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Tokio In Choujin X: Wiki, Power Level & Abilities

Sui Ishida, the mastermind behind the dark fantasy phenomenon Tokyo Ghoul, has returned with a new manga that promises a thrilling blend of superpowers and monstrous transformations. Choujin X throws readers into a world where the allure of superhuman strength is dangled in front of ordinary folks. But at what cost?

Tokio Kurohara

The story follows our cowardly but kind protagonist, Tokio Kurohara, and his best friend Azuma Higashi. The two do everything together. Or rather, Tokio follows in the perfect Azuma’s footsteps, once earning him the moniker of a “vulture” from his elementary school bullies.

However, the world where superhuman mutants named choujins exist is never peaceful. When the duo comes face to face with death, they are faced with two options. Die or inject themselves with a mysterious fluid capable of turning them into a choujin as well. The boys choose the latter option with no hesitation.

Tokio and Azuma

Now, Tokio finally has a chance to shine but life as he knows it will change completely.

Tokio is a protagonist who stands out from the rest. And sometimes, that makes him feel all the more real.

Today, we will be discussing about Tokio. We will be focusing more on his ability aspect but because he is such a multi-layered person, we will try to give justice to his overall character as well!

Tokio Kurohara: Wiki and Story

Japanese Name  黒原 トキオ
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
BirthdayJanuary 13th
Current Age in Manga17
Choujin TypeBestial Choujin – Vulture
The main protagonist of Choujin X, Tokio Kurohara is a young keeper at Yamato Mori. Starting in the series as an ordinary high school student, Tokio lived a more normal life than the other Shounen protagonists. He was not the best student, didn’t cause trouble, and lived very much in the shadow of his best friend, Azuma Higashi, who has always been the picture of academic and athletic excellence.
It is said that when someone turns into a choujin, they take the form of something they desire most in life. Tokio is no exception to this.
During their elementary school years, he and his classmates went on a school trip to the zoo and had to sketch an animal that represented themselves. Following Azuma’s comparison to a lion, Tokio’s peers decided to insult him by comparing him to a vulture, insinuating he is only good for “picking up Azuma’s scraps”.
Tokio's past
Tokio also wanted to be seen as a lion and so he ran away after screaming at his bullies. Azuma found Tokio crying and consoled him by telling him how vultures can fly the highest on Earth. This became a treasured memory for Tokio. Vultures became a big part of him which is why his choujin form is also that of a vulture.
Due to his laid-back personality, Tokio never really had a dream. But, after turning into a choujin and going through everything he did, his ambitions have grown.
Tokio's ambitions
Call him overzealous but he wants a world where both his allies at Yamato Mori and enemies under Zora can reach a middle ground. Of course, that means he will face his situation head-on without running away!

Power Level

Tokio is one of the strongest Choujins in the series. Even Tsukiko Mado acknowledges his power. No one expected him to turn out to be amongst the strongest but it was hinted even before that Azuma knew that Tokio was always talented.

After Tokio and Azum injected her blood, Zora became incredibly interested in Tokio. When Batista captured the trio and took them to the tower of mourning, she revealed that she wanted Tokio to inherit her powers to “prevent” the dark calamity that she foresaw in the future.

After the events at the Tower of Mourning and to defeat Zora in the future, Tokio decides to go to Iwato to train. Sato became his mentor and drilled every kind of skill into him.

After Tokio returns to Yamato, everyone including Azuma notices how much stronger Tokio has become. He has more control over his abilities making him an indestructible force.

It has been hinted several times in the series that he will probably be the next Choujin X.

Tokio’s skills and abilities 

Tokio has been referred to as the “beast” by several characters like Zora. His abilities resemble that of a real vulture since that is the form he takes in his choujin form.

  • Beastification (Full and Partial): Tokio can take the form of a humanoid vulture at will. His full beastifiction turns him from head to toe and is stronger than his partial beastification. However, his partial beastification is also incredibly useful. It allows him to turn individual body parts, needed for the situation, without exhausting himself completely.
    Tokio's abilities
    His beastification grants him greatly enhanced physical capabilities. He can jump high, run fast, and shatter stones with a punch.
  • Armored wings and feather projectiles: Tokio has strong wings. He can harden them enough to protect himself from attacks while still maintaining the agility of a vulture. Furthermore, he can throw his feathers with enough force to pierce his targets. Releasing a number of them at once can make a small tornado.
  • Flight: Tokio’s wings allow him to fly high. He can also use partial beastification to just manifest his wings, allowing him to fly for longer. He can carry one more person while flying.
    Tokio's wings
  • Increased accuracy and reaction speed: Tokio’s choujin form can look into form off distances with unbelievable accuracy like a real vulture. He also grows more sensitive in his choujin form and can react faster to danger.
  • Raise: Like other choujins, Tokio can seemingly “die” and come back to life. He can heal all of his wounds at once, multiple times a day. Raise exhausts his energy but he has used it four times in a single day before.
  • Adamantine Harpe: Tokio has only lost himself to his chaos state once before. During this time, he was able to manifest black harpes that can hamper other choujins from regenerating.
    It is an immensely strong ability Tokio can now manifest small versions of it in his normal choujin state too.


As the story progresses, it will be interesting to see how Tokio hones his control over his abilities. If there ever comes a time when Tokio turns into Choujin X, will he be able to master his vulture-like form and unlock the true potential of his powers? Or will he succumb to the darkness within?

Of course, his journey is far from over and we cannot wait to see where destiny takes him. Fingers crossed Ishida-sensei has a better fate than some of his other protagonists planned for him!

Until next time!