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(2021) Leaders of Dark Triad in Black Clover (Power of Dante, Vanica & Zenon)

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Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in February 2015 and has grown to become one of the most popular manga titles in recent years. The series was also picked up for an anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot and premiered in Japan in October 2017. Said to be a part of the New Generation’s Big 3, Black Clover faced several controversies where people alleged that the plot has heavily borrowed from other Shonen titles. Still, recent developments have proved that Black Clover is a brilliant work of fiction in its own right.

The series follows the story of two orphans, Asta and Yuno from the Hage Village nearby the Clover Kingdom, both of who dream of becoming the country’s most respected leader, the Wizard King, one day. While Yuno is a prodigy with amazing control over his magical abilities from a very young age, Asta does not have even an iota of magic power. But this changes when he came across a five-leaf grimoire, which gives him anti-magic. From here on, Asta and Yuno travel to the capital of the Clover Kingdom and got into the Magic Knights Squads in order to put one step closer to their dreams. After overcame multiple hardships, one of the biggest hurdles that the Kingdom has to face is the menace of the Dark Triad.

Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad
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To the west of the Clover Kingdom lies another territory, the Spade Kingdom, which has always been regarded by Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King of Clover Kingdom, as a place where darkness and demons fester. In the recent arc of the series, the Magic Knights are facing off against the three mages who rule over this Kingdom, the Dark Triad.

Warning: This post contains major spoilers ahead! Fans who don’t want to get spoiled can skip this article as per their wish.

Leaders of Dark Triad in Black Clover –

The Dark Triad consists of three powerful mages, Dante Zogratis, Vanica Zogratis, and Zenon Zogratis. All three of them are hosts to some of the most powerful demons of the Underworld from whom they borrow dark powers. The three of them currently govern the Spade Kingdom, which they had usurped from the Royal Family of House Grinberryall. Their rule is based on the principle of fear, and their tyranny has resulted in the establishment of a dictatorship where people are forced from their homes and made to act as sources of magic for mobile fortresses, and this sort of oppression has become entrenched in their social fabric.

Power of Dante Zogratis –

Dante Zogratis is one of the members of the Dark Triad and is the host of the devil, Lucifero. With quite an erratic personality, Dante believes that the true essence of humanity lies in evil, and when a person expresses any form of ugly emotions like malice, that is when they are true to themselves. His Magic Ability comes from the devil, who is residing within him.

Black Clover news
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  • Body Magic: This Magic Ability allows Dante to manipulate his body at will, thus greatly increasing aspects like regeneration of body parts. He can manipulate his body at will and grow extra limbs, restructuring his body to great limits. His self-healing abilities are off the charts because of which even if half of his body gets ripped off, he can still regenerate very quickly.
  • Gravity Magic: This ability lets him control the flow of gravity, using which he can increase it to smash bodies and things on the ground or even reduce it to make objects, including himself, levitate or fly in the air. This kind of magical attribute also lets him compress and condense large materials into smaller sizes.
  • Presence of the Demon King– In this spell, Dante dramatically increases the strength of gravity in the space around him because of which whatever objects might be there around him slam to the ground. It also has the ability to cease any projectile that might be coming towards him as well as bend light and break trees in half. The only flaw is that it has no effects on Anti-Magic attacks, which makes Asta his natural enemy.
Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad
Source: Black Clover Fandom
  • Evil God’s Pressure Craft– This spell of Dante can summon a huge rock from the Earth, which he then condenses using great gravitational pressure to mold it into a huge sword. He has control over this weapon through hand gestures, which he uses to attack his enemies.
  • Heavy Infighting– This is mainly a reinforcement spell that increases the weight and speed of Dante’s punches so that they have more impact whenever land on his enemies. He gets close to them and releases a series of hits, each carrying the additional weight.
  • Heavy Infighting Gladiator– This spell is a combination of the above two spells, Evil God’s Pressure Craft and Heavy Infighting. This one summon a sword from the compressed rock, after which he moves towards his enemies and slashes while increasing the speed of the swing.
  • Gravity Singularity– A spell similar to Yami’s Black Hole, this technique can create a single black hole that annihilates everything around it up to a certain distance. Dante can troll where this singularity is placed, and as the hole goes further away from him, it keeps increasing in size, and the range of its effect also increases.
Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad
Source: Black Clover Fandom

Apart from all these techniques, Dante is also an excellent swordsman who make use of increased speed, strength, and magical power. He also has Lucifero’s power at his disposal and can manifest it up to 80 percent. The more magic he borrows, the more devil-like his appearance becomes. Dante can also manipulate space to shield himself from attacks as well as 60 percent of his power can nullify even Vanessa’s Red Thread of Fate. He is the one who attacked the base of the Black Bulls in order to capture Yami Sukehiro to aid their plan of creation of the Tree of Qliphoth, for which they need his Dark Magic. There he faces off against the entire team and is almost defeated by them, too, but then his brother Zenon arrived on the spot and defeated the Magic Knights to capture Yami.

