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10 Beautiful Anime Girls Who Are Bookworms

Books are wonderful. You are definitely missing if you haven’t taken in the smell of fresh books and felt the rough texture of the pages between your fingers.

Or what about curling up in a blanket with a book in one hand and hot cocoa in another as the winter winds are howling outside? The world of books is vast enough to lose yourself for an eternity.

Occasionally, you come across bibliophiles in anime as well and relate to them HARD. Not everyone will understand their love for reading, but these characters do not care since they know that nothing in the world can take away the magic they can feel through words.

Today, we will be talking about 10 Beautiful Anime Girls who are Bookworms. These book nerds can often be seen with a book. They can be found more often in a library than in a cafe or amusement park (can relate). They may or may not find more joy in books than people.

Since you get the gist, let’s start!

10 Beautiful Anime Girls Who Are Bookworms

10. Ritsu Kawai (from The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)


Ritsu is the picture-perfect definition of a book lover. Her mother is the owner of Kawaii Complex, and she came to live there after her mother went abroad to work.

Sumiko, Ritsu’s great aunt, who is looking after the complex in her mother’s absence, often leaves her in charge when she is not at home.

Ritsu is known for being a book nerd in the series. Usa, the MC, went through a lot of trouble to even talk to her due to her introverted personality.

She prefers the company of her books but began to open up more after Usa became her friend. She often has a book in her hand even while walking to and back from school. In fact, her mood is often affected heavily by the book she is reading.

9. Victorique (from Gosick)


Next on our list is our resident Bibliophile Lolita. Victorique de Blois, the deuteragonist of Gosick, is the bossy-but-cute 15-year-old girl attending Saint Marguerite Academy. Kazuya first finds her while wandering in the lush botanical garden atop the school library.

Victorique may be a student, but she is mostly found in the library building, which is actually part of her mysterious aura in the series. Naturally, she loves books too. A fun fact about her is that she is often found smoking a pipe while thinking, similar to Sherlock Holmes.

8. Myne from The Ascendence of a Bookworm 


I mean… It’s in the name. When the bookworm Motosu Urano finds out that she can finally fulfill her dream of working as a librarian, she is overjoyed. But fate has some cruel tricks up its sleeve, and she dies in an unforeseen accident.

Good News? She is reincarnated Myne, the frail daughter of a poor household in another world. Bad News?

Books are a rare commodity in the world, and only the nobility can possess them. Of course, Myne takes it upon herself to get her hands on books. If she can’t get any, she will create them.

Myne is a classic bookworm. Her eyes light up whenever she sees words on paper. Due to the constraints of the world, she is reincarnated in, she can’t be seen with a book often. However, when her efforts start paying off, she starts spending hours reading once again.

7. Yassan (The Literary Girl) from Daily Lives of High School Boys


She stole hearts (and laughter) whenever she appeared in the series. Initially introduced as the Literary Girl, Yassan is a recurring character in the comedy slice-of-life Daily Lives of High School Boys.

She got that name because she is always seen with a book whenever Hidenori encounters her at the riverbank.

She is not only an avid reader but also a writer. In fact, she went to the riverbank for a romantic chance encounter to base her scenarios.

Things didn’t go FULLY as she planned, and her antics with Hidenori, who she ends up having a crush on, is a running gag in the series.

6. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) from the Sailor Moon series


Sweet, timid, gentle, and supportive are the word that can be used to describe her. Ami Mizuno is the civilian everyday identity of Sailor Mercury, one of the Inner Sailor Guardians. As a normal human, she is a student of Azabu Juban, like Usagi.

Ami loves reading and studying. She is incredibly intelligent and always finishes on top of her school exams. Some think of her as snobby and standoffish due to her shy nature, but once she becomes friends with Usagi, people’s opinions begin to change.

5. Kotomi Ichinose (from Clannad)


Childhood friend of the MC Tomoya, Kotomi Ichinose is one of the side characters in the Clannad VA/anime. She is a silent and beautiful girl who knows how to play the piano, albeit horribly. She is extremely intelligent and among the top students at the school.

Kotomi loves books and can often be found in the library reading. She also likes scrapbooking with cutouts of magazines and newspapers. She is bright but socially awkward and often depends on Tomoya to aid her in socializing.

4. Beatrice (from Re:Zero)


We have another adorable little librarian on our hands. Beatrice is one of the main supporting cast in Re:Zero. She is the caretaker of the main library at the Roswaal Manor (or rather was until it was destroyed in the fourth arc).

Beatrice may look like a cute, adorable girl from the outside, but, in actuality, she is a 400-year-old spirit created by the Witch of Greed.

She also has a rather sharp tongue and a frosty attitude. However, as Subaru comes to know her more, he realizes she is just lonely, and her icy exterior masks a brave and soft heart.

3. Elianna Bernstein (from Bibliophile Princess)


Another series that makes it pretty obvious from the title. Elianna Bernstein is the titular character of the historical drama Bibliophile Princess.

She is a sweet, quiet, and beautiful girl from a family who is known to have a great love for reading. Of course, Eli is a living example considering how much of a bookworm she is.

Eli’s hobbies start and end with reading. It is her greatest desire, and she likes to indulge in nothing else. So when Prince Christopher entices her with a contract marriage in exchange for free access to the royal library, she can’t decline!

2. Maka Albarn (from Soul Eater)


Maka is quite different from the others on the list since she is the furthest from the typical “shy, quiet bookworm” image.

One of the main cast of Bones’s shounen fantasy series Soul Eater, she is a scythe meister at the Death Weapon Meister Academy partnered with Soul Evans, the titular character.

She is usually quite serious and has excellent grades. However, she is always physically repulsed by her dad, Spirit’s cheating antics. She is also great friends with Soul, but they often bicker together.

Maka is known to like reading, something none of her friends are into. She is often seen sitting alone with a book while Soul and Black Star are doing something dumb again.

1. Yuki Nagato (from the Haruhi Suzumiya series)


And at the top, we have only the best girl from one of the most popular 2000s anime. Yuki Nagato is one of the main cast of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. She appears to be a shy, introverted girl who is always with a book but later reveals to Kyon that she is an alien sent by Data Overmind.

Yuki was part of the Literary Club before she joined the SOS Brigade. She is the quietest character in the series and prefers reading over socializing.

Of course, this is partially due to her inability to express human emotions. She eventually opens up after discovering herself due to Kyon’s efforts in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. 

And that brings us to the end of the article. Do you also like reading as much as these characters do? We, for one, believe that reading adds charm to the character of these anime girls!

Until next time!

Do small things with great love.

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