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Shizuka Mikazuki: Past, Role, Relationship & Other Facts in Zom 100

As Zom 100: Bucket List of Dead goes on and releases new episodes, it becomes more popular among fans. As you already read in our previous wiki post on Akira Tendou in Zom 100, Now, let’s get ready to meet Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100, who is the lead female character of the series.

In the newly released Episode 2: Bucket List of the Dead, Shizuka Mikazuki makes her debut. Those who read the manga counterparts are already aware of Shizuka’s beautiful look and her captivating personality.

So let’s get straight to this informative post and find out everything about Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100, such as her past, role, relationships, and other facts. 

Note: Before moving forward, let us remind you that this post contains major spoilers from the Zom 100 manga series.

Shizuka Mikazuki: Wiki

Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100


Shizuka Mikazuki



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High Stamina, High Intellect



I. Past:

Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100

Shizuka Mikazuki is one of the hottest and best characters in Zom 100. Her lovely, beautiful looks and colorful outfits make her look so fashionable. Moreover, she is also a very intelligent girl who has all types of knowledge in every field.

Before the zombie apocalypse, she worked as an Accountant for a multinational company. However, she is not happy about her job and has always wanted to become a doctor since childhood. The only reason for her to work as an accountant is her father’s pressure, who forced her to do this job.

II. Role:

Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100

Thanks to the zombie apocalypse, Shizuka is now released from her father’s pressure, and she doesn’t have to continue her accountant job. Now she can do what she loves, like Akira Tendou, the main character of the series.

However, she doesn’t have any interest in doing naughty stuff like Akira, so she made a separate list. Her list includes the things she wants to do to not become a zombie, such as finding sustainable energy, collecting food and water, etc.

On the other hand, she also adds some of her wishes to Akira’s Bucket list, such as swimming with dolphins, wearing luxurious dresses, and so on. Before joining Akira’s group, she did everything to survive on her own, such as fighting zombies, collecting food and energy, and finding the safest hideout.

As a result, she developed incredible fighting skills and a high intellect that greatly helped her survive in the toughest situations. Moreover, she is one of the main reasons behind Akira’s group’s survival; otherwise, they will definitely be caught under one of the zombies’s attacks.

III. Parents:

Shizuka doesn’t have a good relationship with her father due to his controlling and dominating behavior. As a result, she does not respect him and always wants to escape from his prison-like life.

Her father never allows her to do anything she wants, but rather forces her to do what he wants from her. He also ordered her to abandon a puppy she loved and pick one up from the street.

Moreover, her father is extremely rich and runs a very profitable business. On the other hand, her mother is yet to be revealed in the series.

IV. Relationships

Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100

1) Akira Tendou-

Before meeting Akira, Shizuka did not believe in working in a team and preferred to work alone to survive. However, her mind was changed by Akira’s unique perspective, and she became one of Akira’s friends. Throughout the series, she provides her full support to Akira in completing the bucket list and saving the entire team.

2) Kenichirou Ryuzaki

Shizuka first met Kenichirou along with Akira during a fight against a zombified shark. She was impressed by the excellent team combination of Kenichirou and Akira. As a result, she also joined their team and will enjoy plenty of good moments with them.

3) Beatrix Amerhauser

Shizuka became very happy to meet another female survivor, Beatrix. She is also very impressed by Beatrix’s incredible weapons skills. Later, she became very close to her and loved to hang out with her.

V. Other Facts

  • Shizuka created her own different list of things to do, where she included all the necessary things to do that saved her from becoming a zombie.
  • She loves dogs and also adopted a street puppy, but she later abandoned him under her father’s pressure.
  • Even though she works as an accountant, she has always had a dream to become a doctor.
  • Shizuka possesses an endless supply of stamina, which is developed through intense physical training and a good diet.
  • Her high intellect serves as the key factor in her survival by allowing her to deduce a way to escape from any intense situations without injury.
  • Shizuka is the only character who has immense knowledge about every route and also knows very well about the location of all food supplies.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found everything about Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100 and enjoyed it. Her fearless personality, survival skills, and high intellect make her so popular among manga fans. When the first season of the series is finished, she will definitely become far more popular than she currently is and will create her own huge fan base.

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