

Cast-  Ha Ji-won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang-hyun

Genre- Romance, Drama, Comedy

When- 2010

Why Watch- This is a unique love story about a stuntwoman, Ra-im, and Joo-won, the CEO of a department store. Even though there are funny moments in this series, there are plenty of sad moments that make us cry pretty easily.

We see how our couple in love transform for each other and keep away their differences to love one another. They face many trials and, this series is a journey of how they overcome their problems together.

Where to Watch- Netflix

  • 10) Chicago Typewriter –

Chicago Typewriter
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.3

Cast-  Yoo Ah-in, Lim Soo-jung, Go Kyung-pyo

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2017

Why Watch- This series tells about three friends who grew up together and later joined the resistance group against the Japanese occupation of Korea. They later reincarnate in modern times as a successful writer, Se-Joo, his fan, and his ghostwriter.

Through a series of flashbacks, we understand those hard times of freedom and also get to know how they lost their lives. This series is one of the saddest K-dramas that make many cry.

Where to Watch- Viki

  • 9) A Thousand Days’ Promise –

A Thousand Days' Promise
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.3

Cast- Kim Rae Won, Soo Ae, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Yoo Mi

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2011

Why Watch- This South Korean romance series is about a woman, Seo Yeon, having an affair with an architect Ji-Hyung, who already has a fiance. They break up but, he marries her when he learns that she has Alzheimer’s disease.

He tries his best to care for her and lead a loving life with his beloved but, only tragedy awaits them. This drama is sure to make you cry with its melodramatic moments and the depiction of pure love.

Where to Watch- 


  • 8) It’s Okay That’s Love –

It's Okay That's Love
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.3

Cast- Jo In-sung, Gong Hyo-jin, Sung Dong-il

Genre- Drama, Comedy, Romance

When- 2014

Why Watch- This is another Korean drama that is a tragedy and, is sure to make you cry. Here, we see how a doctor Hae-soo, with her own psychological issues, meets with a novelist Jae Yeol, who is going through various psychological problems.

As Jae Yeol had to endure many things when he was a child, there are problems that he needs to deal with on a daily basis. These two unlikely characters come together and, they fall in love. This series artfully touches upon sensitive issues like psychological trauma and shows how to move on.

Where to Watch- Viki

  • 7) The Princess’ Man –

The Princess' Man
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.3

Cast-  Park Si-hoo, Moon Chae-won, Kim Yeong-cheol

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2011

Why Watch- This historical Korean drama depicts the forbidden romance of Se Ryung, the daughter of the Prince of the Joseon dynasty, and Seung Yoo, the son of his political opponent. As, both their fathers abhor each other, these two must not fall in love, but that’s exactly what happens.

The ending is excruciatingly painful as Seung Yoo bears the burden of losing his sight just to stay with his beloved.

Where to Watch- Viki

  • 6) I’m Sorry, I Love You –

I’m Sorry, I Love You
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.4

Cast- So Ji-sub, Im Soo-jung

Genre- Romance, Drama

When- 2004

Why Watch- This is one of the saddest K-dramas ever as here we see the tragic love story of two unfortunate individuals. Moo Hyuk, whose parents abandoned him while he was still a child, and Eun Chae, the coordinator of a famous singer fall in love after many trials.

Their life is anything but normal, as only sad things happen to them. In the end, Moo Hyuk sacrifices himself to save the life of his lover.

Where to Watch- Viki

  • 5) Empress Ki –

Empress Ki
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.5

Cast- Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Ji Chang-wook

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2013

Why Watch- This historical drama depicts the life of Empress Ki, who rose from a powerless position to the empress of the Yuan dynasty. She witnesses many turmoils and, her story both inspires us and makes us cry.

Even though she gets the power that she craved, she loses her husband in the end, to an assassination. And thus, she once again becomes a lonely person who has no option but to move on.

Where to Watch-  Netflix

  • 4) Goblin –

Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.6

Cast- Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong-Wook

Genre- Fantasy, Romance, Drama

When- 2016

Why Watch- This fantasy romance series already starts off on a sad note. The story is about a goblin who will get freedom from the eternal cycle of life only when his bride, Eun Tak, draws the sword embedded in his chest.

We, as viewers, already get to know that their love is ill-fated as their meeting will only cause one of them to perish. In the end, Eun Tak loses her life and, the goblin waits for her to reincarnate to get back with her.

Where to Watch- Netflix

  • 3) Scarlet Heart Ryeo –

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.7

Cast- Lee Joon-Gi, Ji-eun Lee, Kang Ha-Neul

Genre- Drama, Romance

When- 2016

Why Watch- This historical fantasy series is full of sad moments that can make anyone cry. The story revolves around a woman called Ha-jin who gets transmigrated to ancient times of the Goryeo dynasty.

There she falls in love with the ruthless fourth prince who hides his face behind a mask. In the end, they could not be together as she returns back in her time and, he stays there in his timeline.

Where to Watch- Netflix

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  • 2) Mr. Sunshine –

Mr Sunshine
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 8.8

Cast- Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-Seok

Genre- Historical, Drama, Romance

When- 2018

Why Watch- This historical drama is full of tragic moments as the story revolves around a pair who were never meant to be. In the Joseon era, we see how Eugene, who was born into slavery, escapes to America and returns to Korea as an American marine officer.

Here he falls in love with a noble lady who is also a secret member of the righteous army. They not only entangle themselves with the volatile political situations but, also land themselves in international problems.

Where to Watch- 

  • 1) Reply 1988 –

Reply 1988
Image Source – IMDb

IMDB ratings- 9.2

Cast- Lee Hye Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung-Pyo, Park Bo-gum

Genre- Comedy, Drama, Romance

When- 2015-2016

Why Watch- Reply 1988 is the saddest K-Drama that makes you cry. This sadness that one feels after watching this drama comes from nostalgia and fond memories. This will make you tear up because of its truthful depiction of friendship, family, and love.

Here we see five friends who grew up in the same neighborhood living the best and worst times together. We also witness how they mature and deal with the problems of life. Hence it can be considered one of the saddest K-dramas. 

Where to Watch- Netflix

We conclude our article with these top 15 powerful, dramatic, and saddest K-dramas that are guaranteed to make you cry. Stay tuned for more informative articles on your favorite Korean dramas and movies.

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