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A Kou in Kingdom: Past, Ability & Responsibilities

A Kou in the Kingdom was one of Qin’s most popular and strongest generals. But there’s so much more information regarding him that we need to learn about.

Many specific things about his past are deliberately left out, and we only learned about some of his past at the Battle of Hango. That’s why we have made this article, focusing on everything we know about A Kou.

Fans of A Kou, make sure to catch up on the recent chapters before reading this article, as this article will have many more spoilers regarding A Kou and some recent spoilers during the most recent arc, the Battle of Hango.    

A Kou in Kingdom: Wiki

A Kou in Kingdom: Wiki



Current Age40s
Eyes ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


AbilityGlaive Mastery, Immense Strength and Endurance
Marital StatusN/A

As we all know, A Kou is among the most popular and strongest generals. He is the commander of the first division of Ou Sen’s army and is widely known for his immense strength in battle.

On top of this, he is also Ou Sen’s most trusted general and his right-hand man. Adding in all these factors, we understand that A Kou’s true skill comes out when he wants to help Ou Sen during wars.

We also saw that A Kou was able to fight on par with Ba Nan Ji, and he held on to his own for some time while fighting against Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un simultaneously. These are some examples that showcase his tenacity and his fighting skills.

Some of his common titles are the Right Hand of Ou Sen or the Ou Sen army’s Iron Man. He is also extremely loyal to Ou Sen and rarely shows emotions towards others.

Past of A Kou in Kingdom

Past of A Kou in Kingdom

We got more information about A Kou and his past in the recent chapters. Only in the new Battle of Hango arc did we learn of some of his past and his nationality in the past.

The story is set over a decade ago, when A Kou lived near Hango, Zhao. He was only a mere enemy soldier who used to fight for his kingdom to protect civilians and his family.

But their whole army had lost the battle after fighting with Ou Sen. At that moment, Ou Sen revealed his true intentions of building an independent kingdom, but A Kou thought this would be impossible.

Regardless of this, he was still moved by Ou Sen’s goals. Ou Sen also offered A Kou a chance to join his army and fight for him instead of pledging loyalty and fighting for Qin.

Ou Sen also says they have a long road ahead regarding their goals. After this, we can assume that A Kou also wanted to be a part of Ou Sen’s goals and wanted to fight for an independent kingdom.

We can further understand that he started from a soldier position, even in Ou Sen’s army. Finally, after almost a decade, he climbed to the rank of general and became the commander of the Ou Sen army’s first division.

Since then, he has also become a very trusted general of Ou Sen, and A Kou was Ou Sen’s number-one commander for a long time.

Abilities of A Kou in Kingdom

Abilities of A Kou in Kingdom

From the official guidebook, we get a general idea of what A Kou’s stats look like. On top of having immense physical strength and leadership qualities, he is also a very intelligent person.

The only thing he lacks seems to be experience, as shown when he willingly walks inside Ri Boku’s trap even after knowing it is a trap. A Kou’s style is always a direct attack; he dislikes subtle attacks and traps.

  • A Kou has full mastery of the Glave and has fought on par with Ba Nan Ji. 
  • He had also withstood heavy combo attacks and had even proved to be a nuisance for Fu Tei. 
  • We had also witnessed A Kou’s immense strength numerous times. 
  • On top of this, he has a high level of endurance, which was even showcased at the Battle of Hango. 
  • A Kou had also trained his soldiers well and was a good leader and commander. 
  • All his soldiers would be ready to give up their lives for him and always follow his orders. 
  • Thanks to Ou Sen’s tactics, A Kou can also use some of them in his battles. ‘
  • He also has an extraordinary instinct for tactics and can better understand them. 
  • A Kou also knows several Military Formations for both attack and defense. 
  • Thanks to his leadership qualities, he can use the Wave Attack Formation effectively. 
  • He also uses Shells and Joint formation for defense, which is extremely hard to penetrate. 
  • On top of this, the defensive formation can hold off its own against three enemy armies attacking it together.

Responsibilities of A Kou in Kingdom

Responsibilities of A Kou in Kingdom

A Kou’s primary responsibility in the Kingdom is to serve and protect Ou Sen at any cost. We witnessed his loyalty to his lord numerous times, and even the recent chapters proved that he was the most loyal vassal of Ou Sen.

That’s why A Kou followed Ri Boku despite knowing this was a trap. A Kou wanted to kill him to complete the war on Ou Sen’s behalf. Since joining the Ou Sen army, he wanted to fulfill Ou Sen’s goals.

Ou Sen understood that the situation of the 7 states was very bad, and he wanted to change everything. Even if Ou Sen’s soldiers and generals would be ready to give up their lives for their lord, A Kou is very different compared to them.

He always does what he thinks is best for his lord, on top of following all of Ou Sen’s orders. He can also understand Ou Sen’s motives and goals, which made people call him Ou Sen’s right-hand man.

With this, we shall conclude our article about A Kou in the Kingdom. For more such Kingdom content and other articles, check our other posts here.

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