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Saitama vs God in One Punch Man: Is Saitama stronger than God? 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:28 am

Yusuke Murata has changed the entire power scaling of One Punch Man with just one fight. As Saitama’s powers grew exponentially, he destroyed one-half of Jupiter with just one sneeze. Saitama traveled backward through time, faster than the speed of light. He has created a new timeline altogether, and the fight between God and Saitama seems inevitable at this point. 

Now the question remains if Saitama is stronger than God. Is he capable of defeating God? This article will discuss how Saitama is more powerful than God.

Who is God in One Punch Man?

Most Powerful Villains in One Punch Man (OPM)

In the manga One Punch Man, God is introduced to us in the Monster Association arc and is theorized to be the main villain in the entire series. God revealed his intentions in the manga to destroy humanity itself.

It chooses to remain unnoticed for the time being, instead bestowing powers on those who share its sentiment towards humans (Example: Garou, with his new cosmic form, has enough strength to produce a Gamma Ray Burst, which is powerful enough to rival The Big Bang).

God made Garou his Avatar because Garou wanted to be a villain towards humanity. Its intentions are unclear, but it appears that God has a strong dislike for humanity and desires its annihilation. God’s reasoning for bestowing power on others is unknown, though those who adhere to its views appear to be the majority.

How powerful is God in One Punch Man?

God is one of the major antagonists in One Punch Man. He desires the eradication of life itself and is responsible for the major change in the power scaling of the current One Punch Man manga.

Since God made Garou, his ‘Avatar‘ Garou has gained tremendous strength along with knowledge of the flow of the universe itself, making him a force to reckon with. With this, let’s begin all of God’s powers that have been revealed as of now.

  • 1) Omniscience:

One of the most powerful abilities God possesses is Omniscience, where it is aware of everything going on on Earth. It can sense whoever wants to go against humanity and allows the person inhumane strength. It transformed Homeless Emperor from a depressed, powerless man to a Dragon level threat after sensing his distress and hatred towards humanity.

  • 2) Power bestowal:

God is able to grant powers to people who touch the mysterious cubes. The power is granted only if they are worthy of it; otherwise, it is taken away from the person. When the power is taken away, the person dies in whatever way God wishes. (Garou turned into Salt in the previous timeline).

  • 3) Mind incursion: 

God has the ability to invade inside a mind, as seen when it entered the Homeless Emperor’s mind. He also had the ability to alter the mind space from the inside. God appears to be the most appealing when he is talking whilst invading someone’s mind.

  • 4) Telepathy: 

Any person who touches the mysterious cubes can make their wish to God via telepathy. He first tries to connect through telepathy with Flashy Flash, Saitama, Manako, and Blast at first.

  • 5) Time Manipulation: 

It seems that God can control time. Garou stated that it was the power of God when he told Saitama to copy and perfect his time-travel method.

How Powerful is Saitama in One Punch Man manga?

In the recent fight, Garou couldn’t keep up even after endlessly copying Saitama and his Limitless potential. Murata Sensei gave us a graph showcasing Saitama’s limitless development in the fight as well.

During the fight, Garou noticed that Saitama was about to sneeze. And as Saitama sneezed, it created a huge surge of power that blew them away into space.

The sneeze destroyed half of Jupiter, which faced the moon they were on. The recoil from the sneeze launched them into space. He was confident that he could defeat him but failed in the end as he tried teaching Saitama the flow of the universe. Garou also claimed that Saitama is the only one who could be that strong, strong enough to defeat God.

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Did Saitama fight God?

Saitama vs God

Garou was granted powers by God to indirectly attempt to stop Saitama. He now believes Saitama as “the abominable fist that stands against God,” implying that God is concerned about Saitama and his growing power, as he represents a threat to its plans to destroy humanity. God himself went ahead to call Garou his “Avatar” against Saitama.

Saitama vs God: Is Saitama stronger than God? 

Yes, Saitama is the strongest hero not only because of his current power but also because his growth will never stop because he is limitless. Saitama’s power grows stronger with each new fight, and Murata Sensei has foreshadowed the inevitable fight between the two.

Is Saitama stronger than God

However, even God’s divine powers will not be enough to defeat Saitama once he has reached a certain level of power. Even after God tried to stop Garou from teaching Saitama how to use divine powers, Saitama did so with ease.

Because he was absorbed back into his previous body after he traveled back in time, he is unable to recall Garou’s explanation about God’s Power. This will in no way slow him down, though, as Saitama is Limitless. God’s Avatar couldn’t defeat Saitama because of this exact reason, and neither will God.

1) Based on Strength: 

Saitama is the winner in this as One Punch Man is one of the strongest characters in the series. He can destroy large areas of land with his shock wave. Created a large crater on the moon by jumping and can jump from the Moon to Earth in one jump. He can literally travel faster than light successfully.

God hasn’t shown physical feats yet, but he has revealed the level of power he could bestow. Garou received cosmic power, but it was limited. Based on that alone, due to Saitama’s Limitlessness, he takes this round.

2) Based on Speed: 

Saitama can travel faster than light itself. Successfully being able to travel through space and time. He can travel from Earth to Jupiter mathematically several times faster than the speed of light. Saitama can generate an army of afterimages so quickly, simply by sidestepping that even Speed-o’-Sound Sonic cannot comprehend them.  

Although God’s speed hasn’t been revealed, we theorize that God isn’t as fast as Saitama. Since Saitama was able to travel at the speed of light and ended up traveling backward through time, this feat alone sets his speed above the rest.

3) Based on Abilities: 

Saitama, although having a limitless creative arsenal of physical attacks, that’s all he can conjure up. Saitama has no great powers like magic, teleportation, power bestowal, etc. This still doesn’t affect the diversity of his attacks.

God made Garou his Avatar. He gave Garou abilities powerful enough to create an explosion rivaling The Big Bang. Garou’s Cosmic Form is the only opponent on Earth that has pushed Saitama to such extreme lengths. God granted him this power. One can only imagine the number of abilities God must have. Saitama only has physical abilities and durability without limits. This round goes to God.

4) Based on Durability: 

Not much has been told about God’s true strength; all we can do at this point is theorize. Based on all the clues Murata has been dropping throughout the series, we shall update this article, later on, filling in God’s details, but for now, we speculate his durability second to Saitama. Although much is not known, it is easy to speculate he will be more durable than Cosmic Garou.

Saitama has “limitless” strength. It could be brute power, physical skill, speed, endurance, or even durability. Saitama has shown insane durability as to go faster than the speed of light; an object must survive the extreme amount of stress that speed exerts on the object. Undergoing through the speed of light is a feat for not just his speed but also his durability. He was unfazed after being attacked by Garou in his Cosmic form, who claimed to be knowledgeable and powerful, knowing the flow of the universe.

One Punch Man_Saitama Vs Garou

Although this outcome will be foreseen much later in the manga, this is the outcome we predict as of now. Saitama has displayed his limitless powers time and time again. As of now, even Saitama cannot kill himself as he is truly limitless. Garou’s fight with Saitama showed us exactly that. Such limitless growth will lead to his victory against God himself.

With this, we have concluded our article on “Is Saitama stronger than God in One Punch Man.” Saitama just sneezed open Jupiter (a planet 11 times greater than Earth.) to its core. That alone can describe the level of danger he possesses. Share this article in the community.

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