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(2021) Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked

Last updated on February 20th, 2022 at 12:14 am

The Beginning After The End is a fantasy-based novel written by TurtleMe. Currently, there are 8 volumes with a total of 338 chapters, with a new chapter releasing every weak on Tapas. 

This novel received a webcomic adaptation in 2018 illustrated by Fuyuki23. This series is a treatise for those who are sucker for epic war drama filled with fantasy and a dash of romance. In all, this series is a package deal tending to the needs of many.

King Grey is the pinnacle of power in his kingdom. After ruthless campaigns and military conquests, he sat on the throne but at the cost of his loved ones. 

However, one fine day he is transported to the mystical continent of Dicathen, where he is reborn as Arthur Leywin. An infant with the consciousness of a middle-aged man- a perfect recipe for disaster or the only hope against the impending danger. 

Dicathen is a land full of magic and mana beasts. Three separate kingdoms of humans, dwarfs, and elves reside on this continent.

 However, when tragedy strikes in the face of the powerful Vitra Clan of Alacrya, they are forced to forgo their differences and form an alliance. As the war brews, Arthur vows to protect his loved ones and not repeat past mistakes. 

Things get interesting with the entry of Asuras- deity like mighty beings as the war between the two continents is the remnant of war fought between the Asuras and the Vitra Clan Leader Agrona.

Mages can manifest magic due to the help of mana particles found abundantly in nature. Depending upon the strength of the individual and continued growth, the mana core progresses further, allowing the individual to cast more monstrous magic spells. 

The mana core becomes purer as impurities are filtered out over time, with the stages for each color being dark, solid, and light. The colors of the mana core include Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Silver, and White. 

Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of Top 20 Strongest the Beginning After The End Characters, which might come as a shock to those who haven’t read the novel.

Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters-

  • 20. Lucas Wykes –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: @Noname (Pinterest)

Lucas is a half-bred between a human and an elf slave. He belongs to the prestigious Wykes family who is notorious for using any unethical means to breed stronger heirs. 

Lucas is an arrogant, pompous fellow who considers everyone trash. He is Class A conjurer with fire affinities. He is usually hated by everyone as he treats everyone as mere filthy peasants and uses brute force to threaten people. Eventually, he was crushed by Arthur when he tried to assassinate Tessia.

  • 19. Kaspian Bladeheart –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: tbate.fandom

Kaspain is the guild master of the Xyrus Adventurer’s Guild. He is an AA Class augmenter with strong wind affinities. He fought with Arthur during his rank evaluation exam.

He is a quick-witted person who’s an expert in reading between the lines. At first glance, he knew something is strange about Arthur and wanted to test his theory. Later, he helped Arthur to escape the judgment against Lucas Wykes.

  • 18. Jasmine Flamesworth –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: @Vellam (Pinterest)

Jasmine is a member of the Twin Horns and is an AA Class mage with wind attributes. Belonging to the mighty Flamesworth Family, famous for contributing many strong fire attribute mages, she was shunned by the family for having wind attributes. 

She is a reserved person but is highly observant of her surroundings. She, along with her dual daggers and stealth, is a force to reckon with.

  • 17. Helen Shard –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: tbate.fandom

She is the current leader of the Twin Horns and is a wind attribute mage. She is a composed person who does not lose her calm when faced with danger. She is an avid archer whose arrows don’t seem to miss no matter the constraints.

  • 16. Tessia Eralith –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: @Z3RO (Pinterest)

She is an elf princess and the childhood friend of Arthur. She specializes in plant magic. Once receiving the corrupted Beast Will of the Elderwood Guardian she was able to break through the silver core stage, however, her body could not keep up with the changes as the Elderwood Guardian began to take control of her body. With correct training, she can use the borrowed powers and can shoot vines and shards with monstrous velocities.

  • 15. Elderwood Guardian –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: tbate.fandom

Elderwood Guardian is an S-class mana beast whom Arthur encountered during his dungeon raid. The Guardian is a more humongous and intimidating version of ‘Groot.’

