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Kaioku vs. Chougaryuu: Most Loyal Strategist in Kingdom?

Kai Oku gained more relevancy in the latest arc of Kingdom, and we all kept wondering how strong he is. So, we tried to compare him with a character similar to his, but also vastly different. Today, we will be comparing Kaioku vs Chougaryuu.

They are one of the most loyal and trusted people, in their respective states. They are also known to be great strategists and are very popular in their areas of expertise. So, we will be comparing both of them based on what we know so far.

So far, we can say that in a battle of Kaioku vs Chougaryuu, we can expect Kaioku to win. Even though Kaioku doesn’t have many achievements to his name, he still might end up victorious. Read on more, to know everything about both of these characters, and we will also explain the comparison in detail.

I. Kai Oku in Kingdom: Wiki 

Kai Oku in Kingdom: Wiki 

NameKai Oku
Current Age40’s
Eyes ColorN/A
Hair ColorN/A
AbilityGlaive Mastery, Leadership, Master Strategist, Diplomatic Skills
Marital StatusN/A

Kai Oku is the right-hand man for Shou Hei Kun and his most trusted ally. It is also said that Kai Oku has unwavering loyalty to Shou Hei Kun, which stands at a solid 99/100 score.

He became one of Shou Hei Kun’s trusted vassals and even managed to become a lecturer at the Strategist Academy of Qin. Kai Oku is also one of the most proficient lecturers in the Academy.

This shows the amount of skill he shows as a military strategist. He also showed that he was a capable leader, numerous times. Kai Oku was also specifically sent for the diplomacy mission between Han and Qin.


  • A very capable Military Strategist even recognized by Shou Hei Kun.
  • He had mastered the Glaive weapon and even stood on par with Shun Sui Ju.
  • Kai Oku is also a very capable leader and has a good commanding ability over his men.
  • He also has a good amount of tactical abilities, which was proved several times.
  • Kai Oku is also a very skilled diplomat, which he saw in the most recent arc.

II. Chou Ga Ryuu in Kingdom: Wiki

Chou Ga Ryuu in Kingdom: Wiki

Current Age50s
Eyes ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
AbilityTactician, Glaive Mastery, Military Formations
Marital StatusN/A

Chou Ga Ryuu was the former deputy of Rin Shou Jo, who has one of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao. However, after his death, Chou Ga Ryuu managed to turn into a capable General of the Zhao state.

He was very loyal to Rin Shou Jo and had even decided to fulfill Rin Shou Jo’s wishes and dreams, after his death. He was a very talented commander and strategist because he was personally taught by Rin Shou Jo about strategies.

Chou Ga Ryuu was also one of the survivors of the Rin’s Family Ten Heroes, along with Gyou’un to inherit Rin Shou Jo’s last two wishes. He was also a very patient and cunning man, who fought with strategies.


  • Proficient with the Glaive, and was even able to fight on par with Shin for a small duration.
  • He was a very capable leader, who always liked to train his soldiers regarding his strategies.
  • His tactical abilities are rather conservative and a bit unconventional.
  • Chou Ga Ryuu was also well-versed in Military Formations, and he even prepared a special defensive military formation on his own.

III. Kaioku vs. Chougaryuu: Who is the Most Loyal Strategist? 

Kaioku vs Chougaryuu: Who is the Most Loyal Strategist? 
Kaioku vs. Chougaryuu

Both Kai Oku and Chou Ga Ryuu have almost similar stats when compared to each other. The only thing that’s separating both of them is the experience that they possess on the battlefield.

If we consider a situation for Kaioku vs Chougaryuu in a battle with their armies, we can be sure that Chou Ga Ryuu will easily win this. However, if we only consider a 1v1 strategic battle between Kaioku vs Chougaryuu, we can expect Kaikoku to take the win.

Kaioku indeed has fewer feats and achievements when compared to Chou Ga Ryuu. But, his strategic skills are even recognized by Shou Hei Kun, and Kai Oku is also a lecturer at the Strategist Academy.

Chou Ga Ryuu had a lot of feats to his name, but he was still easily defeated in his battle against Shin. Chou Ga Ryuu had to face off against Shin in a 1v1, and he could only hold off against Shin for a few moments.

1) Based on Intelligence

This is a tie for both of them. Both Kai Oku and Chou Ga Ryuu have a 93/100 stat when it comes to intelligence. This shows that neither of them is above the other when it comes to a battle of wits and intelligence.

2) Based on Leadership Skills

Kai Oku had proven to be a better leader, even when mostly he was teaching students at the Strategic Academy in Qin. It only took him a single event in a war, to show off his leadership skills.

Chou Ga Ryuu does have a good amount of leadership skills too, which was shown numerous times, but he still falls short of Kai Oku in the statistics, when it comes to leadership skills.

3) Based on Experience

This is a win for Chou Ga Ryuu. Chou Ga Ryuu faced more opponents, waged more wars, and had more tactical showdowns compared to Kai Oku. Chou Ga Ryuu being the deputy of Rin Shou Jo, also helped him a lot in this aspect.

Kai Oku’s strategical mind suffers a bit, due to the lack of experience. Despite being a famed lecturer at the Strategist Academy, he has never had experience in war and battles, barring for one time.

4) Based on Loyalty 

This is a win for Kai Oku. We saw the measures Kai Oku took to convince the King of Han. In this recent arc, we also saw how desperate he was, to complete Shou Hei Kun’s mission of bringing Kanpishi to Qin.

Chou Ga Ryuu also has unwavering loyalty to Rin Shou Jo, but that couldn’t save his master or himself from death. It is also said that Kai Oku has 99/100 loyalty to Shou Hei Kun.

5) Based on Overall Ability

Coming to an overall comparison of Kaioku vs Chougaryuu, we can say that Kaioku wins over Chougaryuu. Kai Oku is a very capable man, and the only problem about him, is we know a bit less about him.

Indeed, he doesn’t have feats like Chou Ga Ryuu does, but Kai Oku can still hold off on his own. Despite being evenly matched in many areas, Kai Oku has not participated in wars much, compared to Chou Ga Ryuu.

To end our article on Kaioku vs Chougaryuu, we can say that Kaioku will end up winning, despite his limitations. For more comparisons and information about your favorite characters, make sure to check our articles here.

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