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Attack On Titan Map | Complete Geography Explained

The world of Attack on Titan is a bleak one. For a long time, the story seemed like a dystopian world where civilization has been confined within walls to save themselves from the man-eating titans. But in a shocking twist, it was revealed that their world is much bigger than previously thought. We’ll be exploring that today and discuss the Attack on Titan map and complete geography in this article.

In this article, we’ll be talking about many places that debut quite late in the story. So, for anyone who’s only just beginning the series, we issue a spoiler alert before going further.

Attack On Titan Map and Complete Geography

Attack On Titan Map and Complete Geography

The entirety of Attack on Titan is actually bound within two nations. However, the expert storytelling makes sure to delve deep into each location and give us a picture of the geography and lifestyle of many regions of those nations.

Every location explored in the story holds significance, and understanding them is crucial to understanding many of the characters and their motivations.

The two nations that Attack on Titan focuses on are Paradis Island and Marley. From their structures and locations in world geography, it is assumed that the two nations are based in Madagascar and Africa respectively. 

Apart from these two, there are also many countries in the world of Attack on Titan, but they are not really explored and only mentioned a few times. A major one of those is Hizuru, from which the maternal side of Mikasa’s family originally belonged.

Now that we know which locations we’ll be focusing on in this discussion on the Attack on Titan map, let’s dig deep into them, starting with the most crucial location of all: Paradis Island.

Paradis Island

Paradis Island

For the longest time in the story, the main characters and viewers believed that Paradis Island was what was left of the world and human civilization. Surrounded by huge walls, nobody has ever seen the world outside of it. There are vast grasslands and forests just outside the walls, but since titans roam freely in abundance there, it was impossible for humans to explore further.

That all changed, however, after the secret of the basement in Eren’s house in Shiganshina was revealed. The main characters learn that there is more to the world than they knew. Thanks to Eren’s memories through the Attack Titan, the position of Paradis Island in world geography was revealed. 

Paradis Island is a big island, separated from the mainland and Marley through a stretch of sea. Once the island was completely uninhabited, with its first residents being King Karl Fritz and the Eldians who were sent to the island as a punishment for all the destruction they caused in the world with their titan-shifting powers. 

King Fritz used the powers of the Titans to make three concentric walls to confine the Eldians within, both for their safety and to separate them from the world so that they could no longer wreak havoc on the world with the powers of the Titans. He also used the power of the Founding Titan to erase the memory of the outside world from the minds of his subjects.

But Marley kept their resentment for the Eldians and turned the remaining Eldians into Titans and sent them towards Paradis Island, which is why there were so many Titans outside the outermost wall.

The three walls of Paradis Islands are the staple of their geography. These walls were named after the three daughters of Ymir Fritz, Maria, Rose, and Sina respectively. The walls play a crucial role in the story. The three walls, from outermost to innermost, are the following:

Wall Maria

Wall Maria

The outermost wall of Paradis Island is Wall Maria. Like the other walls, Wall Maria is also made up of titans, thanks to their hardening property. Since it is the outermost wall, titans are always dwelling just outside of it, waiting for humans to devour them. 

But when the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan break the wall in the year 845, all hell breaks loose as the numerous Titans outside invade the wall.

This incident is one of the most crucial points in the series as this is when Eren sees his mother being eaten by the Smiling Titan, and his hatred for the Titans reaches its peak.

Since Wall Maria is destroyed at the beginning of the story, there isn’t much of its districts explored. The only district that we see in the story is the Shiganshina District where Eren’s story begins.

Shiganshina District: Shiganshina is a small district in the south-most part of Wall Maria, and the home of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

Being at the edge of the wall, Shiganshina takes the first and biggest hit when Wall Maria breaks, causing it to be abandoned and filled with titans for years as most of its residents have either fled to Wall Rose or are dead.

When Eren and the Survey Corps come to Shiganshina five years later to get to Eren’s basement, the Titans are finally all killed within the walls. One year later, Eren uses his titan hardening to seal the hole in Wall Maria, leaving the abandoned district inhabitable once again.

Wall Rose

Wall Rose

The middle wall is Wall Rose. After Wall Maria collapses, the survivors take shelter within Wall Rose, making the population too much for food and living conditions. In the year 850, the undercover Warriors from Marley breach Wall Rose and cause the bloody battle of Trost. It is during this attack that Eren discovers his powers as a titan.

Like the other two walls, it’s also made of Colossal Titans and is around 50 feet tall. Wall Rose plays an important role many times in the story, the most prominent being the location where the true identities of Reinar and Bertolt are finally revealed. Like Wall Maria, Eren also uses his hardening power to seal the breach on Wall Rose.

  • Karanes District: Karanes District is the easternmost district of Wall Rose. It doesn’t have a lot of screentime; only appearing when the Survey Corps return to Karanes after their journey to Shiganshina has been cut short by the Female Titan’s attack.
  • Krolva District: This district is located on the western side of Wall Rose.
  • Trost District: Since Trost is the southernmost district of Wall Rose, it suffers frequent titan attacks. It is also the place where the trainees of the 104th Training Corps fought in their first mission during the Battle of Trost. But the most crucial incident that happens in Trost is Eren discovering his hidden power as a titan. The wall around Trost is breached by the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan, letting in several Titans who turn the city into a living hell. The breach is later sealed by Eren using his hardening properties as a titan with the help of Hange and the Survey Corps.
  • Utopia District: Utopia is the northernmost district inside Wall Rose.