Power of Vanica Zogratis –

Vanica Zogratis is the other member of the Dark Triad and houses the devil Megicula within her. She is very flashy, and her motives are nothing as serious or philosophical as her brother Dante. Most of her actions are driven by her urge and desire to have fun, which she fulfills by fighting strong opponents. She believes that going against those in good conditions is more frolic than fighting weaker enemies. She agreed to Dante’s plan to give rise to the Tree of Qliphoth just so that after the initial loss and mass destruction, only the strongest survivors would be left, which would give her the opportunity to fight against them. In spite of this, she does not always remember those she fought earlier. She is also quite inhumane who does not hesitate to crush innocents, nor is she appreciative of her followers, who she would use and dispose of as per her will.

Black Clover new arc news
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  • Blood Magic: Another Magical attribute that is somewhat similar to Dante’s is her Blood Magic, using which she can generate as well as control blood. The fact that she can create blood is important because otherwise, it might have been limited to the blood inside of her.
  • Red Beast- This technique of Blood Magic releases a large amount of blood that takes the same of a large beast’s torso, which has clawed hands, a huge open mouth but without any eyes. It is powerful enough to handle strong offensive spells, and also its claws are strong enough to crush not just humans but also nullify defensive spells. But if this creature is put in large amounts of water, it will get diluted and hence dissolve in it. Another important factor about this creature is that it has to remain close to its caster because it has multiple threads of blood that connect it to the user. But these attachments are not fixed and can be moved to be connected to its back, which allows Vanica to ride the creature as well.

    Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad
    Source: Black Clover Fandom
  • Curse-Warding Magic: This ability of Vanica’s lets her cast powerful curses on people. The same Curse ability that she used to curse the Queen of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka. With this spell’s help, Vanica also continuously keeps resurrecting her Dark Disciples.
  • Curse-Warding Magic: Exploding Life- Using this technique, Vanica activates the power of the devil that she might have put inside the enemy while cursing them. The target has two magic circles appear around a dark mess on the target’s stomach while simultaneously, the enemy’s body keeps getting bigger as their magic power keeps increasing. At the point of detonation, the target shines before blowing up in a big explosion.

Along with all these spells and techniques, Vanica also has Megicula’s power at her disposal, which generates huge amounts of magic power and can also manifest its power up to 70 percent. She was the one who attacked the Heart Kingdom’s Queen Lolopechka in order to defeat her.

Power of Zenon Zogratis – 

Zenon Zogratis is the last member of the Dark Triad and is also the host to one of the most powerful and highest-ranking devils in the Underworld, whose name has not been disclosed yet but which nevertheless allows him to wield a lot of power. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Zenon is how ruthless he is. He never shows mercy to anyone, and his only loyalty and devotion seem to lie with the Spade Kingdom. His cold disposition is a pretense because underneath all of that lies a very arrogant and psychotic individual who is always hungry for blood.

  • Bone Magic: Zenon is the wielder of Bone magic, in which he can generate and control bones, including those of his own body. One of his usual tricks is to release a huge mesh of bone that has no openings for an attack. These are quite sharp by nature and can rip through the opponents. These also have high regenerative properties, along with Zenon having the power to mold them into weapons that can easy to handle.
  • Eternal Fangs- This technique lets Zenon produce numerous bones out of his body. These are extremely sharp and can easily puncture through the opponents’ bodies to leave them seriously injured.
Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad
Source: Black Clover Fandom
  • Spatial magic: Zenon has the power to manipulate space as well, which is a scarce skill for someone to possess. Also, in the recent chapter, he used Spatial Magic: Spatial Domination, in which he controls the magic of every knight who entered the domain.

Along with these abilities, Zenon also has immense magic power at his disposal, which lets him use the vast amount of Mana. Towards the recent chapters, he attacked the base of the Golden Dawn in order to capture William Vangeance for his World Tree Magic for the creation of the Tree of Qliphoth.

What do you think of these three? Do you think Asta and Yuno have the power to defeat them? Or who else do you think would be strong enough to bring these devil-possessed humans down to their knees? Let us know on our social media pages! And don’t forget to check out the article on who we think is the strongest devil in Black Clover!

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