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(2021) Power of Denji in Chainsaw Man Explained

Chainsaw Man, as its title suggests, is essentially a story about a man armed with Chainsaws. It involves the story of devils and devil hunters who seek to wipe out all the devils. 

Just like any other series, Chainsaw Man will become even more popular after its anime adaptation gets released this year. 

The anime was picked up by MAPPA Studio, well-renowned for producing fantastic animations like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan

Thus, we can all expect them to do justice to this mind-blowing series and come up with a great anime

The protagonist of this story is Denji, with whom the story starts. He lives his life in extreme poverty, accompanied by his dog Pochita

A sudden misfortune befalls him, and he somehow gets turned into the Chainsaw Man with the help of his loyal friend Pochita

However, this also opens up a new door for him as he gets recruited by the Public Safety Devil Hunters, and his life improves significantly. 

So, today let us take a peek into the powers possessed by Denji as a Chainsaw Man and why he is one of the best protagonists ever.

Warning Spoilers Alert: Fans are required to note that this article contains manga spoilers

Power of Denji in Chainsaw Man-

Power of Denji in Chainsaw Man Explained
Image Source: chainsaw-man.fandom

Denji was a normal kid hunting down devils with his dog Pochita and earning the minimum amount of money to get by. 

Everything changed after Pochita gave him his heart, turning him into the fearful Chainsaw Man. 

At first, it seemed that Denji would be like any other manga protagonist who will start out slow and scale in power as the story progresses. 

However, we were shocked to know that it was not the case, and Denji is actually the most feared devil in hell and earth alike. 

Power of Chainsaw Devil in Chainsaw Man-

There are two forms that Denji can take as a Chainsaw Man. The first form that we are used to seeing where he retains his human form and fights using a part of the Chainsaw Devil

In the second form that we were introduced to later in the series, Denji gets completely transformed into the Chainsaw Devil and can wreck anything and anyone that stands in his way. 

However, Denji also loses consciousness and has no control over this form. 

The only advantage is that the blood loss due to the use of chainsaws is comparatively less than that in the first form.

Abilities of Denji in Chainsaw Man-

Power of Denji in Chainsaw Man Explained
Image Source: chainsaw-man.fandom
  • Transformation –

As we have mentioned above, Denji can change into his Chainsaw Man form anytime and return to his human form at will. He will also change back to being a human if he happens to lose a lot of blood. 

The transformation can be achieved by pulling the cord sticking out of his heart which was originally a part of Pochita.

  • Blood Heal –

Denji, like most other devils, can heal himself by drinking blood. The healing occurs at a faster rate, and he can recover completely even after taking massive damage. 

This gives him a ton of advantage and helps him to focus on being offensive right from the start. As we saw, even though Denji had lost his arm, he could quickly re-attach it after consuming blood. 

  • Blood Manipulation –

This ability was gained by Denji after forming a contract with Power. Although Denji can’t manipulate blood freely at this moment, similar to Power, it is still a handy ability. 

This is also the ability that allowed him to defeat the invincible Makima by stopping her regenerative powers using Blood Manipulation. Moreover, Denji can also sprout Chainsaws from his body by using Power’s blood.

  • Full-Devil Form –

This is the most powerful ability possessed by Denji, which was feared by all other devils, including Makima. As Makima stated, the Chainsaw Devil in his final form had killed her 26 times before, which is an incredible feat.

 Even all the devils in hell cowered in fear at the Chainsaw Devil’s name and which is why everyone was after its heart. 

The Chainsaw Devil, in his ultimate form, can go on a full rampage and destroy everything in its path. It is almost impossible to stop it since all of its stats get an extra boost.

  • Chainsaw Mastery –

As the Chainsaw Man, Denji has complete control over his chainsaws. He can sprout chainsaws from parts of his body, and its number differs according to the devil form he is in. In his human hybrid form, he is usually seen manifesting chainsaws from his arms, legs, and head. 

The chainsaws don’t stay out forever and can retract if Denji loses too much blood or extend a significant amount of energy. 

He can also detach the chains from his chainsaws and use them in a variety of ways, including pulling an enemy towards himself.

  • Unlimited Stamina –

Once Denji turns into the Chainsaw Man, he gets enhanced strength, enhanced durability, and enhanced endurance. He can make use of all those for an insane amount of time continuously if he can recover simultaneously by drinking blood. 

As we saw in his fight against the Eternity Devil, he kept on fighting it for three days straight without a single amount of rest.

Denji is by far the strongest character in Chainsaw Man owing to the power of the Chainsaw Devil. 

If he manages to control his Full-Devil form in the second arc, he will be vicious and an unstoppable beast. He may also unlock new powers by that time which will make things even more interesting. That’s all for now. Fans can read Chainsaw man officially from Viz Media. We will be back with another power explanation article. Till then stay tuned, stay hyped. 

Chainsaw Man
Image Source: DVD Cover

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Q1- Who does Denji like in Chainsaw Man?

Ans- Denji likes Makima.

Q2- Are Power and Denji dating?

Ans- No, they are not dating.

Q3- How old is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Ans- Denji is 17 years old.

Q4- Does Denji kill Makima?

Ans- Yes, Denji kills Makima.

Q5- Does Denji eat Makima?

Ans- Yes, Denji eats Makima.

Q6- Who will die in Chainsaw Man?

Ans- Makima will die in Chainsaw Man.

Q7- Why is Denji special?

Ans- Denji is special for having the powers of the Chainsaw Devil.

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