Wall Sina

Wall Sina

The innermost wall is Wall Sina which surrounds the most prosperous districts of Paradis Island and its capital. Being the innermost, Wall Sina is the most protected among the three walls, and only the rich and privileged get to live inside its perimeter.

And the military force stationed within it is the most inexperienced soldiers in terms of battling titans, even though only the toppers from the Training Corps get the opportunity to join the Garrison Force of Wall Sina.

Though everything looks rich and expensive at first glance inside Wall Sina, there is darkness lurking underneath it in the form of an underground city. This is unique to Wall Sina and isn’t found inside the other two walls.

  • Ehrmich District: Being the southernmost district inside Wall Sina, Ehrmich becomes the new home for the refugees who survive the breach of Wall Rose and the Titan invasion.
  • Orvud District: It is the northern district of Wall Sina and the place where Rod Reiss heads after turning into an Abnormal Titan.
  • Stohess District: Stohess is the western district inside Wall Sina and the place where the Female Titan fights against the Attack Titan, resulting in heavy damage for the district. It is also the place where Levy and his squad first clash against Kenny and his team. A long time ago, there was to be an underground city built under Stohess and the other districts of Wall Sina. But the plan was changed later, leaving the districts with many underground tunnels that haven’t been used for years.
  • Yarckel District: The western district inside Wall Sina.
  • Mitras: Mitras is the capital of Paradis Island, and later Eldia, and the residence of the royal family. It is located at the center of the walls, the safest place on the island. The current queen of Eldia, Historia Reiss, resides in Mitras.
  • Underground City: There is a whole underground city within the periphery of Wall Sina. The residents of the city aren’t supposed to come above and are arrested if caught. Levi himself belongs to the underground city, but he was scouted for his deadly skills.

The World Beyond the Sea



The antagonist of Attack on Titan is the nation of Marley, located just beyond the sea from Paradis Island. The empire is part of the mainland and spread across a huge area, along with many territories overseas. The vastness of its area provides a wide variety of geographical ranges in the nation and has many ethnic groups living in it.

Once upon a time, Marley was conquered and oppressed by the Eldian Empire, thanks to their titans. But during the Great Titan War, Marley managed to defeat the Eldians, after which Karl Fritz left for Paradis Island with his fellow Eldians as a punishment, leaving only a handful behind.

The remaining Eldians stayed in Marley and suffered through racism and discrimination for years at the hands of the Marleyans. After a while, they were used for experimenting on titan shifting, and this eventually led to the formation of the Warrior Unit.

Marley is a technologically advanced empire with strong military forces. It is an aggressive nation getting ahead with force with its military power and the Titans. Marley holds seven out of the Nine Titans and uses them to attack or infiltrate its enemies, the most prominent being Reinar, Bertolt, Annie, and Marcel infiltrating Paradis Island.

  • Liberio: The city of Liberio in Marley has the most important role in the story. It is a sizable city that contains an internment zone which is the home of the Eldians of Marley. Many Warriors, including Reinar, Bertolt, Annie, and Zeke originate from this city. It was also the home of Grisha and his family before he was turned into a titan. Liberio is also where Eren strikes after infiltrating Marley, and the city suffers grave damage during the battle of the Titans. The city is ultimately destroyed when Eren starts the Rumbling in the year 854.
  • Lakua: Lakua is a city within the western part of Marley.



During the Survey Corps’ mission against Marley, one nation that provides tremendous help is Hizuru. It is a small country in the Orient, and as it turns out, has a deep connection to Mikasa. In ancient times, Hizuru was an ally of Eldia and fought with them. However, with Eldia’s defeat in the Great Titan War, its reputation was forever tarnished in the eyes of the world.

The son of the shogun family was a friend of Karl Fritz and came to live with him on Paradis Island. His bloodline eventually progressed within the walls and resulted in Mikasa’s mother, and from her, Mikasa. 

Hizuru is clearly inspired by East Asian countries, especially Japan. The character designs and their customs resemble Japan heavily. Its political situation also has a resemblance to Japan, as both Hizuru and Japan are remembered for allying with Eldia and Germany respectively.

Mid East

Mid East

In the continental mainland, the Mid East is a region consisting of several countries, though the number of them is unknown. The Mid-Eastern countries share antagonistic relationships with Marley and form an alliance force to go to war against Marley after the empire failed to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis Island.

The Mid East in Attack on Titan is fashioned like the Middle Eastern region of Asia as there are several similarities to be noticed between the two, including the geography, customs, and clothes. Though the countries have never been explored much in the story, they have been described as being located on the peninsula.

The Mid East Alliance has quite strong military forces, on both land and navy. Their weapons are powerful, high-tech, and deadly, yet can’t ultimately defeat the powers of the Nine Titans, and lose the war against Marley.


Here ends our discussion on the complete geography and map of Attack on Titan. One of the great things about the popular manga series is its brilliant and intricate worldbuilding that helps make the story more solid and visceral. This discussion also reminds us how 80% of it is completely destroyed by the Rumbling that Eren initiated.

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