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(2023) Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Gladiators in Kengan Omega Ranked

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:46 am

Kengan Omega is the sequel to Kengan Ashura and is equally popular and engaging like it.

The thirteen Purgatory Gladiators are the main attractions of this series, and each of them has their own unique skills and abilities. Today we will be ranking them and form a list of the top 13 strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega.

The power level gap between the top and bottom fighters in Kengan Omega is too high.

As a result, the main competition for places is going to be in the bottom half of this list. The ranking is based on the skills, strength, and techniques that the fighter showed during the match.

The competition between the Kengan and the Purgatory is now at its climax. Therefore it is the best time to rank all the Purgatory Gladiators. Let’s begin.

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Gladiators in Kengan Omega Ranked-

  • 13) Terashi-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedTerashi made his appearance in Purgatory to overpower Nicolas. He is not a fighter; he is an assassin.

He is bound with a contract to take down Nicolas Le Banner. In order to be selected in the A-Tier list, he asked Dr. Hanafusa to modify his body.

After the surgical procedure to his hypothalamus, his body can shiver 15 times greater than a normal human being, and with its help, he can transfer the impact of the blow either towards the ground or on the opponent itself.

The second modification is the Imperial Eye, which exceeds his kinetic vision. With these two techniques, he qualified for the A-List gladiator.

However, he had no experience in Martial Arts fights, that’s why in the end, he lost to the King of Combat, Okobu Naoya. It’s no doubt that he was the weakest fighter among all the Purgatory Gladiators.

  • 12) Falcon-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedFalcon, the King of Destruction, or the Roving Death, made his appearance in the second round against Rihito, the Superhuman.

He is not a good fighter but a deadly assassin too. After becoming inspired by a movie about ninjas, he developed his own style of ninjutsu in battles.

This is one of his strongest points since it confuses his enemies as to where he will attack next. His Falcon-Style Ninja Arts and Damascened Thrust are two of his most potent abilities.

As justified by Muteba, he is a strong foe. His dream is to overpower Kuroki Gensai, his role model.

During the fight with Rihito, he used his trump card, Toxic Avenger, in which his kicks are embedded in a weak poison.

When the poison started to show effect in Rihito’s body, he felt dizzy and lost. It was the technique used by ancient fighters. F

alcon is one of the strongest Purgatory Gladiators, but he is ranked at second last because the other ones are the monsters as compared to him.

  • 11) Yumigahama-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedYumigahama, popularly known as The Traitor Fang, is the previous holder of the title Fang of Metsudo.

He has a large and scary appearance with his arrogance on top of it. However, this trait of his works against him and can be used by his opponents to rile him up.

Although he has great offensive power, he is not mentally strong enough to predict his opponents’ next move.

His main techniques are Kamijo Style Spearmanship and Kokuki Dual Sword Style, which can deal massive damage to his opponents.

He was the sixth Fang of Metsudo due to his overwhelming techniques; however, in our opinion, his nature of underestimating his opponents gives him a major disadvantage.

He fought Misasa, the current Fang of Metsudo, in the fight. There is no doubt, Misasa’s technique and strength are far greater than Yumigahama’s, and in spite of this, Yumigahama also underestimated him.

This led to an overwhelming defeat of Yumigahama. 

  • 10) Nicolas-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedNicolas is a former special forces operative who has a very charming appearance.

However, one should not be fooled by his outer looks since he is a talented gladiator owing to all the experiences he had in his time at Special Forces Operative.

We popularly know him as the Grim Reaper of Paris, and rightly so. His trump card in battles is a technique called Sahate that specifically targets the nervous system of his opponents and renders them senseless.

But it is a very unpredictable technique since the opponent can already launch an attack on Nicolas before the effect of his technique takes place.

We have witnessed in the series, he is a bloodthirsty psychopath, and when he is in beast mode, he becomes unbelievably strong.

Even Lolong described him as a powerful opponent. His reaction time is far much better than an average human.

However, in the fight, his opponent was Akoya, the Executor whose reaction time is even better than Nicolas’, and he is a more bloodthirsty psychopath.

The round between the psychopaths transformed into a deadly fight; therefore, Lolong had to step in to cease this round.

  • 9) Alan Wu-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedThe King of Slaughter makes his way into ninth place on this list. Another clan member who could use 100 percent Removal

Like Yumigahama, he was quite arrogant and disregarded the power of the other gladiators. He liked to toy with his opponents before dealing the fatal blow on them.

He had a nasty bloodthirst and liked to go on the offensive from the very start of his battles. By adding the Huisheng technique in Guihun, he could use 100 percent power of Removal. 

No one knows how strong he was. Because in the end, due to his overconfidence, he was brutally massacred by Raian in the match.

We have placed him in 9th position after discussing it with many fans. However, even we don’t know where to rank him.

  • 8) Naidan-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedNaidan was without a doubt one of the strongest Purgatory fighters in Kengan Omega and a high-ranking member of the worm. He was one of the silent types and did not speak a whole lot.

His specialty was the fact that he acquired all of his powers through rigorous training and built up a strong body capable of putting up a great fight.

He could plummet his opponents to the ground with his huge storage of raw power and had an incredible resistance.

He was a practitioner of bökh, Mangolian Wrestling. Moreover, he could also use Eye of the Sky to enter a state of flow, further enhancing the power of his attacks.

He was truly a capable and strong fighter. Also, in the fight, if he wanted, he could easily defeat Goah Ryuki, his opponent, during the match. 

  • 7) Liu-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedLiu is one of the Purgatory Gladiators whom the fans know as the Serpent of the Three Demon Fists.

He is a prodigy in martial arts, and his skills are one to match. He usually keeps himself composed and tries to analyze everything before making his move in any battle.

