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Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer attacks (Anime 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:37 am

Koyoharu Gotoge’s Demon Slayer is a recent hot topic in the anime market. The basic plot primarily depicts, through the life of Tanjiro Kamado, the millennial conflict between humanity and immortal demons.

The Demon Slayer Corps, humanity’s most vital weapon against the Demons, is led by the most skilled swordsmen, the Hashiras.

Due to each Demon Slayer member having separate attacks, fans have always wanted to know the Top 10 strongest Demon Slayer Attacks based on anime 2022.

Therefore, today we present before you all a detailed ranked list of the strongest attacks in the Demon Slayer anime to date.

10) Dead Calm-

Dead CalmGiyu Tomioka’s Dead Calm or the 11th form of Water Breathing is one of the strongest attacks in the Demon Slayer anime.

He uses this technique against Rui, the Lower Rank Five, to defend him from the latter’s uncountable deadly threads.

Giyu enters a state of complete tranquility, where he manages to nullify all the incoming attacks at such speeds that he appears static.

However, the reason behind it being at number 10 is because Dead Calm is more inclined towards the defensive side than attacking.

9) Butterfly Dance: Caprice-

Butterfly Dance: CapriceDespite her short appearance in the anime, Shinobu Kocho, The Insect Hashira has mesmerized everyone with her graceful yet deadly attacks.

The Butterfly Dance: Caprice is one of them, which the Hashira uses for the first time in the anime against the Sister Spider Demon.

In this technique, Shinobu dashes gracefully forward and pierces the demon’s body with her blade, injecting several doses of poison along with it.

Her poison is so lethal against the demons that it immobilizes the demon completely. Her poisons totally compensate for her incapability of decapitating a demon.

8) Palisade Bite-

Inosuke beheading Daki with Palisade biteOn the eighth position on this list of strongest demon slayer attacks, we have Palisade BiteInosuke Hashibara’s Sixth Fang of Beast Breathing.

Inosuke unleashes this powerful, lethal attack on Daki in the Entertainment District Arc.

He releases several slashes simultaneously on the Upper-Rank demon’s neck and continues with the saw-like movement using both his swords.

Before Daki could register what was happening, Inosuke had her decapitated.

7) Constant Flux-

Constant Flux AttackTanjiro’s strongest water Breathing Attack is his Constant Flux or 10th form. We get to see this attack for the first time during Tanjiro’s encounter with Rui, the Lower Rank Five.

Under this technique, Tanjiro attacks continuously, just like freely gushing water that eventually takes up the shape of a mythical dragon.

The attack is powerful, as seen to slash even the toughest of Rui’s threads. The specialty of this attack is that the slashes get firmer with each rotation due to the increase in momentum.

6) Thunderclap and flash- sixfold-

Thunderclap and Flash-SixfoldIn the sixth position, we have Zenitsu’s Thunder Clap and Flash, sixfold. 

A modified version of Thunder Breathing techniques first forms, we get to see this power-packed attack twice in the anime, during Zenitsu’s fight with the spider demon and Daki.

Under this technique, Zenitsu performs his Thunder Clap and Flash in six continuous successions.

This grants him such high speeds that he can take down his opponent even before they can register. The attack can be best described as lighting ripping through the air.

5) String Performance-

Tengen's String PerformanceThe strongest attack of the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, is his 5th form of Sound Breathing Technique, String Performance.

It acts as both attack as well a defense. Tengen used his String Performance when the fight with Gyutaro, the Upper Moon Six, was nearing its end.

In this technique, we see Uzui gripping his Nichirin Cleavers by the chain and rotating them at such speed that it produces a wheel of slashes as he dashes forward.

It also forms a defensive wall that protects him from any incoming attacks.

To further enhance its destructive powers, Uzui uses detonating bombs that do immense physical damage to the opponent demon.

4) Flame Tiger-

Kyojuro's Flame TigerThe Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku’s second strongest attack, Flame Tiger. The 5th form of Flame Breathing, Flame Tiger, was used during Rengoku’s fight with Akaza.

Kyojuro produced a series of slashes whose flames eventually took the shape of a Tiger, dashing towards the Upper-Rank Three. 

The intensity of the attack was immense and, despite Akaza’s hardened body, caused a deep slash across his torso. It also countered all of Akaza’s defensive attacks without losing its power, which shows Flame Tiger’s actual power.

3) Hinokami Kagura- Clear blue sky-

Hinokami Kagura Clear Blue SkyTanjiro’s second attack was influenced by his father’s Hinokami Kagura dance, which is later, revealed to be the Sun Breathing Technique.

Tanjiro introduces us to this immensely powerful attack during his fight with Enmu, the Lower Rank One.

Tanjiro spins his body vertically to produce a 360-degree slash under his Hinokami Kagura breathing technique.

He uses this attack to cut off the immensely tough bone that connects Enmu to the Mugen train.

The attack was so strong that it not only severed the bone but also sent tremors throughout the train, eventually causing it to derail.

2) God Speed-

Zenitdu beheading Daki with his Godlike speedNotably, Zenitsu’s strongest attack in the Demon Slayer anime to date, God Speed, is a modified form of Thunder Clap and Flash, the First Thunder Breathing Form.

We get introduced to this magnanimous attack for the first time in the Entertainment District Arc during Zenitsu’s fight with Daki.

Here we see Zenitsu performing his Thunderclap and Flash attack by increasing its power and speed to superhuman levels.

He takes on the Upper-Rank Six with such speed and force that the latter gets almost negligible time to react and defend herself.

1) Rengoku-

th form of Flame Breathing: RengokuThe Flame Hashira, Kyojuro’s strongest Demon Slayer attack, Rengoku. Literally translated, it stands for “purgatory,” emphasizing its destructive powers.

It is his 9th form of Flame Breathing technique. We get to see this tremendously powerful attack for the first time during Kyojuro’s fight against Akaza.

Under this technique, The Flame Hashira initiated a devastating dashing slash and moved forward with such force that it created an envelope of fire around him.

Even the ground was set ablaze, with a deep crater at the attack’s initiation point.

The flames then took the form of a mythical fiery Japanese dragon that intended to gulp up its enemy and burn them to ashes.

This attack almost vertically sliced up the Upper Moon Three into half. The thunderous rumbling sounds that it produced reflect the attacks devastating capabilities.

Where to Read and Watch Demon Slayer

With its skyrocketing popularity, Demon Slayer, a.k.a. Kimetsu no Yaiba, has been made available on several platforms for streaming online.

Netflix and Funimation are two of the most popular websites where you can go and stream it online. As for the manga, several websites provide its softcopy and are just one internet search away.

Here we conclude our article on the most powerful Demon Slayer attacks. We intend to bring more of such exciting articles in the upcoming days. Until then, goodbye and happy watching.


Image Source- Wiki Fandom, Demon Slayer Anime

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