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20 Best My Hero Academia Waifus Ranked (With EXPLANATION)

If you ask some fans, waifus are the heart of an anime. And for a shounen giant like My Hero Academia, there are plenty of anime waifus around. But the special thing about it is that My Hero Academia waifus are not only pretty to look at, but also well-developed in their character writing.

This is why the female characters of the series are so popular among fans. And this is also why we’ll be ranking the 20 best My Hero Academia waifus in this article.

20 Best My Hero Academia Waifus Ranked

20) Ryoko Tatsuma (Dragon Hero: Ryukyu)

Ryoko Tatsuma

NameRyoko Tatsuma
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorYellow
ReasonShe is very capable

Female Pro Heroes are some of the best characters to follow in the story. Not only are they powerful and cool, but they are also inspirational. One of the best female Pro Heroes in the series is Ryukyu who mentors Nejiro, Ochako and Tsuyu.

Strong, calm and determined, she’s not just a hell of a Hero, but also one of the best My Hero Academia waifus. Her role during the battle against Shie Hassaikai cements it clearly.

19) Mitsuki Bakugo

Mitsuki Bakugo

NameMitsuki Bakugo
Hair ColorAsh blonde
Eye ColorRed
ReasonShe has a dominant personality

It was quite difficult to imagine what kind of parents Bakugo has. But when they are finally introduced, fans are left with their mouths hanging open. Not only is Bakugo’s dad a complete opposite of him, but his mother is smoking hot.

Blessed with the Quirk Glycerin, Mitsuki Bakugo has managed to keep her skin smooth and soft even in her middle age, and her fiery personality just makes her hotter.

18) Emi Fukukado (Smile Hero: Ms. Joke)

Emi Fukukado

NameEmi Fukukado
Hair ColorSeafoam green
Eye ColorDark green
ReasonShe is the funniest

Though Ms. Joke doesn’t appear very often in the story, she has managed to make a dazzling impression on her very first introduction. Ms. Joke is a past acquaintance of Aizawa, knowing each other from when they used to work in neighboring buildings.

Not only is Ms. Joke always smiling herself, but she’s also always making others laugh. Her dynamic with Aizawa is stomach-splittingly funny.

17) Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

NameHimiko Toga
Hair ColorLight dirty blonde
Eye ColorGolden yellow
ReasonShe is unhinged

Even though no one would want to deal with them in real life, yanderes are strangely popular in anime. Following this trend, Himiko Toga does end up being a breakout character from the series. She’s completely unhinged, and has a very twisted concept of love.

And because of this darkness, she makes her place in the waifu list of many anime fans. But Toga is not just unstable, she’s also powerful and genuinely cares for her friends.

16) Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi Todoroki

NameFuyumi Todoroki
Hair ColorWhite with crimson streaks
Eye ColorGray
ReasonShe is very loving

The history and dynamic of the Todoroki family is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the series. While all the Todoroki children bear trauma from their childhood and Endeavor’s treatment of them, none of them bears it as gracefully as Fuyumi.

After their family broke apart with Rei getting institutionalized, it was Fuyumi who bravely took the reins of the family. She’s always trying to mend the broken bonds, and is an amazing character.

15) Melissa Shield

Melissa Shield

NameMelissa Shield
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorAqua
ReasonShe is very pretty

Though in the world of My Hero Academia, 20% of the population are not born with Quirk, there are only a few Quirkless characters in the story. Melissa Shield is also Quirkless, but she’s a non-canon character who appears in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

She’s the daughter of David Shield, a prominent inventor and the former partner of All Might. Beautiful and sweet, Melissa is an empathetic and brave girl who charms the viewers easily.

14) Mina Ashido (Pinky)

Mina Ashido

NameMina Ashido
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorYellow irises, black sclerae
ReasonShe is very friendly

The most fun girl in the whole series might just be Mina Ashido of Class 1-A. Her personality is as entertaining as her Hero name: Pinky. Not only that, but she’s also an amazing dancer, and teaches her friends some great moves for the school festival.

But the most eye-catching thing about Mina has to be her unique appearance. It’s as if she was born to be under the spotlight at all times.

13) Yu Takeyama (Mineyama Hero: Mt. Lady)

Yu Takeyama

NameYu Takeyama
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPurple
ReasonShe has a mischievous personality

The adorable colossal Hero Mt. Lady is the 13th entry on this list of the best My Hero Academia waifus. Mt. Lady is a fairly new Pro Hero who is gaining quite a name for herself.

She’s cute and adorable, but also has a mischievous side that isn’t ashamed to use her Hero position to get free stuff. Mt. Lady’s Hero costume is also quite fetching and adorns her voluptuous figure well.

12) Tsuyu Asui (Rainy Season Hero: Froppy)

Tsuyu Asui

NameTsuyu Asui
Hair ColorDark green
Eye ColorBlack
ReasonShe is very innocent

Is there a single My Hero Academia fan who hates Tsuyu? Of course, there isn’t. The innocent and lovely Tsuyu Asui, or Tsuyu-chan as she insists her friends call her, is another student of Class 1-A. Her Hero name Froppy is undoubtedly the cutest Hero name of the series.

The best thing about Tsuyu is her personality: she is friendly and caring, but also collected and rational. Her friendship with Ochako is one of the loveliest friendships in the series.

11) Nemuri Kayama (R-Rated Hero: Midnight)

Nemuri Kayama

NameNemuri Kayama
Hair ColorDark purple
Eye ColorSky blue
ReasonShe is very attractive

One of the most beloved teachers at U.A. is the R-Rated Hero: Midnight. Sure, her Hero name and costume make us wonder how she became a teacher at a high school, no matter how special the school is. But we quickly learn that despite what her image suggests, she’s a caring and fun teacher who cares a lot about her students.