His main strength lies in one-on-one combat, and he has the best chance to come out victorious in a direct battle. However, he sometimes loses his cool during matches leading to defeats.

He is a master of five different styles, including the Yang Clan Steel Fist and the Hong Clan Eight Trigrams Palm. No doubt, based on techniques, he is far above any other fighter. 

Even Lolong appraised him as a fighter with great potential. Some of the techniques that we witnessed in the Omega series are a double kick, earthquake foot, Fa-Jin, Horse Stance, Hua-Jin, One Inch Punch, and Tie Shan Kao.

In the match, he defeated Nitoku, who is also a very powerful Kengan fighter. It is mentioned in the series, Liu has defeated Naidan in the friendly match. That’s why we have placed him at 7th position.

  • 6) Carlos Medel-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedCarlos Medel or El Dorado (the Golden Emperor) used to be a boxer professional.

He has previously won the title of champion in every weight category in boxing and decided to take his skills and talents to underground fights.

He is proud and confident in his abilities as a gladiator and can pose a severe challenge to any opponent. 

We saw his boxing skills against Gaolang, the Thai God of War. Not only this, he was able to use a fighting style called Capoeira to dominate his opponent.

In the series, it is also described that Medel defeated Liu in the Purgatory match. Therefore we have listed him at 6th position in the rankings.

He is, without a doubt, one of the best Purgatory Fighters. However, we are still unsure; is he capable of defeating Mudo and Tian in the fight?

  • 5) Toa Mudo-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedToa Mudo is known by his nickname of The Beast of Destruction. Owing to his huge gigantic, and muscular stature, he can send ripples down his opponent’s spine with just one look.

He is not like the other Kengan Omega Fighters and is not to keep his calm in battles. He lives strongly by his ideals and doesn’t care about opponents who are not up to his level.

He uses The Mudo Family Secret technique: Maungamanawa, which involves absorbing the opponents’ attacks with reduced damage and sending it back to them, the same as the Niko Style.

It isn’t easy to rank both Mudo and Tian because they both possess an overwhelming strength with techniques. In the fight, he overwhelmed Julius based on techniques.

However in terms of raw strength, Julius crushed him. In contrast, Julius displayed him, “Those who are truly strong… need no techniques!!”

  • 4) Lu Tian-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedLu Tian is a deadly beast and by far one of the best Kengan Omega fighters. He is a part of the Three Demon Fists and is known as the Centipede.

He is also affiliated with the organization known as Worm and, like Mudo, has a huge muscular body.

He tends to form outstanding bonds with others in an attempt to hide his inner beastly nature. Moreover, his learning under The Other Niko has dramatically improved his fighting capabilities.

His specialty is the Formless stance which is a highly aggressive move at his disposal.

His combatant style even surpasses Agito’s Formless Technique. He was only defeated because he had given up on his technique for Removal.

There is no doubt; he is one of the best gladiators in Purgatory. Even Agito faced too much difficulty in defeating him. That’s why he is ranked at 4th position. 

  • 3) Jurota-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedBeing a King of the Purgatory, Jurota is naturally taking his place in the top two of this list as one of the Strongest Fighters in Kengan Omega.

He goes by the name of The Gentle King due to his calm and cool approach to everything.

He is a firm believer in stoicism and does not waste his time in dealing with unnecessary activities.

He is a clinical master of Judo and special technique; the Swing is almost impossible to dodge for even the strongest of fighters in the Purgatory. 

It is impossible to defeat him in the fight. His ideology is to defeat opponents within rules, and this led him to defeat. 

Hayami Masaki, his opponent, is an intelligent fighter with great resilience. During the fight, he took advantage of both rules and Jurota’s ideology to win the match. 

  • 2) Fei-

Wakatsuki vs. Fei (Kengan Omega)Fei was the third and final member of the Three Demon Fists, or we can say the self-proclaimed “Tiger Vessel.

He was not only talented but the only fighter who survived all the rituals in order to become the Tiger Vessel.

He was the only student of the Evil Niko who knew the advanced Niko Style that even surpasses Ohma’s Niko Style. 

Only with his Niko Style, he overwhelmingly crushed Wakatsuki in the battle. After that, he used the Niko Style secret technique, Divine Devil, which is the application of both Possessing Spirit and Fallen Demon. 

With this technique, he even surpassed Wakatsuki in terms of raw strength. This was the first time someone in strength overpowered Wakatsuki.

However, Fei’s body was not compatible enough to hold Divine Devil for a long time, and it led to his death in between the match.

  • 1) Rolón Donaire (Lolong)-

Top 13 Strongest Purgatory Fighters in Kengan Omega RankedLolong or Rolón Donaire, The Monster of Manila, is the king and the strongest gladiator in Purgatory.

He is the master of Silat that even Misasa is feared of him. His pre-initiative is far better than Ohma’s. In the past, he even challenged Kuroki Gensai and drew the match.

Even Kuroki Gensai acknowledges him as a powerful fighter. Currently, he is fighting with Ohma Tokita in the last match.

The result of this match will lead to the final victory of either Purgatory or Kengan Association. We will update this post once we get to know more about Rolón Donaire.

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On that note, we can finally conclude our ranking of the top 13 strongest Purgatory Gladiators in Kengan Omega. It was quite natural that the two kings & Fei took the top three spots.

However, it is also difficult to rank Fei. He was on the level of Rolón after the use of Divine Devil.

But as per the recent chapter, Ohma classified that Rolón is an expert in close-range fights, and without the Kure Techniques, it would be difficult to handle him.

That’s why we have placed the King of Purgatory at the top. Keep on the lookout for another ranking article from us as we end this here.


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