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10 Best Vinland Saga Female Characters (List)

The Vinland Saga is one of the best historical manga of all time and features plenty of popular historical figures. We all know the series mainly focuses on its male characters and provides them with more screen time than its female characters. However, some of the Vinland Saga female characters still managed to leave an undeniable impression on fans’ hearts.

Some of them have incredible strength and fighting skills, while others have irresistible beauty and hotness. So in today’s post, we will share with you the amazing list of the 10 best Vinland Saga female characters who won our hearts. So let’s get started!

10 Best Vinland Saga Female Characters

10. Thora


Thora is a young girl who was abandoned by her father and left alone to live with her two siblings and mother. In order to feed her family, Thora and her older brother steal food from Ketil’s farm.

However, they are caught by Snake and brought to Ketil. Now, they have to pay their debt to Ketil by working as slaves along with their entire family at his farm.

9. Cordelia


Cordelia is the daughter of Thorkell, one of the strongest characters in the Vinland Saga. As her daughter, she shares the same facial features as her father and looks very manly. She had a very tall and muscular body and possessed incredible physical strength.

Aside from her tough looks, she is very soft inside and always acts in a good manner with others. She faces plenty of criticism in her life, especially from her father’s side, for having a man-like body.

8. Helga (Thorfinn’s Mother)


Helga is the mother of Thorfinn and Ylva and the wife of Thor, a legendary Viking warrior. At her young age, she looks so adorable because of her cute facial features and slender figure.

Her dressing sense, including the white bandana and red scarf, perfectly suits her and gives her a beautiful look. She is a good mother as well as a wife, and she greatly cares for and loves her family.

7. Hattrgerd 


Hattrgerd is the wife of Sigurd and has already given birth to her first child, Njall. Due to her long curly blonde hair and attractive curvy figure, she was considered the ideal wife in Viking times.

She also learned sword-fighting skills from her husband, Sigurd, in her younger years. So, it is not wrong to declare Hattrgerd one of the best Vinland Saga female characters.

6. Anne 


Anne is another significant female character in the Vinland Saga who plays an impactful role in the series. She is the only person who survived the massacre at Mercian village that was done by Askeladd’s band.

After surviving the massacre, she became tougher and is now ready to face all her struggles on her own to live. She is a very religious lady and is never thought to have done anything wrong that is considered sin by God.

5. Hordaland


Hordaland is a beautiful lady who hides her real name and identity to not face any further difficulties. Her life became hell when her father, Lord, lost a war and sold her as a slave.

She lived her life as a slave to Gorm and did everything possible for him to live. Despite being regularly beaten by him, she still never had a single thought about killing him, so she flew.

4. Gudrid (Thorfinn’s Wife)


Gudrid is the wife of Thorfinn and is about to give birth to their first child. On the other hand, Thorfinn is her third husband, and she previously married Thorvald and Sigurd.

Gudrid is a beautiful woman with cute facial features and an attractive figure. She is currently embarking, along with Thorfinn, on an adventure to create a peaceful place.

3. Arnheid


Arnheid is one of the slaves on Ketil’s farm and the hottest female character in the Vinland Saga. Her long, beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes make her so beautiful.

Moreover, she also has a highly attractive and curvy figure that makes anyone fall for her. She is a very hard-working woman and always acts very kind to others, even other slaves.

2. Hild


Hild is the coolest character in the series and always wears a green bandana in a stylish way. Aside from her cool look, she had a very tough body, including six-pack abs that made her quite strong.

At first, she wants to take revenge on Thorfinn for her father’s death, but she forgives him after realizing that he has changed. As a hunter, she has impressive fighting skills and is an expert at using crossbows.

1. Ylva (Thorfinn’s Sister)


Ylva is without a doubt one of the best Vinland Saga female characters, and she also got maximum attention from fans. The reason for her popularity is her life struggles, not her looks or fighting skills.

Ylva is an inspiring woman who takes care of her mother and family on her own. She did all types of work, including women’s household work and men’s physical work, to feed her family.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this amazing list of the 10 best Vinland Saga female characters useful. Each of the above female characters played a significant role in the series and got our attention.

Even though the series is mainly oriented around male characters, they all did their best to make their place in fans’ hearts. Some of them use their beauty and charm, while others use their tough personalities and life struggles to get our attention.

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