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AnimeZone Shuts Down: Top 5 Best Anime Apps like AnimeZone

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:26 pm

AnimeZone was a perfect anime app for android users. Within a short interval of time, it gained popularity exponentially. Not only it provided anime episodes for free, but also, with its content variety and streaming quality, it was an absolute lifesaver. Whether it was for dubbed or for subbed episodes, fulfillment of every demand was made available.

Just having this app installed on your android, you would have been able to keep track of all the news surrounding your favorite anime and manga. And catching up with anime in lockdown had been a more leisurely journey with AnimeZone.

AmineZone shutdown
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But these rejoice and triumph soon came to an end when it was announced that AnimeZone would shut down, and the app stopped functioning a few months ago.

According to the notice shared by the app developers, it was caused by the copyright strike from Funimation. In mid-April, the app stopped responding, and all the users were disheartened.

One of the best apps to watch animes on, and for free, let’s look at all of AnimeZone’s good properties that we miss and the disadvantages it had.

AnimeZone Advantages –

  • Ad-Free- It even provided ad-free streaming, so the users did not have to go through the trouble of bearing with the ads.
  • High-Quality stream 360, 480, 720p- And most importantly, one could watch anime episodes in high quality and have the option to choose from 360, 480, and 720p.
  • Availability- Moreover, it was easily available and accessible using any web browser. And anyone could watch animes on it from anywhere.

AnimeZone Disadvantages –

AnimeZones’s disadvantages could vary from user to user.

  • Since the app uses links for every episode, one might find it slow and inconvenient to go from one episode to the next.

Overall, the developers had done a tremendously good job by actively updating it, with new improvements, from time to time. But then again, once Funimation takes action, nothing of such sort survives for long. Still, we can all acknowledge how AnimeZone was one of the best attempts done for anime apps.

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Top 5 Best Anime Apps like AnimeZone-

Since AnimeZone was closed down, the anime watchers have made every possible effort to find its best alternatives. So, if you are looking for app destinations like AnimeZone, where you can once again comfortably binge-watch on animes, here is a list of our  Top 5  recommended applications, on which you can count on;


  • 5) KATSU by Orion –


A very provisional pick for you can be KATSU by Orion anime. It may provide you with the services you are looking for. Its features are free, and it allows you to watch anime and install their site modules for free. It is currently available with only v1.0.

How to Install Katsu apk-

Step 1- Write katsu anime apk install on Google

Step 2- Visit KATSU by Orion Anime for Android – APK Pure


Step 3- Install KATSU apk

Step 4- From settings, enable the apk install on your android device

Step 5- Install it and enjoy

  • 4) AnimeFox –animefox

Another option that you can try is AnimeFox. Given that it is considerably easier to install since you can find it in Play Store, the app works well. Except for the only major inconvenience you will face is that it is not ad-free.

How to Install AnimeFox-

Step 1- Open Google Play Store


Step 2- Search ‘AnimeFox’.

Step 3- Install it.

  • 3) AniMixPlay –

Anime Apps like AnimeZone: animixplay

AniMixPlay, another substitution for AnimeZone, can help you keep track of your anime watchlist and watch the episodes. This app is the app version of the AniMixPlay website, about which many of you may be aware.

Hence using this app would be like accessing the website from your android more conveniently. Also, using the app will require a login to continue. Unlike the native apps, it is a PWA.

How to Install AniMixPlay-

Step 1- Google Play Store

Step 2- Install, sign in and start using the app.

  • 2) AnimeLove 2.0-

AnimeLove 2.0

AnimeLove 2.0 is the second most recommended app on our list. The only drawback you can experience while using it is ads. Although some of the initial episodes of animes are free to watch, after that you’ll have to unlock the rest of the episodes by watching the ads. This aside, it’s a very good app to watch animes in high quality.

How to Install AnimeLove 2.0: 

Step 1- Find it on Google Play Store.

Step 2- Install it, sign in and it’ll be ready to use.


  • 1) AnimeXStream –Anime Apps like AnimeZone: animexstream

The top best alternative for AnimeZone that we recommend to you is AnimeXStream. Although the app is still on its way to get more feature updates, it still works absolutely fine. And you can comfortably watch your desirable animes on it ad-free. It also does not require login to function. Currently, its new beta v0.2.5 is available for use.

How to Install AnimeXStream:

Step 1- Open Github.

Step 2- Search AnimeXStream.

Step 3- Select install.

Step 4- Select your installation link from the v0.2.5 section and install the app.


Here we bring our list of recommendations to a close and hope that it was helpful for you. May the list serve its purpose and any of these above mentioned apps work out for you.

Do small things with great love.

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