Midnight is also arguably one of the hottest characters in the series, and must be considered as one of the best My Hero Academia waifus.

10) Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

NameMei Hatsume
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorGreen-yellow
ReasonShe is very excited

Now a representative from the Support Classes: first-year student Mei Hatsume. Excited and kind of unhinged, Hatsume is a treat to watch.

She debuted during the U.A. School Festival, and instantly became popular with her entertaining personality and extreme pride for her inventions or “babies”, as she calls them.

Not to mention, Mei is a very pretty character with pink hair and unique eyes. Her interactions with Deku and Iida are hilarious.

9) Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

Itsuka Kendo

NameItsuka Kendo
QuirkBig Fist
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorTeal
ReasonShe is very responsible

It’s usually Class 1-A and its students who get all the limelight, but a few students from Class 1-B have managed to grab a lot of popularity for themselves.

One of them is Itsuka Kendo, who with her responsible and big sister-like charm, keeps the rowdy students of her class in check.

Itsuka is also a very pretty girl, often considered to be as beautiful as Momo. She is serious and responsible, and a first-class waifu material.

8) Kyoka Jiro (Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack)

Kyoka Jiro

NameKyoka Jiro
QuirkEarphone Jack
Hair ColorDark purple
Eye ColorBlack
ReasonShe is a rockstar

The beauty of My Hero Academia is that all of the main characters are relatable in their own ways. But it’s Kyoka Jiro who appears most relatable to everyday kids. Jiro loves music, and has all the potential to become a rockstar.

But she’s also very shy to advertise her talent, which a lot of kids can relate to. Her singing talent, coupled with her shy and somewhat tsundere personality, make her one of the best My Hero Academia waifus.

7) Camie Utsushimi (Illus-o-Camie)

Camie Utsushimi

NameCamie Utsushimi
Hair ColorFawn
Eye ColorDark brown
ReasonShe has a fun personality

Shiketsu second-year student, Camie Utsushimi, is a very interesting character, because when she’s first introduced in the story, it turns out it is Himiko Toga playing her role all along.

But then she participates in the Hero License exercises with Todoroki, Bakugo and Inasa, and becomes a popular character in a blink.

It’s all thanks to her vibrantly fun personality, not to mention her Quirk making Todoroki and Bakugo all princely.

6) Kaina Tsutsumi (Lady Nagant)

Kaina Tsutsumi

NameKaina Tsutsumi

Air Walk

Unnamed Self-Destruct Quirk

Hair ColorPink and indigo
Eye ColorPurple
ReasonShe is the coolest

Lady Nagant makes her debut pretty far into the series. She’s a Villain who gets free after the jailbreak, and is given a Quirk by All For One to do his bidding.

It’s during her fight against Deku that she reveals that she used to be a Hero herself, but lost all belief in the system.

Not only is Lady Nagant a total badass, but her character design is also amazing. My Hero Academia has many pretty waifus, but Lady Nagant stands out with her coolness.

5) Rumi Usagiyama (Rabbit Hero: Mirko)

Rumi Usagiyama

NameRumi Usagiyama
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed
ReasonShe is very athletic

Whoever thought women could only be attractive with soft and dainty features hasn’t seen Mirko yet. Muscular, athletic and a complete badass, Mirko is bad news for all the Villains out there. She’s the Number 5 Hero, and very popular with people.

With her tanned skin and contrasting white hair, she catches the attention effortlessly. But it’s her power and sense of duty that make her a fan-favorite character.

4) Nejire Hado (Nejire Chan)

Nejire Hado

NameNejire Hado
QuirkWave Motion
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorBlue
ReasonShe is the cutest

The cute and beautiful Nejire Hado is on number 4 on this ranking of best My Hero Academia waifus. Nejire is a third-year student at U.A., and one of the Big Three along with Mirio and Tamaki. She’s also considered the most beautiful girl in the school.

Nejire has a vibrant personality and a short attention span. She’s very friendly, a little too much actually, but she’s a powerful Hero in her own right.

3) Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

NameNana Shimura

One For All

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorPurple
ReasonShe is very powerful

Including Deku, One For All has had a total nine users, and the only woman among them is Nana Shimura. She was a Pro Hero who met a young and Quirkless All Might, and moved by his determination to help people, gave him One For All.

Nana was undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the series. She’s also the grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki.

2) Ochako Uraraka (Uravity)

Ochako Uraraka

NameOchako Uraraka
QuirkZero Gravity
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorAuburn
ReasonShe is the shyest

My Hero Academia tells the story of many young Heroes who mature throughout the story. One of the most developed characters in the story is Ochako Uraraka, the first friend Deku makes in the U.A.

Ochako goes from a friendly girl with a crush on Deku to being an inspirational Hero who can be both forceful and compassionate with Villains. It’s the moments of Ochako being shy around Deku that endear her to fans so much. 

1) Momo Yaoyorozu (Everything Hero: Creati)

Momo Yaoyorozu

NameMomo Yaoyorozu
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorOnyx
ReasonShe is very beautiful

The title of the best of the My Hero Academia waifus belongs to Momo Yaoyorozu, or Yaomomo as her friends lovingly call her. Momo is a student of Class 1-A of U.A., in which she’s enrolled through recommendation. Momo has one of the most useful Quirks in the whole series. 

Her Quirk, Creation, allows her to create anything from her body, but only if she knows the molecular structure of the thing.

And that was the 20 best My Hero Academia waifus ranked. Do you agree with our list? If not, then check out our other top 20 lists to find one you agree with.

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