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Strongest Devil in Black Clover Series

The Black Clover series has shown the involvement of the devil from the beginning. The series began with the intense battle between the First Wizard King and the Demon Licht. From the Black Clover Arc 9, we have witnessed the increment of the devil’s involvement in the series. In the recent arc, the Dark Triad has unveiled that there is another world where the devil resides. This world is known as the Underworld. Many powerful devils in the past were the origin of this world. The main objective of the devils is to combine both the Human World and the Underworld. Tabata Sensei has displayed them as the antagonist of the Black Clover series.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the ranks of the devils according to their abilities. Just like in the Clover Kingdom, the status is also given in the Underworld. The high-ranking devils are the most powerful ones in comparison to the low rankings. Here are the names of some high-ranking devils that we have known so far.

  •   Zagred
  •   Megicula
  •   Lucifero
  •   Zenon’s devil

Most Powerful Devil:

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The devils also have a caste society where the high-ranking devils always disparage the lower ones. Megicula, Lucifero, and Zenon’s devil are the high-rank demon. In the latest Black Clover chapter, Nacht has unveiled that Lucifero is the strongest among the leaders. Hence, we can easily conclude that Lucifero is the most potent known devil. But now the question arises that is Lucifero stronger than Zagred?

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Lucifero possessed the Gravity Magic, whereas Zagred owned the Word Magic. They both used their magic most tangibly. But if we distinguish, Lucifero was defeated by Asta and Yami. But to overwhelm Zagred, all the Magic Knights, the King, and the Elves combined their magic. Although we know that time, Asta and Yami were not as strong as the time of Lucifero. However, if we wind up all the additional points, then this comparison will become more strenuous.

Role of Asta’s Devil:

Source: Black Clover Fandom

Lucifero had the advantage of Dante’s Regeneration Magic, but he could only use 80 percent of his magic. On the contrary, with Zagred, he used 100 percent of his Word Magic power. But he had no advantage of the host’s magic.  We know it has become more complicated than expected. Now the only option left is Asta’s devil. He played a significant role in both the fights. During the battle with Lucifero, Asta’s devil did not recognize him. Contrastingly, Asta’s devil recalled Zagred as “the Captain.”

It demonstrates that Zagred was the well-known devil in the Underworld. Lucifero also mentioned his name during the introduction. In our opinion, Zagred was one of the captains of the high-ranking devils. It means he was more powerful than Lucifero. Hence, the strongest known devil in Black Clover history was Zagred.

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