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Top 10 Strongest Record of Ragnarok Human Fighters Ranked (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:26 am

Record of Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated manga series of 2022. Many of you are desperate to know about the strongest Record of Ragnarok human fighters. In this series, all of the Gods gather and decide to wipe off humanity.

However, Brunhilde, a valkyrie, persuaded them to give humans a single chance to show their worth. As a result, they organize a battle tournament called “Ragnarok,” in which humans battle against Gods. Throughout the tournament, several human fighters exhibited their tremendous power and ability.

Some human fighters succeeded in defeating God, while others fought bravely against them. So, without any delay, let’s dive into the list of the top 10 strongest Record of Ragnarok human fighters ranked.

10. Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki (Record of Ragnarok)

Sakata Kintoki was chosen by Brunhilde from the Heian period of Japan, who fought for the human side. He is a Japanese folk hero who was born with superhuman strength and raised by a mountain witch.

Sakata first appeared in the latest chapter 65 and only showed his very brief overview during his conversation with Buddha. Even though we see his brief overview, he seems quite intellectual, which is why he easily tracks down Buddha’s position in a matter of seconds.

While his powers and skills are yet to be shown, this is the only reason for ranking him in our last position. However, he may be one of the strongest human fighters who also gave tough fights to gods, like other human fighters.

9. Michel Nostradamus

Michel Nostradamus (Record of Ragnarok)

Michel Nostradamus is known as the greatest Prophet of the Century. He made his first debut in chapter 55 and only showed his goofy and annoying side. Despite his short stature, he shows his incredible power by destroying Bifröst, the wall between hell and heaven, for no real reason.

Michael also mentioned Brunhilde’s joker card, which will provide humans with a great victory over God. However, he does not show any sign of his power and skills yet. As a result, he lies in the ninth position on this list.

8. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was the greatest scientist of his time, whose inventions changed the world forever. He is fighting in the eighth round of Ragnarok against Beelzebub, the God of flies. Due to his extraordinary intellectual skills and creations, he is the only human in history regarded as a sorcerer.

Nikola creates a divine weapon known as the Super Automaton with the help of Göndul and other scientists. This armor provides him with incredible endurance and stamina, which helps him in defeating Beelzebub.

However, his fight is yet to start, and we have not explored the full extent of his powers. As a result, he ranks below Jack and other human fighters.

7. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper (Record of Ragnarok)

Jack the Ripper is the most infamous serial killer in human history who murdered people just to see their fear of death. He fights for the human side in the fourth round of Ragnarok against Heracles, the God of fortitude.

As an assassin, Jack expertly used tactics and weapons rather than raw power to defeat Heracles. Despite being weaker than other human fighters, he succeeds in defeating God by using his great plan and strong willpower.

As a result, Jack achieved the 7th position in the strongest record of Ragnarok human fighters.

6. Lü Bu

Lü Bu (Record of Ragnarok)

Lü Bu, popularly known as the Flying General, was the strongest warrior of China. He fought in the first round of Ragnarok against Thor, Thunder Berserker. Despite being a human, he possesses god-like physical strength, speed, endurance, and stamina.

Lü Bu is an expert at wielding a halberd in the fight and is able to split the sky for several miles. Even though he takes a direct hit from the powerful attacks of Thor, his strong willpower helps him to stand and fight back.

His continuous attempts to defeat Thor make him one of the strongest record of Ragnarok human fighters.

5. Raiden Tameemon

Raiden Tameemon (Record of Ragnarok)

Raiden Tameemon is a famous Japanese sumo wrestler of all time. He fights for humanity in the fifth round of Ragnarok against Shiva, the Strongest God of Destruction. He has great control over his muscles and possesses the strongest muscles in human history, even stronger than Adam.

As a sumo wrestler, he only used his physical strength and various powerful moves, such as Yatagarasu, Shishimai, Wild Boar, etc., to defeat Shiva. Even though he is not as strong as Shiva, he gave a tough fight to him and heavily damaged him.

If Raiden is not chosen to fight against Shiva, he might win any other round against powerful gods. As a result, he is regarded as one of the strongest Record of Ragnarok human fighters.

4. Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang (Record of Ragnarok)

Qin Shi Huang was the founder of the Qin Dynasty and the greatest Emperor in Chinese history. He is fighting against Hades, the King of Helheim, in the seventh round of Ragnarok.

Qin Shi is a highly skilled martial artist and creates his own unique fighting style by combining the other five styles. Despite having incredible strength, speed, and endurance, he possesses some special abilities, like Qi Sight and Mirror Touch Synesthesia.

These abilities distinguish him from other human fighters and greatly help him in defeating Hades. His indomitable will and mysterious abilities are the reasons for his great win against the Gods.

3. Kojiro Sasaki

Kojiro Sasaki (Record of Ragnarok)

Kojiro Sasaki was first introduced as history’s strongest loser, but later, he became the strongest swordsman in human history. He fought against Poseidon, the Tyrant of the Sea, in the third round of Ragnarok.

Kojiro is the fastest human fighter, even faster than Adam and Zeus. Because his movements were hard to follow for Ares, who saw all the moves of Adam and Zeus with ease, he predicted all of the moves of Poseidon by using his supernatural ability and succeeded in landing his own.

His supernatural abilities and survival skills are the main reasons for Kojiro’s winning against Poseidon. As being the fastest human fighter and providing the first win to humanity, he deserves to lie in the third spot on this list.

2. Buddha

Buddha (Record of Ragnarok)

Buddha is basically a god himself, but he fights from humanity’s side in the sixth round of Ragnarok. In his fight against Zerofuku, the fusion of the Seven Lucky Gods, he shows his godly powers and abilities.

Buddha’s single kick is powerful enough to do him huge damage and make him cough up blood. Even after Zerofuku was absorbed by the Demon lord, Hajun, he still continued fighting. Even though he takes massive damage from him, he succeeds in defeating him by using his various powerful divine moves.

His speed and reflexes are comparatively the same as Zeus’, which makes him the second strongest Record Ragnarok human fighter.

1. Adam

Adam (Record of Ragnarok)

Adam is the Father of Humanity who fought for mankind in the second round of Ragnarok against Zeus, the God Father of Cosmos. He possesses godly strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance because he was created in the image of the Gods.

Adam also has a rare ability that allows him to copy any move, even God’s moves, by just taking a single look at them. He showed his incredible power by giving a toe-to-toe fight to the strongest God. He never shows any sign of stress against Zeus, even provoking him to use his full extent.

Despite losing his sight, he continuously punched him and tried to defeat him until his last breath. There is no doubt that Adam is the strongest record of Ragnarok human fighters, but he is also one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

All these top 10 Record of Ragnarok human fighters make the series more interesting and amazing. Regardless of their position on this list, they all are strongest in their respective fields and deserve the same amount of love.

Each of them has unique and powerful skills that distinguish them from one another. We hope you’ve learned everything you need to know about the strongest record of Ragnarok human fighters.

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