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15 Sexiest Cuban Actresses In Hollywood (2023)

Hollywood is the largest film industry in the world, with the highest-grossing and most popular movies. The industry is based in Los Angeles, California, but many people from various other countries, i.e., foreigners, also made it to Hollywood.

There are no race-based restrictions in Hollywood. Cuba is a wonderful country and has some of the best places to visit during vacation. This article will look at some Cuban actresses who made it to Hollywood through their hard work and talent.

15 Sexiest Cuban Actresses in Hollywood

1) Ana de Armas

Name:Ana Celia de Armas Caso
Popular movies:Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out, Knock Knock.

Ana de Armas is a Cuban and Spanish actress. She began her career at 18 in Cuba with a leading role in the drama Una Rosa de Francia. She is a very trending actress nowadays; you must have seen her on social media and in the news.

She suddenly achieved this level of fame and popularity for her lead role in the famous film Ghosted alongside actor Chris Evans. She is known for her looks, as she is a gorgeous actress.

2) Eva Mendes

Name:Eva de la Caridad Méndez
Popular movies:Ghost Rider, 2 Fast, 2 Furious

Eva Mendes is a successful actress. At the start of her career, she used to appear in series and films in a supporting role, but her career got a kick after her mind-blowing performance in Training Day, which led her to get a role in successful films like 2 Fast, 2 Furious, Hitch, and so on.

She is also an ambassador for royal brands like Clavin Klein, Reebok, and others. She came to Hollywood as an inexperienced actress and became successful.

3) Daisy Fuentes

Name: Daisy Fuentes
Popular movies:Curdled, Shutter Speed

Daisy Fuentes was born in Havana, Cuba; later, she moved with her family to the U.S. She used to host weather duties on television. Daisy Fuentes hosted the fashion and modeling series House of Style.

She has appeared in many magazines and has also starred in television advertisements. She is also listed on People en Español’s “50 most beautiful list of women. She also launched a clothing line bearing her name. Each year, she sells $300 million worth of goods.

4) Anabelle Acosta

Name:Anabelle Acosta
Popular movies:Kill Chain, Fat Camp

Anabelle Acosta is a Cuban-born actress. She has appeared in a few films and television shows but has had a successful career. She is famous and well-known for the role of Annabella in HBO’s comedy series Ballers, which was a recurring role.

You must have also noticed her in the ABC television thriller Quantico, playing the role of Natalie Vasquez. She is very charming on screen.

5) Danay Garcia

Name:Danay Aguilar García
Popular movies:Fear the Walking Dead, Sniper: Ultimate Kill

Danay Garcia is a Cuban-born actress. She played her first lead role in Maria Antonia at the very young age of 17. She also auditioned for a character, Camille Montes, for the James Bond film and made it through multiple rounds of auditions for the Bond Girl.

Later, she had to drop the role due to a clause in her Fox contract. Then she starred in the very famous horror drama series Fear the Walking Dead, and she rose to popularity. She had obstacles throughout her career, but she finally made it.

6) Aylín Mújica

Name:Aylín Mújica Ricard
Popular movies:Marian, Fearless Heart

Aylín Mújica was born in Cuba but lived in Miami, Florida, United States. At eight, she started chasing her dreams by performing folk dance, classical ballet, choreography, and music.

At the very start of her career, she used to work as a model in commercials. Throughout her career, she has mainly made her debut in television series. She has also won some awards, such as the ACE, Golden Sun, and more.

7) Gina Torres

Name: Gina Torres
Popular movies:Firefly, Pearson, Suits

Gina Torres is a well-known actress. You must have seen her in multiple T.V. shows or films, as she has appeared in supporting roles in numerous television series and films throughout her career.

She is known for her significant role in the science fiction films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. She has also won and been nominated for several awards. She is also a very kind and beautiful actress.

8) Cameron Diaz

Name:Cameron Michelle Diaz  
Popular movies:The Mask, Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz is a very popular and hot actress. She is one of the most successful actresses in the Hollywood industry, as her films have grossed over 3 billion dollars, which makes her the 5th highest-grossing actress at the domestic box office.

Even her supporting role in films was praised. Throughout her career, she was famous for her roles in action comedies like Bad Teacher, Sex Tape, and The Mask. She has also written The Body Book and The Longevity Book. She is also known for her excellent fashion.

9) Bella Thorne

Name:Annabella Avery Thorne
Popular movies:Shake It Up, Midnight Sun

Bella Throne is a lovely actress. Her father is of Cuban ancestry. She became famous after her role as Margaux Darling in the series Dirty Sexy Money, which was a hit, and she is well known for the drama series My Own Worst Enemy.

Not just acting, she has also ventured into singing; she released her debut single, Watch Me, which was listed on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for its position as eighty-sixth. 

10) Everlayn Borges

Name:Everlay N. Borges
Popular movies:Get Out, Dostana

Everlayn Borges is a Cuban-born actress, dancer, and singer. Her life was never easy; her famous musician father disappeared at sea while attempting to find freedom in the United States. She has appeared in various T.V. series and films.

She is known for her hits like Dostana, Get Out, and Going to California. In Miami, she gained recognition for playing the musical “Miami Libre” at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

11) Laura Ramos

Name:Laura Ramos
Popular movies:Havana Quartet, Wrong Side of Tracks

Laura Ramos is a Cuban actress. There is not much information about her, but she has starred in multiple T.V. shows and films, and she is famous for big hits like Wrong Side of Tracks and Havana Quartet. She is a lovely and stylish actress who looks very young, judging by her age.

12) Christina Milian

Name:Christina Milian
Popular movies:Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Be Cool

Christina Milian is a famous actress and singer. Milian originally wanted to be an actress. But she became famous as a singer and got roles in multiple hits. She signed a contract with Murder Inc.

When she was 19, she released albums under them that charted within the Top 40 of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Later, Milian released the third studio album, So Amazin, which was a successful album and charted in the top 30 on the U.S. Billboard chart.

13) Vida Guerra


Name:Vida Guerra
Popular movies:American Justice

Vida Guerra is originally from CUBA but immigrated to the United States with her family. She started her career by participating in several fashion shows. She has also debuted in Spanish-language television programs and many famous music videos.

She was voted Number 26 in “FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Females” of 2005.

14) Ilza Ponko

Name:Ilza Ponko
Popular movies: All Mankind, Burn Notice

Ilza Ponko is a Cuban-born singer and actress. She is very hot and keen on looks. She has appeared in a few television films, but all are noted as hits. She is also regarded as an underrated actress.

She is famous and known for For All Mankind, La Piloto, and Burn Notice. She is a talented and kind actress, also known for her style.

15) Melissa Fumero 

Name: Melissa Fumero
Age: 41
Height: 1.68m
Popular movies:Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Blockbuster, Bar Fight

Melissa Fumero started her career in 2004. At the start of her career, she rarely played the leading role; mostly, she appeared in movies and series in supporting roles, but she finally got her first primary role in the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which proved to be a hit.

You must have also noticed her in Netflix’s comedy Blockbuster as Eliza Walker.


In Hollywood, there are no restrictions on race; any individual belonging to any country can get starred in Hollywood if the individual is hardworking and passionate about the work. The list is filled with talented actresses from Cuba who made it to Hollywood, succeeded, and left their mark in Hollywood.