 He uses mist to create illusions and then captures the enemy devouring the whole. It has explosive regeneration abilities and shoots deadly wines. However, he was crushed by Arthur only when Arthur unleashed his Beast Will.

  • 14. Mica Earthborn –

Mica is a dwarf hailing from the kingdom of Drav. She is one of the six lances sworn to protect the continent of Dicathen. Mica is a white stage mana core mage and has affinities to earth-based magic. She is also one of the few dwarfs who are powerful enough to manipulate gravity.

  • 13. Bairon Wykes –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: quora.com

Bairon is the elder half-brother of Lucas. He is one of the six lances who pledged allegiance towards Dicathen. He is a white-core mage who specializes in electricity type of magic.

His animosity with Arther grew when the latter defeated Lucas. However, due to the looming war, they decided to corporate with each other.

  • 12. Olfred Warend –

Olfred is a dwarf from the kingdom of Drav and also, one of the six lances sworn to protect Dicathen. He is a strict disciplinarian and is highly obedient towards his superiors.

He specializes in the earth and fire attribute of magic. He can make stone golems in form of soldiers and can control magma which is hot enough to destroy everything in the path. However, he betrayed the Council to aid in the sinister plot of Rahdeas.

  • 11. Aya Grephin –

Aya is an elf from the kingdom of Elenoir and is one of the six lances sworn to protect Dicathen. She is a white stage core mage specializing in wind and sound attributes. She manipulates sound to sound more captivating grabbing the attention of the speaker. Also, she likes to punish people through her illusions.

  • 10. Sylvie –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image source: @Ginto62 (twitter)

Sylvie is the daughter of Sylvia and Agrona Vritra and also the bond of Arthur. While she was an egg she was given to Arthur by Sylvia to protect her from Agrona. Sylvie is an arura of the Indrath clan .

She is a mighty dragon with black scales and two pairs of horns. She can shapeshift and usually remains as a white fox-like creature. Since the return from Epheotus, the abilities have grown at an alarming rate.

She can shapeshift into a human form now. The mighty dragon is so powerful that even a glance at the beast gives many a scare of a lifetime.

  • 9. Cynthia Goodsky –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Souce: tbate.fandom

Cynthia is the director of the Xyrus Academy and a late silver core mage with wind and sound attributes. She is the master of these elements as she commands exceptional control over them.

She can make huge vortexes, soundproof barriers, and high shrieking sounds. She was a former spy of Alacrya sent to Dicathen for reconnaissance purposes. However, she fell in love with the continent and vowed to protect it.

She was bound by a curse if she told anything about her being a spy. Later, she was overpowered by Cadell- a schyte of the Alacryans forces.

  • 8. Cylrit –

Cylrit is one of the retainers of the Alacryan forces – next to the position of Scythes. He is a deviant who specializes in black fog. He releases vast quantities of black sooty fog reducing the visibility to zero. He then uses it to attack his enemies. Initially, when Arthur met Him, his caliber and power were beyond the former.

  • 7. Varay Aurae –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source : tbate.fandom.com

She is one of the six lances of Dicathen and represents the kingdom of Sapin. She is considered the strongest amongst the lances and no one dares to override her authority.

She is a white core stage mage specializing in the ice attribute. Her deadly magic and intimidating aura make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

  • 6. Elijah Knight – 
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source : tbate.fandom

For as long as he could remember, Elijah was brought up by Rahdeas of the kingdom of Drav. He had no recollection of his memories. He befriended Arthur and attended the Xyrus Academy with him.

He was kidnapped by the Alacryan forces and taken to the continent of Alacrya. Later, he returned as one of the Scythe of Alcryan forces harboring great animosity towards Aurthur.

He has a strong affinity towards the earth and black metal attributes. He can conjure massive equipments out of thin air and can also make massive boulders out of the earth.

  • 5. Uto –

Uto is one of the retainers of the Alacryan forces – the second deadliest warriors after the scythes. He was the one that after torturing Alea left her to bleed. In a battle between Aurther and him, he was defeated by Seris. Later on, he was captured and kept in a dungeon for interrogation.

