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Atenbou Naoki in Zom 100: Past & Motives

We hope you’ve already heard of Kanta’s group in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. If not, then tell us. It is one of the surviving groups of four members who have yet to become zombies, similar to Akira’s group.

Atenbou Naoki is one of the major members of the group and debuted in the Hometown of the Dead arc along with his other three group members. Due to his very unique look and evil-minded personality, he succeeded in getting fans’ attention towards him.

As a result, they are eager to know everything about Atenbou Naoki, such as who he is, what he did before the zombie apocalypse, and why he joined Kanta’s group. So let’s get straight to this informative news and get all of your answers about Atenbou Naoki.

Atenbou Naoki

Who is Atenbou Naoki in Zom 100?

Atenbou Naoki

Atenbou Naoki is a very fat guy with an unusual hairstyle consisting of two short ponytails. He always wears a heavy gold chain around her neck to look like a cool guy. However, he has unattractive facial features and a short and fat body structure that make him very ugly.

As a result, no girls have any interest in him and do not like to talk to him. His primary weapon is a pistol, which he used to defend himself from a crowd of zombies.

Past of Atenbou Naoki

Before the zombie Apocalypse, Atenbou Naoki worked under a chef in a restaurant as his assistant. This is because he loves to eat tasty food and is very interested in learning to make it himself.

However, due to his ugly looks and weird behavior, everyone hates to have him around. As a result, he gradually developed so much malice for everyone and wished to have fun like other people.

Motives of Atenbou Naoki in Zom 100

Atenbou Naoki

When Atenbou Naoki is looking for a way to enjoy his life, the zombie apocalypse comes as a golden opportunity for him. The only reason for Atenbou to join Kanta’s group is to enjoy his life to the fullest and get revenge on the people who mock him.

He also added his wish to “Forcefully French kiss a girl” to Kanta’s Bucket list. Moreover, he also tried to complete this wish by trying to kiss Shizuka Mikazuki, but he failed to do it.


That’s it for the post. We hope you found this post useful and got to know everything about Atenbou Naoki in Zom 100. Despite being a fat guy and belonging to an evil group, he still manages to get fan attention. If you are looking to know about the other members of Kanta’s group, then don’t forget to check out our post below.

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