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Toru Hagakure: All About The Most Beautiful Girl In MHA

My Hero Academia rose to popularity thanks to its interesting plot, thorough world-building, and lovable characters. The main characters of the series are the students of Class 1-A of the Hero Course of U.A. Academy. Among the colorful students, one who doesn’t catch our eyes, literally, is Toru Hagakure.

Thanks to her invisibility, we don’t get to see much of Hagakure, though she is quite chatty and has a good rapport with all of her classmates. However, there hasn’t been a significant moment for her to shine through which makes her an unlikely character to root for.

Fortunately, in the Final War Arc, Hagakure finally has her moment to establish herself as an interesting character capable of holding our attention. Not only that but she also turns out to be one of the most beautiful girls in the series. In this article, we’ll talk about everything related to Toru Hagakure in My Hero Academia.

Toru Hagakure in My Hero Academia

I. Appearance


The primary characteristic of Toru Hagakure is her invisibility. For the longest time, both the characters and the readers had no idea what she looked like. It isn’t until Chapter 337 that we can an idea about her appearance. During the U.A. Traitor Arc, when it’s finally revealed that Yuga Aoyama is the traitor of the U.A. Academy who has been passing inside information to All For One, a hint of Toru’s appearance is shown.

It’s Aoyama’s Naval Laser that sheds light, literally, on Toru’s appearance. Toru is a slender figure and is the shortest girl in Class 1-A. She has wavy and messy chartreuse hair, streaked with light pink and reaching just below her shoulders.

Her eyes are big and curtained by thick light yellow eyelashes. Toru’s upper eyelashes are more prominent than her lower ones. Her eyes are also very interesting, her irises are a mixture of two colors: violet at the top and teal at the bottom. There is another circle of light yellow within her irises, surrounding the pupils.

Over the course of the story, Toru wears numerous outfits. Though her body isn’t visible, the clothes always are. Because of this, her Hero costume consists of nothing but a pair of gloves and a pair of boots. This costume makes sure that she remains vigilant around the enemy and maintains her stealth attacks.

Like every Hero, she has a winter costume. But due to the nature of her Quirk, she can’t cover herself and only upgrades the costume with thicker and higher boots.

II. Quirk


Toru Hagakure’s Quirk is one of the most obvious ones in the story. Her Quirk, Invisibility, allows her entire body to become completely invisible. Meaning, that light rays cannot be reflected on the atoms that make her body. This, however, gives her the ability to refract light rays that pass through her with her body. The refraction causes the intensity of the light rays to increase and show themselves in blinding flashes.

Her Quirk is clearly not the strongest and isn’t really useful in fights. But it does give her the opportunity to use stealth as her weapon and take her enemies by surprise while collecting valuable information. She’s quite capable in her stealth skills, able to avoid being detected by Mezo Shoji whose Quirk makes him very efficient in sensory detection.

Toru also manages to keep herself hidden during the U.A. Traitor Arc when Aoyama is talking with his parents about fulfilling the mission for All For One. This is how she discovers who the real traitor of the U.A. is. 

To make her Quirk more useful, Toru also practices how to control the direction of the refraction, redirecting it in any way she wants.  During the Provisional Hero License Exam, she uses her Invisibility Quirk to redirect sunlight into her targets’ eyes, causing them to become unable to see for a few moments. She names this technique Warp Refraction.

Later Toru practices this technique with Aoyama to combine their Quirks for an attack in which she refracts Aoyama’s Naval Laser toward a target, increasing the laser’s intensity and potency. She names this technique Warp Refraction: Naval Laser and uses it during her fight against Kunieda.

III. Ability


Toru’s Quirk isn’t ideal for battle and that is why she can’t rely on it entirely during her fights. To compensate for the offensive abilities of her Quirk, she uses stealth and melee combat moves in battles. She’s fairly efficient in hand-to-hand combat and uses her Invisibility as a surprise factor to sneak up on her opponents.

However, the best use of Toru’s Quirk isn’t one-on-one fighting but assisted battles. Her Quirk and personality both make her an incredible partner to fight alongside. Toru Hagakure demonstrates her friendly nature and her ability to partner very efficiently with someone for a fight a number of times, most significantly when she partners with Shoji and later with Aoyama.

IV. Role in the Story

Role in the Story

Since the beginning, Toru Hagakure is more of a background character. She is one of the 1-A students who get the least amount of screen time and substance. Toru is often present with her classmates, especially the girls, but there has never been any significant character development for her. This changes finally in the U.A. Traitor Arc where she first time expresses her shock and sadness over a classmate betraying them.

In the same arc, Toru’s appearance is finally revealed, at least partially. Her practice with Aoyama pays off and shows in the way she refracts the Naval Laser aimed at Izuku Midoriya. Later, in the Final War Arc where the ultimate war between Heroes and Villains breaks out, she uses her stealthiness to sneak up on Kunieda and with the help of Aoyama’s Naval Laser, defeats the Villain.


That was everything about Toru Hagakure, the invisible yet undoubtedly most beautiful girl in MHA. Toru is such an interesting and endearing character and readers are dying to see more of her in the story. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll get to see more of Toru and her impact on the story.

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