  • 4. Arthur Lewin –
Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: u/nani9 (reddit)

He is the main protagonist of the story. Arthur is a quadra elemental mage with strong affinities to wind, water, fire, and earth. Along with them, he can control the higher forms of the elements like gravity, lightning, ice, & sound. On receiving Sylvia’s beast will, Arthur possessed the ability to manipulate time and space.

He is an avid swordsman due to his memories of past life. After shattering his white stage mana core he was able to utilize Aether– a mana kind of substance used by the Asuras. The aether core gave him monstrous abilities along with that he became a human-asura hybrid.

  • 3. Cadell –

Cadell is one of the deadliest Scythes of the Alacryan forces working directly under the command of Agrona. His body is covered in black armor with two horns protruding out of his head.

He is the one Arthur encountered when the former tried to assassinate Sylvia. He has infiltrated the castle many times and there is some suspicion that he is the one that crushed Cynthia Goodsky.

  • 2. Seris –

She is one of the Scythes of the Alacryan forces who defeated Uto easily when the latter fought with Arthur. However, it is not clear whether she is a friend or a foe.

She is a formidable opponent and can shoot powerful beams of explosive light. She can conjure strong barriers to nullify the enemy’s attack. Seris can change the form of her Mana sword into a whip and can deliver deadly blows with it.

Top 20 Strongest The Beginning After The End Characters Ranked
Image Source: netflix.com

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Strongest The Beginning After The End Character-

  • 1. Agrona Vritra –

Agrona is the main antagonist of the series. He is an asura belonging to the Basilisk race- famous for their serpentine appearance. In Epheotus, his race was concerned with knowledge, doing countless experiments to disclose the secrets of the world.

But when this obsession grew they began human experimentation on the Alacryan people to revenge from the Asuras and to rule the two continents wielding the highest power. We have to wait a little longer for the author to unveil the true extent of his powers and abilities.

Honorary Mention-

  • Asuras –

Aruras are all mighty deity-like beings residing in the continent of Epheotus. Unlike mana, they manifest aether which provides them with power unfathomable by any human, elf, and dwarf.

These beings have looked after the inhabitants of the two continents since the Age of Beasts. They bestowed the artifacts to the royal families who provide deadly capabilities to the Lances.
Firstly, Arthur met Windstom, who told the former about the asuras and later took him to Epheotus for further training.

There Kodri and Wren Kain mentored him to use and manifest aether. Sylvia was a member of the Indrath clan and also the mother of Sylvie. She gave her beast will to Arthur and even knew about Arthur being King Grey.

Here was our list of Top 20 Strongest the Beginning after the End Characters, according to the novel. Many entries in this list might not make sense as these characters or their powers have not been revealed in the webcomic yet.

With so many secrets and mind wrecking twists, this series is a must-read. One can read both the novel and the webcomic on Tapas. As the story progresses, only time will tell what all changes would be made to this list. Till then, stay tuned to know more.


Q1- Who is Caera Denoir in The Beginning After The End?

Ans– Caera is an Alacryan high blood noble of the House Denoir. After her Vritra blood manifested she trained under Seris who gave her a relic that helped her to hide her identity and escape.

Q2- How old is Arthur in The Beginning After The End?

Ans– Currently, in the web novel, Arthur is around 17 years old. However, King Grey was in his mid-thirties.

Q3- Did Arthur die in The Beginning After The End?

Ans– Arthur is very much alive in The Beginning After The End. Though after the war with Alyacra came to an end many assumed that he died. He let people believe it as he planned to covertly unearth all the mysteries surrounding him and Alacrya.

Q4- What happens to Tessia in The Beginning After The End?

Ans– After the war between Alacrya and Dicathen slowly came to an end, Elijah and Cadell tried to capture Tessia without hurting her. Elijah made numerous attempts to capture her and finally succeeded. Tessia forgoes her rights to the throne in exchange for freedom for her subjects.

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