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Best Korean Movies and KDramas on HBO Max (2022)

After Netflix ventured into the market of South Korean movies and series, more and more international video watching services are trying to showcase the Korean industry. Hence in this article, we will be listing the Best Korean Movies and KDramas on HBO Max.

HBO Max does not have many options to choose from when it comes to Korean shows. But the ones that we can find in their database deserve attention for their storyline and depth.

If you cannot access some of the shows, you can always use a VPN to solve that problem. So without waiting, go ahead and read our list of the Best Korean Movies and KDramas on HBO Max.

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Best Korean Movies and KDramas on HBO Max –

  • 5) The Warrior’s Way –

The Warrior's Way
Image Source – Wikipedia
IMDb Ratings- 6.3

Genre- Fantasy, Action, Western

Studio- Fuse Media, Sad Flutes, Relativity Media

Duration- 1h 40m

The Warrior’s Way is another good South Korean movie that fans can watch on HBO Max. This is a New Zealand-South Korean film that depicts the journey of a warrior who wishes to protect a young child.

The movie was set in the 19th century and, we see how Yang is a member of the most fearsome assassins clan called the sad flute clan. It has always been his goal to become the best in the world and, he achieves that goal when he eliminates the leader of the rival gang.

After he destroys every member of that said gang, he decides to spare the life of a little child. This, however, his gang members did not appreciate and hence forced him to flee to a town in America.

Here he finds new comrades with their own painful past. Now he must protect himself and the baby, all the while fighting against his enemies who try to hunt him relentlessly.

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  • 4) Seoul 1988: Games of the XXIV Olympiad –

Seoul 1988: Games of the XXIV Olympiad
Image Source – IMDb
IMDb Ratings- 6.6

Genre- Documentary, Sport

Duration- 2h 19m

This series is a sports documentary about the Olympics that took place in Seoul in 1988. Here we see the television coverage of the Olympics Games, which started on 17th September and lasted till 2nd October.

In this series, we see firsthand how sportspeople from all over the world came to Korea and showcased their excellent talents by competing amongst each other. As this was the first time South Korea was hosting the Olympics, this was a great deal for them and, this documentary captures that excitement and pride of every Korean aptly.

  • 3) Sermon On The Mount –

Sermon On The Mount
Image Source – IMDb
IMDb Ratings- 7.5

Genre- Drama

Studio- Gran 

Duration- 2h 4m

This movie is another hidden gem on HBO Max for fans to check out. It sheds light on Christianity and its influence on South Korea.

In this film, we see eight young people gather in a cave to ask questions about faith and try to understand the purpose of one’s life. These questions are often left unanswered by many and, they stay buried deep within us. But here, we see these young men trying to comprehend these questions and find a suitable answer to them.

  • 2) Saimdang, Memoir of Colors –

Saimdang, Memoir of Colors
Image Source – Wikipedia
IMDb Ratings- 7.8

Genre- History, Drama

Studio- Creative Leaders Group8 Inc, Emperor Entertainment Korea Ltd.

Number of Episodes - 28 episodes

This series is a historical drama that depicts the life of Shin Saimdang, a famous artist and calligrapher of the Joseon period. We see how a history lecturer one day discovers a diary of Shin Saimdang and tries to uncover the mysteries behind an ancient painting.

In doing so, she also digs about the past of Saimdang and discovers more about her life. We then get a glimpse of her past life and see how she had to go through so many challenges to achieve the level of success that she was able to achieve.

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  • 1) Goblin –

Image Source – IMDb
IMDb Ratings- 8.6

Genre- Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Studio- Studio Dragon

Number of Episodes- 16 episodes + 3 specials

Goblin is one of the most famous South Korean dramas and movies that has achieved worldwide popularity. After it came out, it became a cultural phenomenon due to its breathtaking visuals and fitting soundtracks.

Kim Shin used to be a highly respected general whom Wang Yeo, the young and jealous king, crushed. As Shin himself was guilty of eliminating many, God cursed him to stay immortal and become a goblin, the lonely God.

The only way for him to get freedom is to wait for his bride, who will pull out the sword embedded in his chest. He waited for his bride for a long time, but even after hundreds of years, she was yet to arrive.

In the present day, Eun-Tak is a bubbly but unfortunate girl who endures mistreatment at the hands of her aunt. Things completely change for her when one day, she accidentally summons the goblin by blowing out a candle.

From then on, they keep crossing each other’s path, but they don’t know is that their connection goes deeper than they think.

Are there K-dramas on HBO max?

Yes, but only a few K-dramas are available on HBO Max as listed above. If you want to watch more K-dramas kindly use services like Netflix, Viki, Amazon Prime, etc.   

You can also use other unofficial websites to watch movies and K-dramas like Dramacool

How to Watch Kdrama on HBO Max?

For the US region-

  • Step 1- Find the HBO Max app or go to its website.
  • Step 2- Register with your email id and credit card to get a subscription plan of your choice.
  • Step 3- Search the name of the shows and movies.
  • Step 4- Start watching.

For the other regions-

  • Step 1- Purchase and register for a good VPN.
  • Step 2- Change location to the US.
  • Step 3- Install the HBO Max app or go to its website.
  • Step 4- Use a valid credit card which is linked to an address in the applicable country to register with a subscription plan of your choice.
  • Step 5- Search the name of the shows and movies.
  • Step 6- Start watching.

We hope this article was helpful for viewers who wanted to see Korean content on HBO Max. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on your favorite movies and dramas.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the best K-Drama to watch on HBO Max?

Ans. Goblin is certainly the best K-Drama to watch on HBO Max.

Q2. Why K-Dramas are not available on HBO Max?

Ans. Sadly, there are not many K-Dramas to enjoy on HBO Max, but we are hopeful that they will add more shows in the future.

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